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>> Wednesday, June 23, 2010

You might have noticed my absence lately or better explained as 'inconsistency.' I know I've been laying low for awhile but just saying hey, I'm still around. You may spot me here or there at blogs, facebook, twitter (it's very quick!) and of course email - just probably not consistently.

Sorry I'm so flaky right now but life/work/life has been very busy and hectic so to dedicate much time to blogging and reading of blogs is unfortunately being sacrificed (including entering giveaways-maybe I'll just have to do the mandatory and keep my fingers crossed I can win with one entry). ;(

But hopefully, you know me well enough that I always catch up and will be by to visit. I love reading all my buddies' blogs so be rest assured I'll be by soon. Just might take awhile to catch up is all. Don't go overboard on blogging okay? ha ha! Just kidding. I myself have lots of things I'd like to blog about but since I typically ramble and can get long-winded (I'm working on that!) it will take more time than can be allowed at the moment (as I talk in circles, repeating myself).

Many thanks for your patience! And for those who are my loyal readers (friends), an extra hug for you!


WINNER: $100 Gift Cert to CSN Stores

>> Thursday, June 17, 2010

Sorry for the delay - I was having some computer issues this morning that prevented me from posting about the winner until now.

Thank you all for participating (wish I could give you all something!). It was a fun giveaway. I mean a hundred dollar online gift certificate to CSN Stores! So many wonderful things one can buy and I'm jealous! Jealous of the winner of this prize! But I'm happy to congratulate the winner too. ;)

So onto the winner's name/entry shall we?

     221. Deanna G.
     Tweeted about the giveaway

Congrats Deanna! Please respond to my email within 48 hours before another winner is chosen.

Have a good day everyone!


WINNER: Best Organic Wheatgrass powder

>> Monday, June 14, 2010

Before I announce the grand prize winner of the Best Organic Wheatgrass powder, please read on...

For those of you who have hosted giveaways on your blogs and such, you know that sometimes you wish you could give EVERYONE the prize or at least a little something, anything for participating. I know I do. Well, in this case, I can! What do I mean?


Everyone who entered in the Best Organic Wheatgrass giveaway can sign up at their website for a week's worth of wheatgrass powder!

How cool is that?! Now, you can taste for yourself how delicious this wheatgrass powder is. We love it in our house.

Now, to announce the winner of the giveaway. The winner will receive a box of 66 individual packets of wheatgrass powder and a box of 15 individual packets of wheatgrass with honey - a $60 value.

Winner is:

#89: Angelique Miller

CONGRATULATIONS! I will send you an email to the address provided, which you'll have 48 hours to respond before another winner is randomly selected.

As for the rest of you, go to the Best Organic Wheatgrass website and provide the necessary info to receive your free samples of their wheatgrass powder.

Congrats to everyone! :) And thank you for participating.

Many many thanks to Best Organic Wheatgrass for sponsoring this generous giveaway.


Trees and Things

>> Wednesday, June 9, 2010

While driving around my neighborhood after running a few errands I noticed along one road some potential new growth. Growth in the meaning of a new house or two soon to be built. What made me sad were all the beautiful trees freshly cut down and piled on top of each pushed to the side. So sad. I understand growth and expansion; I mean I hope to one day own my own home but it’s bittersweet to see these tall beautiful trees just mowed down for a house or two that will have little land space. Sigh…

I wasn’t sad for long though as I saw a tweet the next day from Moms Wear Your Tees about a plant-a-tree-in-state-parks program by Odwalla (she also about it here too). Synchronicity? Anyway, it’s free, just pick a state and post through fb or your email address and you’re done. If you’re not in the US, I don’t see why you couldn’t plant a tree as well so I say click on WASHINGTON to plant a tree for us! Yeah, some will say we have plenty of trees here but nah, lots of trees are good. And planting more to replace the ones downed is always a good thing. Scarlet of MWYT also has a button on her blog for Care2. It’s another free click to help save rainforests paid for by their sponsors. So click both if you can.

Back to my errand trip, I was stopped in a parking lot and had some ideas to jot down on paper. Whoa…paper, what is that? Lol. Anyway, I grabbed a red pen lying on the dashboard, pulled off the lid and went to write when I noticed bright red globs of ink all over my hands! Ugh! I just sat there and stared at my hands afraid to move let alone touch anything. Nice. Well, at least it’s red for dramatic effect. So much for that. The pic below doesn't seem to really show how awful my hand looked but oh well.

