>> Monday, March 31, 2008

While I’m not currently on a juice feast like so many others at the moment I do like my share of fresh juice. Before doing any sort of raw, I enjoyed juice but tried to be aware of the ones with HFS (high fructose syrup) but now, being mostly raw I actually make fresh juice from time to time and of course, it’s HFS-free! So much better for me and very tasty I might add.

Pixywinks and Londoner (as I love to call her) have been posting some great sounding juices they’ve been creating. I want to try some of them.

Over the weekend I made this one:

2 red delicious apples
1 jalapeno
1 golden beet
2 red bell peppers
3+ handfuls of baby carrots
½ cucumber
4 or 5 celery stalks

My hubby thought it was pretty good; could’ve lessened the amount of carrots. Hee hee! We both agreed the whole jalapeno was a little too hot but it still felt good. Very warming. You never know with jalapenos sometimes…some are so mild and then others are pretty hot-cha-cha.

Hubby later made watermelon juice. YUM!!!!!! Just straight watermelon juice. It is so good and one of my faves. It filled us up and made us feel really good while we were out and about.

What are some of your favorite juices you make?


Love Is...

>> Thursday, March 27, 2008


Interesting Find

>> Tuesday, March 25, 2008

I spotted a link posted in a discussion found on Give it to Me Raw that is quite interesting. Now, before some of you who may not have heard of this website start thinking “Wha???” it’s nothing naughty. But it is totally addicting! Ha ha!

Anyway, this
Cosmetics Database is very interesting because you can check products you’re currently using or are thinking about using as to what their ingredients are and if they’re any good for you. Anything from deodorant, lotions, and toothpaste to shampoo, soap, and makeup. Even perfume. But then again, maybe you don’t want to check!

I’m not providing this to scare or upset anyone but just found it to be an eye opener for me. You won’t find me preaching or pushing my beliefs on anyone about anything. I’m typically not that way. Besides, I’m not about to all of a sudden dump my expensive makeup in pursuit of new stuff…just yet. As I run out of things I will find some healthier replacements.

I know some people who come to my webpage are not raw foodies; however I think we can agree that most of us do care about what we put into our bodies regardless of what “diet” we choose, especially as we get older (poopie).

Since we are paying more attention to what is going in our bodies what about what we are putting on our bodies? I’m usually one of the last people to convert to new things, health included but I am trying to be more aware. Fortunately, I have Hubby to alert me to the bad stuff or I just hand him whatever product for him to scan the ingredients since he's more knowledgeable.

One change I have made recently is I’ve been using coconut oil as a moisturizer. LOVE IT! The fake coconut smells commonly found in tanning lotions, I can handle in small doses. It does bring back fond memories but when that fake coconut smell is in other things like an everyday lotion or hair product I get so sick of the strong scent. But the real coconut smell is awesome! Not perfumey. Good thing because what I’m using is the real deal, something you can eat! But I put it on my face and neck and sometimes in my hair when I’ve straightened it. I have noticed my skin looking and feeling better. My skin is still not perfect but there is improvement.

My old makeup, Prescriptives, didn’t favor too well according to the database search. I’m currently using Clinique, which is listed in the database but not the makeup. Odd. The “healthy” toothpaste from Tom’s of Maine, not that great. My husband also alerted me quite awhile ago about it having
sodium lauryl sulfate. I’ll keep using the tube we have until it’s gone though.

So you can’t always trust labels that say healthy, natural, organic or even raw. All those meanings have changed unfortunately. This also means an increase in homework as to what’s what. I hate homework! However, this database tool does the homework for you; very easy.

There are healthy alternatives out there for all things for your body. I could possibly steer you in the right direction if you’re interested or go to
GI2MR/Raw Beauty, Fashion, Glitz and Glam! for more info too. There have been many discussions on these sorts of things. Well, for the ladies anyway! And of course, there’s the trusty internet as a source of information.

I’m surprising myself I’m even mentioning any of this because I’m usually an ostrich with this type of stuff - to be honest, I never really cared until recently. But when I see that some of the things I’ve been using for years is cancer-causing it does make me pause a little. Maybe that's why I'm all of a sudden bringing this up.

