>> Monday, September 15, 2008

So it had been quite awhile since Yardsnacker and I had our cupboards full of our favorite raw treats and supplements so this past Saturday we finally stocked up at our local raw store, Raw Vegan Source (they mentioned they were in the process of updating their website so not sure it's really up to snuff just yet but for those interested they do ship nationally). Just thought I'd share some of the things we bought.

Some of the things we picked up were definitely splurges or rather, new for us.
Such as this candy bar. It was pretty good. I thought the chocolate itself could use more sweetening but the filling was delicious! If you're not familiar with raw caramel it's not ooey-gooey like you'd typically find in conventional candy. This has a drier texture - just no
t gooey - but was perfectly sweet and satisfying like caramel. To me anyway, which is all that counted at the time. :)

On the way home we snarfed this raw hummus with Italian-seasoned flax crackers. I'm not a fan of cilantro, one of the ingredients, but managed to ignore it best I could. I should try making this (without cilantro of course). Seems easy enough. I just get intimated when it comes to sprouting. I'm the type that gets lazy or forgets when sprouting so things are "too sprouted" or moldy. Whoopsie. Anyway, very good hummus.

Kale chips anyone? Neither of us had had them before but have heard many good things about them. When we go to harvest the kale we're growing in our garden we plan on making chips. This package of chips were "cheesy." Quite cheesy like the bag says. Not always does nutritional yeast make things taste cheesy (to me) but in this case it definitely worked. Again, I'll have to try something like this when I go to try making kale chips. I think Yardsnacker enjoyed them a lot (those are his fingers in the bag)!

One last thing I wanted to point out from our shopping trip was the raw granola. I remember Rawdorable doing a recent review of Lydia's Organics so when I saw the package for vanilla crunch I had to pick it up. Thanks Shannonmarie! It is really yummy! Especially with some fresh slightly sweetened raw almond milk. Mmmm...

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