>> Tuesday, February 16, 2010

I finally made my way to our local raw vegan store and picked up some basic supplies and of course, some goodies. One of those goodies just so happened to be some Dr. Cow's cream cheese. I haven't had any of Dr. Cow's products but have heard good things about it in my blog travels. I was tempted by the cream cheese variety so I picked up one to try. Susan, the co-owner of the store said to buy two! Okay, so I did and picked up some Mauk Family Farms raw breakfast crusts and hickory & paprika raw flax seed crisps to go with it. I'm a cheese n'crackers kind of gal. I was good and waited till I got home to sample with hubby (sometimes I'm not so patient and rip open packages to sneak in a bite or two). My first little nibble of the stuff, by itself, I wasn't real sure about. I had to get the thought of typical cream cheese out of my head. I tried it again with the crisps first and NUM! And then I tried it with the breakfast cracker and NUM! Good stuff! And the breakfast cracker is super good by itself too.

It felt good to get to the raw store and stock up on stuff I was missing (figuratively and literally). I also picked up some yacon powder. Should be interesting. I was hoping for the liquid form but they were out of the one we wanted. Anyone tried this stuff? Powder? I think it should be awesome in smoothies.

Oh and going back to the cream cheese snack. Hubby made a fun snacky creation with the stuff I brought home. Taking one of the hickory flax crisp and a Mac n'Cheese cracker and dipping it in the cream cheese. He thought it tasted like a mock smoky salmon and cheese thing and I thought it was just plain tasty! LOL!

Anyway, as I stock up on some much needed supplies I'm hoping to get back into the kitchen. So to all of you who are whipping it up and showing off your wonderful creations on your blogs, please keep it up! You're inspiring and motivating me.

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