I got my Living Nutz prize in the mail yesterday – another win from The Daily Raw Café. In it was Tahitian Vanilla Bean Coconut Crème Walnutz, Bodacious Banana Bread Walnutz, Celestial Cina-Pecan, Galactic Onion-Garlic Pistachios, Absolute Chi Teriyaki Almonds, I Love Vegan Cheezy Almonds, and a bonus: Rawzins. I sampled them all except the Rawzins. Those mysteriously disappeared before I tried them. Hmpf! Let’s just say the review on those is they were super nummylicious! Lol! My fave of the nuts I’d have to say are the Bodacious Banana Bread Walnutz. A fave of both of us I think. I love them all really. The Tahitian ones are so good – I love that they’re a little sticky and then the teriyaki almonds are a perfect sweet/savory snack. I’ll pick up more of these when I see them. Mmm mmm good.

To continue the theme of giveaways…no doubt many of you heard me “shouting” in blogland about my latest win: Ani’s Raw Food Essentials by Ani Phyo from the Happy Raw Kitchen. Thanks Nelly for yelling congrats to me right away on twitter (it’s how I learned of my win). Seriously, I am really excited about Ani’s new book and consider it a major score. Thanks Evergreen!!!

Now, if only I had this sort of luck while playing lotto....oh yeah, gotta buy a ticket first. Oh dear.

Four days left to enter the Best Organic Wheatgrass powder giveaway. Open to anyone on Earth.

I had something else to chat about but this post is lengthy enough so I'll save it for another day. It's something another blogger posed as a question on their blog so it got me thinking...hmmm...ouch (that's my brain thinking - lol).

Okay, enough. Bye.


Chia and a Blog Fave

>> Sunday, June 6, 2010

Happy Sunday! Hope the weekend was fabulous for you. The weather here is a total drag. It’s June and we’re still fighting rain. :( At least ½ the weekend (yesterday) was good weather wise. We were able to get out into the fresh clean air and enjoy some much needed and welcome sun beams.

Thanks to The Daily Raw Café and Chia Seeds Direct for my two-pound bag of chia seeds. I’m so glad I won these because we were out. They sure are sticky little buggers huh? Especially with a one year old. Caleb/YS2 loves ‘em. They’re usually added to smoothies and whatnot.

google images

I made Aimee’s latest chia pudding recipe – twice in one day, in fact. YS2 was particularly a fan – can you say snarf?! Well, at least there’s no doubt where he’ll be getting his calcium! He even loved the banana nut milk by itself. The only thing I changed was instead of almond butter I used peanut butter, just because I didn’t have any and didn’t feel like making some at the time. However, almond butter would be so delicious! I tried taking pics but they didn’t turn out because the lighting was so horrible. Look at Aimee’s pic instead.

I’m always a little scared to eat chia seeds at first and I think it’s just simply because they are little seeds. I know weird but I’ve had this thing about little seeds with the exception of strawberries. Even watermelon seeds as a kid (because seedless weren’t even invented then – lol) used to gross me out. But fortunately, I’ve gotten over my “weirded-out” phase and can now sit and enjoy me a bowlful of chia pudding. I’m a big girl now!

Hopefully you noticed the two giveaways I’ve got going on right now. One for Best Organic Wheatgrass powder. It’s so good – contest ends in one week. The other contest is for a $100 gift certificate to CSN Stores; it ends the 17th. You don't want to miss out on either.

I try not to do giveaways at the same time as another but I also can’t just sit on them either. I get too excited about them. I don’t have any other giveaways coming up (sad I know) but it’s a chance for a breather too.

And sheesh, all this blogging from me! I can't handle it, can you?! What is this, day 3 or 4 in a row or something close to it? I even still have a post up my sleeve (it involves crappy pictures. I've decided I will show them off even though they're blurry). Well, the weekend is winding to a close and soon it's back to work, which means break time for you. :) I'm working on catching up on blog reading. Like someone else said, you all blog when I don't have time to keep up and don't blog when I am caught up. ??? It's the way it goes sometimes.

Before time gets away from me, I'd like to present my next HiHoRosie Blog Fave. This is someone whom I discovered on my blog travels. I saw her name frequently from posting comments on many of the same blogs I visit so I thought, "hey, who is kelli?" (she writes in lower case, including her name - I do the same with my name even at work) Well, lo and behold she's got a kickin blog! Full of fun treats (she loves sweets and makes amazing treats) and gardening too. Besides that, she has the biggest heart I know out there in blogosphere. I have a feeling she's the same if I knew her in person. Another "I wish she was my neighbor." I'm sure most of my regulars are fans and/or familiar with Kelli's blog: Animal Friendly Eating. If you're not, please go check out her blog. It's fave of mine for sure!

And on that note, have a good week!


