Tis the Season for Giveaways

>> Sunday, February 28, 2010

Time's running out! Today is the last day to enter my giveaway for a Deni Ice Cream Maker. Contest ends at midnight (PST) tonight! Click here for details and to enter.

There are a couple of other giveaways going on at the moment, hence the title of this post. Check out Bitt's giveaway for a two-pound bag of chia seeds and Love Veggies and Yoga's giveaway for a jar of Naturally Nutty.

On a separate note, I'm bummed the men's US hockey team lost the gold today but they did awesome anyway! Congrats on the silver! And congrats to Canada for the win! (sorry, I can't be a poor sport to my buddies up north).

Enjoy the last bit of your weekend!


Review: Two for the Price of One

>> Wednesday, February 24, 2010

I have two reviews* to share with you today. Yay! First up, a dvd.

Recently, I was reminded of the movie Food, Inc. when reading Sarah's blog at Living the Fruity Life, which you can read her review here. Like she points out, the movie's message isn't about veganism/vegetarianism or raw foods but about where your food comes from and how it's grown. I can't even begin to tell you how many times I was upset, with tears welling up in my eyes at times, watching this. For those who are conscious about the where, why, what, how, read labels, etc. won't see many surprises or big revelations when watching this but it's still definitely worth seeing. One to share with others for sure. No doubt there will be naysayers who will view this as propaganda but I believe if those same people watched this film they'd think twice about their food, checking labels, etc. - I hope they do. What angers and saddens me most are the many people out there who have little choice in what they eat due to income. For many, it's cheaper to go to fast food or get the processed stuff than it is to get the healthy options and healthwise, they can't afford to NOT eat healthy but unfortunately can't. This is because crap food is subsidized; healthy food is not. I feel blessed that I have knowledge about my food and have choices about which foods I bring home but we still get crabby about having to pay more for produce than people pay for processed food. I mean seriously, can it get anymore messed up? I definitely recommend this film. Watch trailer here. Next up on our list of documentaries is King Corn. Anyone seen that?

Next review:

MmmmMorrocco.... ah.... that is Morrocco Method Int'l. I was fortunate to receive a sample pack by this company of various shampoos and conditioners. They smell so healthy and wonderful (my fave is the Apple Cider Vinegar shampoo). Earthy you could say but I only mean that in the best of ways. They do "warn" you to the fact that there is little to no-foam. It didn't foam for me. So at first, I wondered if I was using enough product and if I was getting all of my hair and scalp clean because I'm so used to bubbles (and lots of them). Let me back up a bit. I have a lot of hair. Lots of naturally curly hair (no, I'm not bragging and yes, my profile pic belies the truth) so it easily tangles and easily frizzes. I require lots of conditioner and not the light stuff either - my hair isn't dry (how could it be with all the conditioner I use anyway?!) but since it knots easily I use lots so as to not hurt myself when brushing. So please understand my skepticism at first use. But you know what? After that first rinse, I could immediately tell my hair was softer, not snarly. I went on to use some conditioner too; again, soft. Now, the true test: combing. My comb went thru my hair with little to no hesitation. Wow. That's rare and I was impressed. But since using this stuff, with or without conditioner, I have not had to fight with my comb. I sometimes use the spray-on conditioner but it's not usually needed. I will say after the first shampoo my hair was a little fluffier than normal and this is with conditioner but I haven't seemed to have that happen since. Because their products are organic, raw, vegan, and even gluten free, it's safe for everyone (including pets!). Love using products you don't have worry about allergens or rotten chemicals. For little YS2, this stuff foams and makes his baby hair fluffy. So cute! I did talk with one person about this product who used it when they first went raw and for them they liked it okay but it left their hair feeling dry. For me though, it's made my hair softer. Go figure. The only con I could possibly find would be the price. It is a bit steep however it's cleaner, safer, and better than anything else you'd find at the store. I'm curious about their henna products but that's for another time.

Remember, if you haven't entered my contest for an ice cream maker you better get on it! Contest ends this Sunday with the winner announced on Monday.

*I was not paid or asked to endorse any products mentioned.

P.S. Any English majors, teachers, and anyone else who knows better, PLEASE forgive me! Those are some lengthy paragraphs! And I'm sure there are plenty other mistakes. :)



>> Monday, February 22, 2010

Happy Monday! Let's start this week off right and have a contest! Woot! Woot!