You can do your own searches if you’d like or move on. I won’t ask and I won’t judge. I’m sure there will be plenty of things I’ll have a hard time breaking away from because of comfort, or habit, or acceptance but I figure I’m still doing waaaaaaaaaay better than I was a few months ago so I’m not going to sweat it too much but as I go along I’ll keep making changes as I see fit and as I become ready.



>> Sunday, March 23, 2008

I spotted this fun little game on Pixywinks' blog and thought I'd play too! If you want to do it, just post this list on your blog with your one word answers and then let me know about it so I can check it out.

1. Cellphone: off
2. Relationship: solid
3. My hair: clean
4. Work: busy
5. My sibling/siblings: best
6. My favorite thing: naps
7. My dream last night: confusing
8. Favorite drink: grape
9. Dream car: BMW
10. The room I’m in: office
11. My shoes: slippers
12. My fears: bugs
13. What do I want to be in 10 years: wealthy
14. Who did I hang out with this weekend: myself
15. What I am not good at: drawing
16. Muffin: banana
17. One of my wish list items: camera
18. Where I grew up: Calif
19. Last thing I did: TV
20. Wearing: sweats
21. Not wearing: contacts
22. My pets: none
23. My computer: pc
24. My life: happy
25. My mood: relaxed
26. Missing: sister
27. What I am thinking about right now: family
28. My car: Element
29. My kitchen: clean
30. My weather: wacky
31. Favorite color: red
32. Last time I laughed: today
33. Last time I cried: 15th
34. School: boring
35. Love: forever


Thises and Thatz

>> Saturday, March 22, 2008

Mandolins hurt if you’re not careful! Especially the less sophisticated, less expensive ones. Case in point:

Have you ever wondered how kids get food in strange places (i.e. elbow crease or back of their neck, etc)? Well, that was ME today. Some of my lunch was on my forehead! How in the world did I get food there and not know it?!?!?! Good thing I wasn’t in public at the time.

Small zucchinis don’t make very good chips. Ha ha! The flavor is good but they are so stinkin small! And they only get smaller when dried. I don’t really care though because I was just looking for a way to use the rest of them up.

It’s spring now, which means it’s time for some wacky weather. We’ve been having a little bit of that but I love it anyway. Everyday there’s more evidence of new life. And seeing the cherry blossoms and magnolia trees in bloom makes me very happy. We might live in the Evergreen State but it sure is nice seeing color again.

I chuckle every time I go past our outdoor community pool and see a duck family hanging out or just taking a swim, floatin’ about. It’s their home until the kids take over for the summer. I just find ducks to be cute and even cuter when at a pool. I don’t blame them though…the pool is much better than where most of their friends and family live at the local slough (stinky).

It’s been an interesting weekend so far. The CEO of my company surprised us all with a day off on Good Friday (love 3-day weekends!). Hubby though has been busy both Friday and Saturday so I’ve been kinda bored. It was great at first because I was able to lounge around, do some cleaning, do some (un)cooking and of course, catch up with all my new blog friends but now that that is all done…now what? Everybody, stop what you’re doing and put up new posts on each of your blogs right now!!

Seen any good movies lately?

Some random things spotted at my desk at home: a rainbow slinky, a poodle pen with its own dog house,

worry dolls from Guatemala, a red and white hand painted ceramic dish, and an empty handmade bubble gum machine made of wood (this is actually hubby’s). Oh and a tri-fold picture frame meant for nine photos that still has “fake” photos in it. Nice. What’s at your desk?

Well, I think this post has officially gone nowhere and you’re probably bored, possibly slumped over your keyboard so I’ll stop now. Hubby will be home soon. Good thing huh?

Thanks for your patience. HAPPY EASTER!


Once, Twice, Three Times a Meal

>> Friday, March 21, 2008

Recently, we made more pizza crusts. Actually, too many! I think because I made them a little thinner it yielded more crusts than we needed. Oh well. That’s when you find new ways to use up the leftovers. And that’s what we did…

Anyone who knows me knows how much I love Mexican food (maybe I should’ve mentioned that in my
five facts). So with the leftover crust (they were all individual size) I thought why not Mexican pizza? I’m sure it’s been done before but I hadn’t seen or heard of any raw version so I winged it.

I made the spicy “beans” recipe found in the
Raw Food Real World (un)cookbook. Hubby thought of the “beans” more as “meat.” So whatever you’re craving, meat or beans or possibly both, this recipe fits the bill. I did change things a little from the original recipe based on preferences and items we had on hand and I also skipped the dehydrating step.

