Monday and Winners of Baby Carrot

>> Monday, May 10, 2010

Happy Monday to you! Hopefully Mother’s (or woman’s) day weekend was fun-filled in some way for you all. Here it was beee-yooooo-teeee-ful all weekend long; full of sun and warmth. So nice. Monday greeted me with clouds and a little rain but I’m okay with that since the weekend was a huge reward.

Got to spend a little time in the garden (usually I’m just ‘at’ the garden but not actually doing anything in it since I’m taking YS2 around (he has his fans at the park-hee hee) or off to the playground. So it was nice getting my hands AND my feet a little dirty (yay for flip-flops!). While there we sampled some French Sorrel from a neighbor. Had never heard of it before but it’s a leafy green that is very sour when you bite it. Citrus-sour. I liked it though. Tried thinking of what you’d use it in or how you’d use it but our neighbor said it’s something you don’t want to eat in large quantities because it becomes toxic. The link I provided also mentions using stainless steel (I’m assuming glass too) when using it because of it’s high acidity. Probably not something we’ll grow or incorporate into our menus but it was still interesting to try.

Part of my wonderful mom’s day gift was Sam planting 70 (yes, I said SEVENTY) strawberry plants for me. Isn't that sweet? I mean that in two ways. :) They won’t yield fruit this year but next year? Holy moley! We’re talking a lot of poundage! Can’t wait! As I’ve mentioned before strawberries are my favorite fruit on the whole planet so I’m truly excited about this. Next year when we’re picking those lovely sweet berries, Caleb will be old enough to sample as well. I heard that strawberries, being one of those things on a list of foods to avoid for kiddies (potential allergens), should wait until a child is at least two. Anyone else heard that? I’m sure some people have fed their kids strawberries before then and were fine but I want to be extra safe. That’d be sad if he was allergic.

I’m a bit late in announcing the winners of my two giveaways on my blog but don’t worry, I’ve notified all of them already. I have three winners to announce so here we go:

Winner of the Baby Carrot Borage Butter Eczema Cream:  Donna
Winner of the Baby Carrot Cubeba Mint Cream:  Sharanya
Winner of the Baby Carrot Mama package:  Averie of LoveVeggiesYoga

Congrats to all of them! Thanks to everyone who entered and big thanks to Wild Carrot Herbals for sponsoring these awesome giveaways.

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