As I mentioned in a previous post, CSN Stores (cookware.com and allbarstools.com) has generously offered to sponsor this giveaway so for one of you this could be your lucky week!

When Lauren over at Ginger is the New Pink was giving away a Deni Ice Cream Maker, I was all over that. Sign me up! But alas, I didn't win (sniff). However, I do know it made its way to a good home with my pal Bitt, who loves making desserts, including ice cream.

Well, apparently it was my lucky day shortly after when I was given the opportunity to give one away too. Yes! I am giving away a Deni Automatic Ice Cream Maker! It's nearly spring after all and that means it time for lots'o d-lish frozen treats! Also, the reason for its happy green color - I couldn't resist. ;)

How to enter:

-Must live in the US or Canada to enter. Sorry everyone else!

-required entry: go to cookware.com and/or allbarstools.com and check out their products and let me know what you find that interests you. Leave me a comment.

-optional entries:

1. Blog about this on your blog, linking back to me - leave me a comment here that you did.

2. Follow me on twitter - leave me a comment here.

3. Tweet this post - leave me a comment here. Note: if you do this more than once, leave a separate comment for each tweet for extra entries.

4. Follow my blog via Google Friend Connect - leave me a comment here (if you already do follow, let me know!).

Contest will end on Sunday, February 28th at midnight PST. I will choose a random winner on Monday, the 1st. Great way to start the week and new month for someone feeling lucky.

Let the contest begin!


Almost There...

I'm just hammering out the last bit of the details for my giveaway so be on the lookout a little later today for it. Don't want you to miss it!

I saw the following PSA video today that really got me (I'm a softie). Hopefully, ALL of you wear your seatbelts all.the.time but if you sometimes don't maybe watching this video will move you enough to never hesitate again to put it on.


The Future’s So Bright...

>> Sunday, February 21, 2010

So I’m sitting on one of my kitchen bar stools this morning thinking, it’s been awhile since I’ve hosted any sort of giveaway. It’s time for another, dontcha think?

The very nice people at
CSN Stores have offered to sponsor my next giveaway. Now, before you get too excited and jump to the comment section to enter the contest, WAIT! This is the unofficial announcement – a teaser. Hee hee! I’m just alerting you to check back for the official post about this particular giveaway, which will be in the near future. In the meantime, please feel free to peruse CSN’s websites www.cookware.com or www.allbarstools.com; this might come in handy for the contest. ;)

Now, for some other fun stuff:

The other day I received my lovely gift from
HippieMom that I won from her blog recently. This prize to me is extra special because it’s a “just because” gift. She handpicked some of her favorite items of hers to give away to some lucky person, which so happened to be ME! Uh yeah, this weekend there will be a luxurious bath waiting for me. I need it! Ahhh… In our household, we love olive soap too so this makes it even more perfect. Oh and the organic green cardamom…wow, that smells amazing! I can only imagine its taste. Really looking forward to trying it all. So thank you HippieMom!

For those of you still experiencing the harshness of winter I’m really sorry. Not to make you jealous…okay, I am but where I live, our winter has been very mild (or nearly non-existent) and the past couple of days and into this weekend we are talking SPRING! Birds singing, buds bursting with color, sun, sun and more SUN! I suppose there is one down side with this early spring: the Winter Olympics. Vancouver, BC is three hours up the road from me and if you’ve noticed when watching some of the events you can see the trees or some hills in the backdrop not covered, if at all, with much snow. Fortunately, it’s all working out. I know it is for me! Winters are always challenging so having these sunny days is doing a lot of good. Time for renewal, change, cleaning and lots of playing. And don’t forget gardening!
Yardsnacker is working on planning our garden at the community garden and most likely staying on the Board. Busy busy! Soon, we’ll have lil Yardsnacker out there “helping.” (Photo: Daily Mail UK)

I do have some more goodies to announce but since I’m in a teasing mood, I’m going to wait before I say anything more. Just more things for you to look forward to.