Also leftover was some
cheese mixture inspired from The Daily Raw, Terilynn. I use that mixture for everything, from a veggie dip to my pizzas!

Once those two layers were spread on the crusts, we topped it with fresh romaine lettuce, tomatoes, red onion, green onion, and
Ani’s cashew sour kream. Oh, and then we added some hot sauce and jalapenos (high raw?).

Oops! I forgot to include the cheese in this photo opp.

The end result: D-LISH! The only thing missing was guacamole but the avos weren’t quite ripe.

Having these Mexican pizzas helped us eat the last of the crusts but now we had leftover “beans” and other toppings. What this means is taco salad! Sorry, we forgot to take pictures.

I had made some raw corn chips to crumble into the salad but all the other fixin’s were the same as the pizza. Romaine, beanz, cheeze, sour kream, tomatoes, onions, jalapenos, hot sauce and this time GUACAMOLE (see previous post for a pic of this little lovely)! For a dressing, we added a tomato based one. Raw, of course. In the past, we would use Catalina dressing on our conventional taco salads. Still love that stuff but when you think about all the HFS (high fructose syrup) in it, it just wasn’t in the plan for our raw taco salad, instead I modified a tomato dressing by adding in agave to sweeten it up a bit like Catalina.

So we went from Italian pizza to Mexican pizza to taco salad. Some people might find that to be too much, too similar, too soon but not for this gal! I loved it all. I will say the next time I do pizza I’m going straight for the Mexican version. It was the best one ever.


Love Is...

>> Thursday, March 20, 2008


Lost, Gone Forever

>> Monday, March 17, 2008

To date, I have lost 35 pounds. Yippee!!! I’ve never had to lose this much weight before – it’s funny to think way back when (when I was a lot smaller than I am now) that I thought I was FAT! Sheesh.

I’m 15 pounds away from achieving my first goal, which is the weight I was at (approximate) when I first started dating my husband. At the time I was very active with volleyball, playing 3x a week (I was slim and trim and didn’t realize it! UGH!) but soon that took up too much time away from dating! :) So I stopped. Meanwhile, I was eating crappy as usual and drinking LOTS of Mountain Dew. But that was the norm among my peers, for my lifestyle, etc. I was young still. Then one day I noticed in the mirror how bloated and “fleshy” I looked, had become. I knew I had gained weight but it wasn’t until that one day I actually noticed how much (no scale required) and was horrified. I didn’t do anything about it though. I just became comfortable, complacent, lazy, whichever. Hubby and I acknowledged later on that we needed to make changes, but again, not much success. The thought was there but the action wasn’t.

Fast forward to 2007, Hubby talked often about eating better. I would suggest eating more salads but that did not appeal to him! “Too cold” or “not filling enough.” Ha ha!

It was difficult trying to find healthier meals we would both eat and be satisfied with. Too often our dinner meals would be too fatty, salty, MSG-y, sugary (some of those condiments and sauces have a lot of high fructose syrup in them) and/or heavy. Not a good thing to have before bedtime. That’s the worst for me – eating those kinds of meals too late in the day so then I’d end up going to bed with all that food sitting in my stomach. Sometimes I’d wake up feeling so bleh because of that.

You know what I hate though? Is when you eat a huge meal where you’re so full you swear you’ll never eat again and then several hours later you find yourself starving like that meal never existed! Or you wake up starving. Ai-yai-yai.

Again, we’d talk about eating healthier. Hubby was feeling more and more out of sorts and discouraged with our current diet. Soooo, he then learned about eating raw, live foods (thanks
David Wolfe). I had heard of it before, probably years prior – I think because there were celebrities who were eating raw, like it was the “new thing” but I could also be making this up.

For me, this finally meant SALADS! Hubby who was so against them before now loved them. A 180 degree turn in our diet.

We just started out slowly by incorporating a lighter, healthier dinner. We also cut out pop (no more Mountain Dew). These two changes made huge differences for us in how we looked and how we felt.

I’m sure this post is boring enough so I’ll spare you the step by step changes we made but boy have we made changes! We’re now eating some gourmet, dehydrating like crazy and making smoothies and juices left and right. Hubby has successfully transitioned to 100% raw and is not looking back. I’m about 80-100%. Depends on the day, week, my mood, etc.