Gih-gih-giveawayyyy! (CLOSED)

>> Saturday, June 5, 2010

Did I stutter? Yeah, I said give-a-way. So what, right? So what?! What I’m saying is it’s giveaway time AGAIN! I just had some Valencia oranges so please bear with my silliness.

CSN Stores – you know the one that offers everything and anything from kitchen goodies to rugs to bean bag chairs (love those!) to track lighting? Well, they have over 200 stores that you’re bound to find everything you could possibly need/want.

The nice folks over at CSN Stores have generously offered a $100 gift certificate to one very lucky winner! Again, no stuttering here. That’s One Hundred Dollars (USD). Pretty cool wouldn’t you say? Imagine what you could buy!

Now, here are the rules:

*Must be a US or Canadian resident – sorry international folks, if shipping didn't cost so darn much... ;(
*Must provide a valid email address so I can easily contact you if you win (winner will have 48 hrs to respond).
*Entries count as one unless otherwise stated. If entry counts as more than one, leave the same number of comments as noted. For example, if entry counts as three then leave three separate comments.
*Only comments posted below will be valid for entry.

Note: CSN Stores will send winner an online gift certificate valued at $100, excluding shipping costs. Please keep that in mind when shopping or check out their free shipping items. CSN Stores has great customer service and will help you with any questions you might have regarding shipping costs or items.

** To enter **

Required: Visit one of CSN Store’s 200+ stores and let me know something you’d love to have – anything!

1. Follow CSN Stores on Twitter (2 entries = 2 separate comments below)
2. Follow me, HiHoRosie, on Twitter
3. Tweet about this giveaway – you can use this line: Enter to win a $100 gift certificate to @CSNStores from @HiHoRosie, details here: http://bit.ly/bzVVQT - if you opt to write something else, please be sure to include my twitter name and/or provide your tweet status (1 tweet = 2 entries = 2 comments)
4. "Like" CSN Stores on Facebook (2 entries = 2 comments)
5. Facebook this giveaway (2 entries = 2 comments)
6. Post about this giveaway on your blog – provide me the link (5 entries = 5 comments)
7. Follow my blog publicly via Google Friend
8. Subscribe via FeedBlitz or other RSS feed (i.e. Google Reader)

It’s an awesome prize don’tcha think? Any hoops you have to jump through will be worth it if you are the winner. hee hee!

As stated above, contest is open to US and Canadian residents only. Winner will be selected at random. Contest ends Wednesday, June 16th at 9:00 PM (Pacific Time). Winner will have 48 hours to respond or another winner will be randomly selected.

Contest is officially on! Good luck!

PS – I was not compensated in any form to host this giveaway. If anything, I’m extremely jealous of the future winner. :)


A Product Review (Giveaway - CLOSED)

>> Thursday, June 3, 2010

…And a giveaway for you too. But FIRST, let’s talk about what it is and of course my thoughts on the product itself.

google images

How many of you drink wheatgrass? Freshly juiced or powdered? I’m jealous of those who can stomach fresh wheatgrass shots on a regular basis. I wish I could but that’s too hard core for me! However, I love the benefits of wheatgrass. I know I’m missing out when not drinking it regularly.

Recently, I was provided with wheatgrass powder (plain and honey-sweetened) from BestOrganicWheatgrass.com. I’m always a little hesitant to try something “green” and uber-healthy so I hesitated to try it for the first couple of days. Sam tried it first and loved it! Which got me brave enough to try it myself. I first tried the honey one and mmm! It’s really good. Helps that it was sweetened but it had a nice flavor with no bad aftertaste. Next I tried the plain one (not at the same time as the honey one of course – ack!). And again, very pleasant flavor with no bad aftertaste. Of course, I favor the honey one only because it’s pre-sweetened but the plain could be sweetened to your liking too. And seriously, I’m not making this up: it is good.

Ding! Ding! Ding! Now I can have ALL of the wheatgrass benefits without the shocking wheatgrass taste from juicing it myself (come on, who’s with me on that?). Bonus: they’re individually wrapped so they stay fresher and you could take these on the go anywhere – just mix in a glass of water (can't get anymore convenient than that). Having the powder is also helpful in my case because we lost our wheatgrass juicer somewhere.

