This Lil Piggie Went to Market

>> Thursday, May 20, 2010

First off, thanks for all the well-wishes for my ego and my knee! I’m pretty much all better now. Knee is 98% healed. My scrapes are healing (ew) and there’s only a little tenderness, mostly felt when I first wake up. It was brutal that first day because after the post office I came back to my office and every time I got up from my chair I’d be limping around from it getting stiff. Not one of my finest moments but not one of the worst either (oh yeah, I got one of those but maybe I’ll share for another time). And just in case it wasn't clear, the hip-shaker dude did try to help me and asked if I was okay. I was too embarrassed to let him or anyone near me, plus the adrenline made me move lightening fast so there was no opportunity anyway. He's still clearly at fault though wouldn't you say? :D He probably had a good laugh about it all, I know I would and did!

This morning I woke up with this RANDOM old song in my head. Why? How? No idea. This song probably predates some of you I'm sure. Has that ever happened to you, wake up with a totally random song you can't get out of your head? Well, to get that song out of my head I opted for something a bit more current like this or this on my way into work. It helped.

So I went to the store yesterday to stock up on a few items. I think I did good even though I spent more money than I should have. No surprise. ha ha! By the way, the title of my post was inspired by playing that piggie game recently with YS2's cute little pink toes which coincided with my "shopping spree" since I got a lot of stuff.
Finally, I picked up some Sun Warrior protein powder many of you have spoken (written) so highly of. All I ask myself is WHY didn’t I pick some up sooner?! Lol! We usually have hemp protein powder (and/or seeds – love the seeds!) as one of our staples and I’ll tell ya, not a huge fan of the powder. It has a peculiar flavor that’s hard for me to get used to sometimes. It’s not bad just sometimes I'm not in the mood for it. I had seen many people talk up Sun Warrior here there and everywhere, especially Lauren (thanks girlie!). Seriously folks, good good stuff! I had no idea. This doesn’t taste anything like the hemp protein powder. This is sweet (I got vanilla) so perfect for just about anything, especially smoothies. This stuff also has way more protein than the hemp and I’m guessing a higher assimilation rate too.

So besides the staples I picked up on my trip I had to get some fun stuff too such as kale chips. Yeah, I know, “make your own, Heidi!” But hey, I wanted instant satisfaction so this fit the bill. I remember the first time I had kale chips. I thought, what the? But then couldn’t stop eating them either. Ha ha! Now, as soon as kale chips are near me I have no self-control. Bag is mine! And as you can see from the pic, I couldn’t even resist prior to taking a picture. These are made with habenero but they weren’t spicy at all to me so I want more spice, hmpf (said like Veruca Salt – of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory not the band)!

Picked up some coconut sugar crystals. No idea what I’m going to use these for besides snacking on 'em as is. So yummy! Anyone use these? How do you use them? Maybe on top of some cupcakes? :)

While I was there and obviously getting hungry (it was close to dinner time anyway) I picked up some “fast food.” Take out made locally from House of the Sun. I had heard that the Mediterranean wrap is good so I got that and also a Caesar wrap. Verdict? Sam and I both favored the Caesar. It was very tasty! The Medi was good too just liked the other more. I will say the wrap itself for the Medi was perfect. I’ve tried making those pliable type wraps to no avail…so far. I haven't mastered the evening out on the teflex sheet so usually the sides are more crispy, the middle more thick/lumpy or I dehydrate it too long. Practice makes perfect right?

There are so many things I want to make and I want them all right now (again, cue in Veruca Salt)! Like some flax crackers and Lisa's pad thai (not together, ha!). I still have high hopes to make my own ice cream cake. Er…one day?! (Kelli, I haven't forgotten about you.) When I do make it, it'll be awesome and a tasty surprise. ;)


Much Ado About Nothing

>> Friday, May 14, 2010

Ow! I fell and scrapped my knee today (thanks Nelly and Debbie for your concern). I’m okay! I’m okay! (said like a 3 yr old girl at the park the other day who fell on the grass and announced to everyone [who weren’t around or paying attention, except for me] “I’m okay! I’m okay!” she was so cute…me, not so much). Not sure what happened exactly. I was on my way to the post office when on one corner some guy tried to stop me to listen to his schpeel about something he was promoting/selling. I told him I didn’t have time (which I didn’t). I crossed the street where his buddy was but he was more creative in hopes I'd stop. He was shaking his hips and saying something about shaking his hips but as I walked past I went splat! Packages flying everywhere. Yeah, beautiful. Fell right on my knee and my hand that tried breaking the fall – obviously too late and not effective. I told the guy I fell because I was distracted by his shaking hips! Grr…so embarrassing! And it hurt. It really hurt. And it’s still hurting. My hand is red and tender, my knee is scraped up in a couple spots, all red waiting to bruise. My leg and ankle are feeling the residual effects or something. So why did I fall really? No idea! I don't recall rolling my ankle or tripping over anything - just fell. Okay, I’ll stop complaining now.