Discovery of this new lifestyle has been life changing and possibly, life saving for us. The other important thing though is we are enjoying every aspect so far. I’ve eaten foods I never would have before and making things I never would have. I mean really…who knew we’d be eating raw pizzas and raw burritos and actually enjoying it?!

Along with this discovery are the many friends we’ve made in the raw community. The amazing support, encouragement, inspiration and motivation from everyone have made this journey more fun and easier. Outside the “raw world,” it can be challenging as not everyone understands but for me, most have been supportive, namely my family so I appreciate their love and support as well.

After I reach my goal (I’m not setting any dates or expectations to lose weight by – don’t believe in it as I think it puts too much pressure on), I will make my next goal, which I’ll keep to myself for now. I have 3 separate goals in mind but again, there’s no rush and each goal will depend on the previous goal and current situation. Bottom line is I want to be healthy and happy no matter what.



>> Saturday, March 15, 2008

I was recently tagged by the adventurous and always adorable Raw Goddess Heathy to share five things about myself you don’t know about. I’ve been a little slow with this particular post, my apologies, but hopefully it was so worth the wait! Hee hee!

So here we go – five things you’ve been anxiously wondering about:

1) My real name, first name that is, is Heidi. Between my first name and my last name, I have many nicknames. If you know a Heidi most likely you have called her or heard someone else call her Heidi Ho. Well, yeah, me too. I’ve known other Heidis who despise that nickname but not me. I’ve been called worse! So anyway, from that nickname and others I combined them to be HiHoRosie. You can call me Heidi, Heidi Ho, HiHo or Rosie (that’s another nickname too), just don’t call me “

2) Once upon a time, a long time ago, my best friend and I went to the mall. Across the street from the mall is a beautiful park with a lovely fountain. You know what people do at fountains….they make wishes and toss in coins. Wow! There sure are a lot of coins in those fountains! My friend and I must’ve been possessed at the time (and we were definitely old enough to know better) because we both thought it would be funny and great to scoop up some of those coins and get some lunch. And that’s what we did; we fished out a bunch of coins and got something to eat. WE STOLE PEOPLE’S WISHES!!! I hang my head in shame now. Hopefully, after all these years we’ve been forgiven and nobody’s wish washed down the drain, so to speak.

3) Another thing about me is I like to tap into my creative side from time to time and make cards – cards for any occasion or no occasion. Too often time gets away from me so I’m not able to do many handmade cards; these days it’s usually just at Christmas. Except this last year I had zero time and bought cards instead. Made me kind of sad but I’m over it now. I have plans for this year already. My next goal is to have them done by summer.

4) In high school, I was an okay student. I had my favorite subjects and then some bore-me-to-tears subjects. One of those subjects would be biology. Snooze. It required too much concentration and studying so it didn’t interest me. I could probably handle it now but then? No way. So this thing I’m about to tell you would be one my not-so-proud moments, like the time at the water fountain (see #2). In the 10th grade I shared biology class with my friend and lab partner Jennifer, who, like me, couldn’t stand biology. The classroom was set up so there were two people per lab table but because our class was overcrowded desks were added to the end of some of those lab tables. Our lab table was one of those blessed with a third person. I don’t remember our extra lab partner’s name, which is terribly rude when I think about it, but I’ll call her Jill. Jill was smart. She liked biology or maybe she was just one of those responsible kids who used her brain and did her homework. But hey, we used our brains too but not the way we should have. Our teacher, knowing how kids sharing a desk can be at test time, had two tests he’d pass out. A and B. Both had the same questions and answers just in different order. This was to deter cheaters. You see where this going don’t you? Yeah, well, Jennifer and I got clever ourselves and would switch our tests with each other so Jennifer’s test matched Jill’s test. Jennifer would then peek at Jill’s answers and copy them onto hers then I’d peek at Jennifer’s test and cruise to find the same questions and answers on my test. That was hard work! We did this all year long too. Good thing we passed that class! Poor Jill had no idea and of course, the teacher didn’t either. Can you believe how horrible we were??? Now, this has me thinking about my high school days….some very funny memories but maybe some other time. :)

5) The last thing about me I know you don’t know is I like to play video games (a closet gamer? Nah, that would mean I'd have to be good!). I’m a Super Mario fan and defeated my first video game from start to finish with Super Paper Mario. But really, I’ll play just about any video game because I think they’re fun. I don’t go for the violent ones though. Just something fun that is somewhat challenging.

