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>> Wednesday, April 4, 2012

…well, actually, I don’t write about my health much. I am very blessed to have overall good health so there’s not much to complain/write about. I get summer allergies, the occasional cold, and once in a great, great while get something nasty.

I’ve mentioned before I’m adopted so family history is pretty much unknown. I’m in contact with my birthmother so I know a little bit but greater details I don’t. I have good teeth, I know that!

So while my overall health is good, I have more “curves” than I should, carrying a little too much weight (I don't obsess about being skinny just healthy). The thing is, I have the knowledge to resolve these things; I know what I need to do but sometimes lack the motivation.

I made a conscious decision awhile back to do less raw food for a time but feel I have moved too far from it for too long and am working my way back to high-raw again; it's the best for me. I completely and 100% agree with the power of raw foods and its benefits. It's up to the individual how much is ideal for them.
Twenty-twelve is my year for self-improvement. I have made some strides and this writing challenge is a great motivator as well as other things like the 5K coming up in a month and a half. It’s also very important to me to be in tip-top shape so I can keep up with YS2 and live a long healthy life.

I’ve come a long way since 2007 when I first started my journey to better health (albeit, kicking and screaming – ha ha). I drank Mountain Dew daily, coffee (still love the stuff but haven’t had it in years and Mtn Dew I will not touch again), junk food, lots of meat and cheese. Basically ate whatever, whenever, in whatever quantity.

Today, I’m all about doing better than that. I’m more mindful of what foods I’m putting in my body and what effect they’ll have. I’m certainly far from perfect, but I’m trying and doing my best. I have my good days and my not-so-good days. However, my goal is to improve on that try. Be more consistent, eat more living, whole foods (I still and will eat cooked just depends on the season), be more knowledgeable, and be more active in all ways of my life.

What I like to share on my blog is info I find interesting that I hope will help not only me but others, as well. So there are those random “educational” posts I like to share about the health benefits of various foods or the horrors of something like Mountain Dew. Never are they intended to preach with the expectation that everyone should believe or do what I say (I ain’t no doctor or expert!) and I certainly won’t judge. We’re all on different paths -- different needs, different solutions. I write with the intention of simply sharing what I learned because I enjoy it. It helps me stay focused on my goals because I want to always be in control of my health. Having the ability to make a choice in everything I do and eat is truly a blessing. Not everyone gets that so I’m grateful for my imperfect but healthy body.

So I keep trying, keep learning and figure every bit counts to getting healthy and staying healthy.

Thanks for reading,

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