Last night I went to Amanda’s bon voyage party at Chaco Canyon cafe where I was able to finally meet her and her husband Rawdawg Rory and their daughter in person (sorry no pics - maybe someone else does). Lots of people came out to show their support of Amanda and her family. She actually embarks on her cross-country trek tomorrow. I hope to make it to the starting point but we’ll see. Caught up with Aimee too while there :) …it had been awhile. Amanda and co. plan on posting regular updates of their adventure on her blog so you’ll have to check it for those.

So have you noticed everywhere you turn these days in blogland someone’s created an amazing awe-inspiring ice cream cake for Heathy’s latest dessert challenge? You can check some of the latest entries here (and she’s not kidding when she refers to it as the most amazing raw dessert porn). Wow. I want to make one but probably won’t be making one for the challenge (I wish though!). Seeing all of these beautiful creations inspire me but also intimidate me. I had recently asked Yardsnacker what he would like in an ice cream cake; he gave me a few ideas. However, on his blog travels he came across one that he would heart to have. Kelli’s café almond biscotti. Oh. My. Because I’m a little scared (seriously, can you see why? At least for those of you who haven’t made an awesome ice cream cake already) she offered to help me. So yeah, Kelli? I’ll be emailing you soon! Ha ha! For the contest, wow. Heathy, you’ve got a big challenge ahead of you! I do have a couple of faves (keeping my mouth zipped!) but really with all the entries what a tough tough decision so glad it’s not me who has to make it. I just wish I was the taste-tester on each one!

Got a busy weekend ahead, most of which I hope to be outside for. Have to take advantage of the precious sun around here especially when it falls on the weekend. So I’m off to enjoy and hope my knee stops hurting.



Monday and Winners of Baby Carrot

>> Monday, May 10, 2010

Happy Monday to you! Hopefully Mother’s (or woman’s) day weekend was fun-filled in some way for you all. Here it was beee-yooooo-teeee-ful all weekend long; full of sun and warmth. So nice. Monday greeted me with clouds and a little rain but I’m okay with that since the weekend was a huge reward.

Got to spend a little time in the garden (usually I’m just ‘at’ the garden but not actually doing anything in it since I’m taking YS2 around (he has his fans at the park-hee hee) or off to the playground. So it was nice getting my hands AND my feet a little dirty (yay for flip-flops!). While there we sampled some French Sorrel from a neighbor. Had never heard of it before but it’s a leafy green that is very sour when you bite it. Citrus-sour. I liked it though. Tried thinking of what you’d use it in or how you’d use it but our neighbor said it’s something you don’t want to eat in large quantities because it becomes toxic. The link I provided also mentions using stainless steel (I’m assuming glass too) when using it because of it’s high acidity. Probably not something we’ll grow or incorporate into our menus but it was still interesting to try.

Part of my wonderful mom’s day gift was Sam planting 70 (yes, I said SEVENTY) strawberry plants for me. Isn't that sweet? I mean that in two ways. :) They won’t yield fruit this year but next year? Holy moley! We’re talking a lot of poundage! Can’t wait! As I’ve mentioned before strawberries are my favorite fruit on the whole planet so I’m truly excited about this. Next year when we’re picking those lovely sweet berries, Caleb will be old enough to sample as well. I heard that strawberries, being one of those things on a list of foods to avoid for kiddies (potential allergens), should wait until a child is at least two. Anyone else heard that? I’m sure some people have fed their kids strawberries before then and were fine but I want to be extra safe. That’d be sad if he was allergic.

I’m a bit late in announcing the winners of my two giveaways on my blog but don’t worry, I’ve notified all of them already. I have three winners to announce so here we go:

Winner of the Baby Carrot Borage Butter Eczema Cream:  Donna
Winner of the Baby Carrot Cubeba Mint Cream:  Sharanya
Winner of the Baby Carrot Mama package:  Averie of LoveVeggiesYoga

Congrats to all of them! Thanks to everyone who entered and big thanks to Wild Carrot Herbals for sponsoring these awesome giveaways.