That’s enough about for me – good thing we have to stop at 5! Thanks again to Heathy for passing this along to me. It was fun and a good way to go down memory lane again.

I’m supposed to pass this to five new people to share five things about themselves but I only know three I can forward this to. That's okay right? I’d like to pass this onto
Mostly Risible, Disa and Michael. The Rules: Share 5 facts about yourself. Tag 5 people at the end of your post and list their names (linking to them). Let them know they've been tagged by leaving a comment on their blogs.


Sandwich of Champions

>> Monday, March 10, 2008

My husband stumbled upon a great recipe for “bread” awhile back by Russell James. I have to admit I was a little weirded out by the list of ingredients, including herbs de provence. Never used that one before! Anyway, feeling adventurous one day we mixed up a batch. I say we because the first time this was made I was getting frustrated with mixing and spreading and making it more difficult than it needed to be so hubby came to the rescue. The second time, I managed to make it all by myself and it was a smooth and painless process!

The aroma filling the house was amazing. It was nice and comforting, especially during the dreary winter.

When assembling our sandwiches, we spread
cashew mayo (you’ll have to scroll down the page for the recipe or just see below) and topped it with fresh avocados, tomatoes, sweet onions, lettuce and cucumber. Hubby likes it to eat it open-faced with a little olive oil and red wine vinegar drizzled on top. That’s good too. No matter how you eat it or what you put on it this sandwich is very good and very filling.

Cashew Mayo (by Russell James)

1c cashews
2T lemon juice
½t salt
2T chopped onion
¼c water
½t agave

- Blend all ingredients in a high speed blender until smooth.

Wouldn’t the cashew mayo be so yummy with horseradish mixed in?! Definitely trying that next time.

And yes, you can get stuffed from eating RAW FOOD!

Now, for some fluff stuff: American Idol. Come on! I know you watch it even if you don’t admit it. The top 12 looks pretty good. All I really cared about were the ones I liked. For the guys, my faves: David Archuleta (duh – winner), Michael Johns and Jason Castro. For the girls, my faves are: Ramiele Malubay (she is so stinkin cute!) and Carly Smithson. It’s not so much for their singing, although they can, but I just like them overall. I do like the other girls too. Amanda, the rock chick, who scared me week before last impressed me this time. I was glad to see (hear) her do well. She’s different so she could be around for a little while. End of fluff….or I could talk about ANTM or Survivor or…hey, is 30 Rock back yet? Or Pushing Daisies? That whole writers’ strike really messed things up for me.


Pizza Pizza Pizza Pie…

>> Sunday, March 9, 2008

When speaking of traditional pizza, oh how I miss it from time to time but not the greasy/heavy feeling afterwards because let’s face it, I have no self-control when it comes to pizza. I can’t just eat one slice and call it good.

We’ve had several raw versions of pizza at various restaurants (
Blossoming Lotus, Chaco Canyon and Dalene’s) and they’ve all been different and all delicious. Going to a restaurant and treating yourself is always nice but not economical so it’s not something we do too often. That’s where knowing how to make it yourself comes in handy.

If you google raw pizza crust you will find a plethora of recipes so I have yet to try most of them but started out with
one that I thought was easiest and I had most of the ingredients on hand. I did tweak it based on what I had and personal tastes. For the fresh herbs I used dried and omitted rosemary since I didn’t have any; just increased the other herbs to make up for it. I also added a pinch or two of salt. I didn’t want this to be too flavorful (if that makes sense) to compete with all the toppings we had planned but I think this recipe serves as a good base that can be tweaked to your liking. I would make this again but would also like to try some others.

For the toppings, hubby made a “mozzarella” cheese, which we agreed was good on the pizza combined with the other stuff but by itself it was odd tasting so we’ll be trying something different next time. After the cheese, we layered on
marinara sauce. Again, there are many recipes out there so I just picked one. I’m sure we tweaked this one too to suit our tastes. I think with us it’s just a given we’ll tweak whatever recipe we’re following but then who doesn’t?! Hubby made fresh basil pesto, one of his specialties. He blends fresh basil leaves, fresh garlic, raw pine nuts, good olive oil (usually organic, cold-pressed), and salt. I think that’s it. With all these rich ingredients the parmesan cheese, traditionally found in pesto, is not missed. Then we added fresh chopped kalamata olives, sweet onions, tomatoes, “parmesan cheese” (thanks to Raw Goddess Heathy) and some black pepper.

