Happy Earth Day

>> Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Today, April 22nd is EARTH DAY!

I'm not the most green person but I'm trying!

What are you doing to help Earth be a better place?
For us, we are starting to compost. My hubby, Yardsnacker, is gardening away this season without my help :( and has created his own composting bin. It begins at home of course. Saving our organic scraps then adding them to the pile at the garden, which he turns over frequently. It's looking great I must say! And all those wormies are happy! It's full of life actually and not just with the worms.

I ran across an article exposing not-so-green products currently on store shelves; products that claim to be green and earth-conscious but have been found to be the opposite. Of course, there's more out there than what's been addressed in this article. One of the culprits in this article though is Sephora. For those of us who wear makeup (I admit I LOVE makeup - love all things girlie in that sense) there's a website that that's very handy in checking the safety of personal products. It's the Environmental Working Group's Skin Deep cosmetic safety database. Not exactly a catchy name but helpful nonetheless. I have the link posted in my sidebar as well. It's at this website you can check any number of products you use or are thinking of using, from makeup to shampoo to toothpaste, to see how safe they are.

Earth Day may be on April 22nd but we can always strive to do our part 365 days a year. You know, like recycling. :)

Enjoy your day, enjoy our planet.


I'm Obsessed I know!

>> Friday, April 17, 2009

With Susan Boyle that is - I'll admit it but can you blame me? Don't worry I'm not about to turn into some crazed fan you hear about on the news (although, hubby thinks otherwise - lol!) but I'm just so blown away by her gift that I must share. So I'll try not to make every post about her but today that's just not gonna happen. I should make a category just for her.

There's another song that's been released of hers. One she sang for charity 10 years ago. This video is of her recording and not her performing it. But who cares! It's all about her amazing voice.

Here's a related article. Why this woman hasn't been discovered before now is a mystery but that's okay. Not sure I would've heard of her if she had been discovered sooner and didn't show up on Britain's talent show.


More on Susan Boyle

>> Wednesday, April 15, 2009

If you've seen the video I posted yesterday or seen it posted elsewhere because it seems to be posted E.V.E.R.Y.W.H.E.R.E. from facebook to twitter to major news sites then you know who Susan Boyle is and the sensation she has become. I love her. I do. I hope all her dreams come true! But anyway, I was reading an article on her today that shared a little bit more on her.

From that article:

Boyle, a volunteer church worker, still has a long way to go on the show, but she’s become an overnight media darling in Great Britain. Since her debut, viewers and readers have learned that she’s from the little village of Blackburn in western Scotland, where local kids sometimes called her names and laughed at her because of her appearance and the fact that she lives alone with a cat.

A local newspaper reported that Boyle is the youngest of nine children and attended Edinburgh Acting School nearly 20 years ago, but left to care for her ailing mother, who died two years ago.

Friesen reported that after her stunning debut, Boyle said, “It’s really surreal. Basically I wanted to fulfill a wish to my mother. I wanted to do something with my life. Not only that, I feel I have a bit more to offer.”

And if it's true what the article says, we'll be hearing a lot more from her soon by way of TV and music - not just on a talent show either. :)
Oh yeah, I love that she put her contestant sticker on her chest instead of her dress. Probably didn't want to ruin it but that must've hurt peeling it off later! Yeouch!



>> Tuesday, April 14, 2009

I first saw this video this morning. Apparently, I'm behind everyone else since this video has been viewed nearly 3.3 million times. I've watched it several times now and have bawled each time. Of course, that could be partly my pregnancy. ;) I cry over anything. But seriously, this is worth watching...or hearing at the very least. If you have 7+ minutes to spare please click here. This woman is incredible and I want her to be my friend, including her cat Pebbles.


Healthy Alternative to Baby Formula

>> Monday, April 6, 2009

In relation to my previous post with a link to an article about toxic baby formula, there was a comment left by Chris, Bitt's husband, who reminded me that not every parent/mother has a choice to breastfeed their child/children. Some children are adopted (I'm one of them!) or there are health issues/medications, or work that prevents a mother from being able to breastfeed.
Are there alternatives out there? Yes, but not many that I could easily find. If you want a healthy formula that's not animal or soy based I found you're better off making a formula of your own.

However, I remembered one of our Vita-mix contestants has a business creating
formula that's dairy-free, soy-free, vegan, raw, organic, healthy, and etc. Duh! I should've thought of this before! Anyway, her business is called Empress Organics. Check it out!

If you know of other healthy alternatives or have recipes to share please feel free. It would be great to get the word out as much as possible so parents don't have to worry about feeding their babies rocket fuel or heaven knows what other yuckies potentially lurking about in those cans of formula.



>> Friday, April 3, 2009

I don't have plans or intentions to feed my baby powdered formula but reading this article today definitely seals the deal!

Is nothing safe around here anymore? Sheesh!


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