PAM - Friday Fun

>> Friday, May 7, 2010

May is Pregnancy Awareness Month (PAM). And it's also Mother's Day* on Sunday (*I had a friend who's mother celebrated Mother's Day by honoring/celebrating/appreciating ALL women, not just mothers. I love that!).

I love pregnant bellies. They are so beautiful don't you think? It amazes me (and gets me emotional) knowing there's a baby growing inside. When you're pregnant, it truly is the most beautiful time. I kinda feel sorry for the men who can't experience what we can - you're connected with that baby in so many ways. You're each other's companion 24/7 and just feeling that baby moving inside is the most precious thing.

I miss being pregnant. I do. Some women will find that statement crazy but I had a wonderful pregnancy (delivery was different but not here, not now) and loved knowing I was helping this baby boy inside of me grow healthy and strong. That I would soon see him - I'm still floored that it's all happened so fast! I'm cherishing every moment.

Anyway, I love those pregnant bellies. I wish I had taken more pics when I was pregnant. BTW, have you seen Kristen's latest? So beautiful. And Sarah's been posting weekly. And Lauren, can't wait to see yours!

So in honor of PAM and all women who've helped us in this world, here's something a little fun (and beautiful) I spotted today on Click here.

Happy weekend!


Misc Stuff and a Blog Fave

>> Tuesday, May 4, 2010

First, thank you all for the happy birthday greetings and wishes for Caleb/YS2/Green Beard/Sprout. It was a great day. I’m still trying to grasp the fact that he’s ONE. It’s bittersweet – I love all the changes and fun things he can do now but I miss how small he was and his coo’s and his helplessness (even those “newborn moves” like the wayward arm or leg-ha ha!). Now, he loves his independence. Such a mix of emotions for me - so glad he’s a part of our family. Again, thank you all! He’ll know you as part of his ‘extended family.’ And for those who don’t know why he’s sometimes called ‘YS2’ it’s because his daddy is Yardsnacker. Deb of Debbie Does Raw came up with the nickname Yardsnacker 2 or YS2 and it stuck. :)

I got some exciting bit of news yesterday – an email from Suzane informing me I was listed in her 50 Best Blogs for Raw Food Recipes & Inspiration! To say the least, I’m honored. Especially knowing the number of raw blogs out there with valuable content, to even be recognized is not taken lightly; it’s a big deal to me. It’s great to see many of my bloggie pals on there and of course some new-to-me ones listed. Thanks Suzane!

BTW, I do have some raw food things on my agenda just haven’t had much time to blog about it. Been trying to get in the kitchen more now that YS2 is a little older (I still sniff thinking about him turning one!).

I’m on a giveaway winning streak again (you enter enough you’re bound to win right?): I recently won a jar of Better than Roasted almond butter by Blue Mountain Organics from Philip’s blog and some makeup and brushes from a twitteraway (?) from Raw Beauty Team on Twitter; then I won twice in one day - Miessence products from Green and Crunchy and handmade crocheted sandals for bambino from Huppie Mama. Score! I swear I don't camp on my computer searching giveaways entering each one. I swear! ;)

Speaking of giveaways, I have TWO going on right now for Baby Carrot products made by Wild Carrot Herbals. Great for yourself or for your little one (or for someone else you know might benefit). I love these products! See here for giveaway #1 and here for giveaway #2. You have until Sunday to enter.

Okay, now it’s now time for me to shine the blog spotlight on another blog fave of mine. My pick this time is random.

Amy of Going Raw-A University Student’s Experience is a HiHoRosie blog fave. Honestly, I don’t remember how I got to know her blog, if she found me first or if I found her through someone else’s blog but no matter...she has a blog I enjoy reading. What started as a 30-day experiment for her has been extended to some lifetime changes. She’s a kid next to me so I love her fresh perspective on the raw lifestyle and going about it on a student’s budget (and time!). And just recently she made some snarfalicious looking ice cream sandwiches. I want her to be my neighbor so she can bring me some.

Go check her blog out!



>> Monday, May 3, 2010

Where has the time gone?

Remember this little guy? Here he is days old.


He's one today. He's grown and changed so much. My heart is full.
Happy birthday sweet boy.


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