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>> Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Aimee recently posted on her blog some basic info found on the Raw Network of Washington's website about the raw food diet. I thought it was helpful that I thought I'd share too. Here are a couple of links which I'll also post in my sidebar.

What is a raw food diet?
Why raw food?

chart created by Bob McCauley

I understand that the raw food lifestyle isn't for everyone but there are many things about it that EVERYONE can benefit from in some way; hopefully these links will help answer a few questions.

One of the standard questions raw foodists hear is where do you get your protein? I still plan on doing a separate post about this but haven't had a whole lot of time lately so in the meantime, for those interested, here is a
9+ minute video that talks about protein. Update: yes, I do have spirulina from time to time in my smoothies. Only small amounts though as it does take some getting used to. :)

And speaking of not a lot of time lately, I'm a bit behind in my visits to many of your blogs (raw and non-raw friends). Don't worry I will be by and catch up. I'm also behind in my own posting but I'll get to both soon enough.

Have a good day!

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