Heathy’s recipe for Parmesan Cheese:

Parmesan Cheese

½ cup Brazil nuts

½ c pine nuts
1 tsp nutritional yeast
1 small clove garlic, minced
¼- ½ tsp sea salt

Pulse brazils, yeast, garlic, and salt in FP until almost ground. Add pine nuts and grind until crumbly.

This recipe for parmesan cheese is so stinkin yummy and is great for so many things. Salads, pizza, sandwiches, etc. Hmm…I wonder if this would be good mixed in with the pesto…

Viola! Yummy pizza! It’s very filling and I don’t feel blah after. :) We had a side Caesar salad (again, thanks to Raw Heathy) topped with the parmesan cheese mixture. And this meal was so much cheaper than at a restaurant or café!

It’s been fun experimenting with some of these recipes and even better when they turn out D-LISH! Ha ha!



>> Wednesday, March 5, 2008

In case it's not obvious, I'm new to blog world so there will be things you'll notice from time to time (i.e. templates) that change or are a little funky and it's usually because I haven't learned any better or have no clue (and I write this as though more than 2 or 3 people read this blog - ha ha). For instance, dates. When I first started this blog I could've sworn there were dates displayed on each blog post. I then switched templates (a blogger-approved one) but none of the dates were there (I have since learned about this particular template that there are steps I'm to follow in order for the dates to display properly). I switched back to the original template, thinking that would correct things but no. Now no matter what template I use no dates appear. I've gone thru the settings and all seems to be okay but whatever. Maybe I'll restore the default settings and then customize again. I just need to set aside some time to figure this out so just be patient with me - this is definitely a work in progess.



>> Monday, March 3, 2008

My hubby calls it "fake-achinni" but it can also be called Zucchini Fettunine Alfredo - raw style! Of course, his label is more catchy and clever than mine. :-D

I've been interested in trying this dish for some time now and finally got around to making it (guess I had to since we bought a bunch of zucchini). It's fairly simple and requires only a food processor and veggie peeler.

The recipe for the alfredo sauce I used sounded pretty good so I followed the list of ingredients. As is, it was too oily (especially the taste) for us. I'm not sure that a 1/4 cup was needed or at least that much. I think next time, for us, I'd only put in a tablespoon of oil. When it comes to the kitchen I'm not real patient sometimes so I didn't soak the nuts first as required. I just threw the pine nuts in and manually chopped the macs pretty good, then threw them and everything else into the food processor. To offset the oil taste I tweaked it based on our own preferences and some other recipes I found by adding in more water, black pepper, cayenne pepper (a few dashes) and 1 tsp of thyme (maybe a tad more) - oh and a pinch more salt. Perfecto! The original recipe suggested a variation of the sauce by adding in sun-dried tomatoes. I like that idea! Will have to try that next time.

Hubby had wanted "spaghetti noodles" but we don't have a spiralizer (yet) so I just used a veggie peeler on the zukes to make long fettuccine-style noodles. I didn't do anything special with the noodles after that - they were ready to go as is.

After putting it all together we warmed it up slightly (being careful with the heat), added more dashes of black pepper on top with some freshly chopped Italian parsley and we were ready to eat! It was sooooo good! I have to admit I was surprised. I mean raw squash? Fake alfredo sauce? I still remember what the old version tastes like and this doesn't taste the same HOWEVER, this is so delicious and so filling that I honestly didn't feel like I was missing out on anything (I know my body wasn't and my brain didn't seem notice :-D). And the zucchini? Doesn't taste like squash. It has a slight sweet flavor and is clean tasting. My hubby who pretty much disliked zucchini before going raw found this dish to be very yummirific! He had to have more.

This dish will be fun to play around with some more. It seems like there's a lot of flexibilty so you could do whatever fits your mood or tastes.

I wonder what those non-raw foodies out there think about this? People who know me might think I've gone mad! Mwah-ha-ha-haaa!
Now, I'm off to watch American Idol.


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