The Future's So Bright, I Gotta Wear Shades



>> Tuesday, February 16, 2010

I finally made my way to our local raw vegan store and picked up some basic supplies and of course, some goodies. One of those goodies just so happened to be some Dr. Cow's cream cheese. I haven't had any of Dr. Cow's products but have heard good things about it in my blog travels. I was tempted by the cream cheese variety so I picked up one to try. Susan, the co-owner of the store said to buy two! Okay, so I did and picked up some Mauk Family Farms raw breakfast crusts and hickory & paprika raw flax seed crisps to go with it. I'm a cheese n'crackers kind of gal. I was good and waited till I got home to sample with hubby (sometimes I'm not so patient and rip open packages to sneak in a bite or two). My first little nibble of the stuff, by itself, I wasn't real sure about. I had to get the thought of typical cream cheese out of my head. I tried it again with the crisps first and NUM! And then I tried it with the breakfast cracker and NUM! Good stuff! And the breakfast cracker is super good by itself too.

It felt good to get to the raw store and stock up on stuff I was missing (figuratively and literally). I also picked up some yacon powder. Should be interesting. I was hoping for the liquid form but they were out of the one we wanted. Anyone tried this stuff? Powder? I think it should be awesome in smoothies.

Oh and going back to the cream cheese snack. Hubby made a fun snacky creation with the stuff I brought home. Taking one of the hickory flax crisp and a Mac n'Cheese cracker and dipping it in the cream cheese. He thought it tasted like a mock smoky salmon and cheese thing and I thought it was just plain tasty! LOL!

Anyway, as I stock up on some much needed supplies I'm hoping to get back into the kitchen. So to all of you who are whipping it up and showing off your wonderful creations on your blogs, please keep it up! You're inspiring and motivating me.


>> Monday, February 15, 2010

When I went a'visiting to Debra's blog at Vegan Family Style, she had posted a trailer for a new documentary coming out this summer. I just had to share with you as well.

I love that there seems to be more documentaries out focusing on health and talking about the (true) epidemics facing us - that most illnesses, conditions, and diseases can be cured/reversed if we're willing to change our habits, most of which are our daily diets. So many people don't get this.

Anyway, Forks over Knives is the documentary and features Dr. T. Colin Campbell (co-author, "The China Study") and Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn (author, "Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease") as well as many other doctors and nutritional experts, including Dr. Neal Barnard who is part of the Blog Posse at Crazy Sexy Life.

By the way, love the title of this film. So fitting.

Below is the trailer but in case you're somewhere you can't view it, here is the synopsis.



>> Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Updated: The girls over at Pure2Raw are having a giveaway! Yippee! Check it out.

Crazy days! I've had lots of things going on lately so as per my usual, I haven't been writing a whole darn lot. :) I sure enjoy visiting many of my blog friends though. Always a treat.

Seeing/reading all of your blogs I AM SO EXCITED to get back into the kitchen and start whipping up some raw culinary delights! Currently, I'm not where I want to be with raw yet and since I'm nursing still I want to be careful with how I venture back into it. I also have a plan to do things differently to ensure success: i.e. menu planning, designated prep and D-days (dehydrating) and also storage (making extra of stuff to always have on hand).

Print: Peter Seal

Today, I received my sample pack of The Morrocco Method shampoos and conditioners and other fun goodies. If you're familiar with Kristen's Raw she did a review of the line here. And if you're not familiar with Kristen's Raw, WHY? :) Definitely worth your time. My review of the products to follow in the near future. Just have to remember low foam.

Our little bambino is growing and growing and on the move! He's nine months now and doing everything he should be at this time. He does an army crawl of sorts which is so cute because his little bum pops up in the air! He's trying to crawl on his knees which causes him to do that. And he says Mama too (among other things)! He's eating soft solids (has been for about three months now) and loves most things he tries (almond meal!). He especially loves squash topped off with spirulina. He's also a fan of Papa's smoothies. Check 'em out! Oh and the pics there are super cute too if I say so myself (wink!). He has four teefs! ha ha! Yeah, he's getting his chompers and is working on another pair. Oh and he laughs! He loves to laugh! And he's discovered his voice over the last few months and seems to only get louder. Such a boy. Okay, I could go on and on about him.

I'm here, I'm alive and working towards getting back into the swing of things but I've said that before - priorities right? I can't stay committed to many things these days (if you're friends with me on facebook or even twitter you'll notice I'm a little slow chiming in or just less active at times). I have been enjoying American Idol though - it's on after YS2 has gone down for nigh-nite. Don't have a favorite just yet and I have to say I like Ellen as a judge. What do you think? My other guilty pleasures that are coming on this week, Survivor and Amazing Race. Okay, enough. I'm out.


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