So those benefits I mentioned? Here’s what I mean:
  • Rich in chlorophyll (70%!) – helps support healthy blood circulation and helps prevent cancer by inhibiting the activity of carcinogens; antiseptic benefits, neutralizes infections, heals wounds, and aids digestion
  • Antioxidants galore – particularly rich in Superoxide Dismutase (SOD, like grass right?), which helps protect the DNA from free radical damage
  • Stimulates cellular repair and renewal
  • Toxin eliminator (your liver will thank you)
  • Anti-inflammatory – it’s found to have an even more potent anti-inflammatory effect than aspirin
  • Energizes
  • A deodorizer – who knew? In larger quantities it’s known to reduce or eliminate foul-smelling odors (body and breath)
  • And of course, ALKALINE – helps balance the pH in your blood; often called the King of alkaline foods
What I should also point out about this amazing stuff is that it is considered a complete food. This is because one serving of the Best Organic Wheatgrass powder provides 17 kinds of amino acids, 13 vitamins, 10 minerals, fiber, chlorophyll and over 100 types of enzymes. And it's gluten-free. Providing another great way of getting in your share of veggies and fiber for the day (best assimilated in the a.m. on an empty stomach).

More FYI, they grow the wheatgrass indoors, in a very controlled (i.e. sterile, air-conditioned, pollution-free) environment; only organic nutrients are used; grown aeroponically (no soil used [aka no mold] so they use the leaves and the roots); harvested on the 8th day thru a special high-tech process to ensure all nutrients are intact and available to use (basically it's a cold dried process thus maintaining the enzymes and nutrients).
And just for the record, I wouldn’t promote something I didn’t like just for the sake of a giveaway or anything else for that matter. I don’t roll like that. So I tried this out for awhile to see how my taste buds would like it and how my body would react. It’s all good! If I didn’t like it, we wouldn’t be having this conversation (or giveaway). Just lettin’ ya know.

How would you like your chance at some Best Organic Wheatgrass powder?

One winner will receive a package including one box of 66 individual packets of wheatgrass powder and one box of 15 individual packets of wheatgrass powder with honey. Total retail value of $60.

Note: Even if you don’t win the top prize, you’ll want to check back after the giveaway ends for additional (good news) information.

  • All entries count as one unless otherwise noted.
  • Leave a comment for each entry and if an entry counts as more than one, leave that many comments for that option. For example, if an entry counts as 3, leave three separate comments.
  • Must have a valid email address in order to contact you with.
  • Must have a physical address – meaning, OPEN TO ALL! :)
** To Enter **

Mandatory: Tell me you want to win!

1. Tell me a healthy benefit of wheatgrass (you can cheat with my list above or point out one not listed – if you’re really gung-ho you could comment more than once with a different health benefit each time - max 10 entries)
2. Follow me via Google Friend or if you do, let me know (2 entries)
3. Subscribe to this blog or if you do, tell me (2 entries)
4. Follow me on twitter or if you do, tell me (2 entries)
5. Tweet this giveaway: "Enter to win Best Organic Wheatgrass powder from @HiHoRosie http://is.gd/cB7iE" (5 entries)
6. Blog this giveaway, provide link so I can see it (5 entries)

As previously stated, this giveaway is open to all. Contest will end Sunday, June 13th.

Thanks to BestOrganicWheatgrass.com for sponsoring this giveaway.

Contest is officially on - good luck!

P.S. I did receive samples of this product for review but was not asked or compensated in any way for a favorable review. All comments and opinions stated above are my own; your experience may differ.


Blah blah blah blah blog

>> Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Howdy folks! It’s been awhile hasn’t it? Well, I’m still here. You haven’t gotten rid of me yet. Ha!

Over Memorial Day weekend I was going to blog about how busy I’d been with the week and weekend before but I got too busy to do even that. I’d spent some time in the kitchen (the weekend before), which kept me occupied. No desserts. :( Instead I made some kale chips (EVOO, garlic and salt – I didn’t have any cashews to make cheesy ones), salsa-flax crackers and spring rolls with peanut sauce (yummy!!! Not all raw [spring rolls that is] but close enough for me – I’ve made these many times before but haven’t really blogged about it other than mentioning it a time or two). I just noticed none of those foods go together, not that I was trying for that. I just felt like making those things. I even took pics but they all suck so I’m hesitant to post about it. I dunno, what do you think? Post in spite of lousy pics (i.e. blurry, cellphone quality)?

I did manage to enter some awesome giveaways happening over at The Daily Raw Café (shh! Don’t tell). Holy moley people! She had an EXTRAVAGANZA! No kidding. I won 2# of chia seeds from Chia Seeds Direct and some Living Nutz. Yeehaw! Won two out of ten contests that I entered and there was a whole more if you can believe that. Speaking of TDRC, I made Terilynn’s Southwestern Falafel and Avo Dip. Mmm! Goodie goodie! I forgot to take pics but they weren’t very pic-worthy sorry to say. Not compared to Terilynn’s anyway. My falafel didn’t look quite like hers or as beautifully shaped and the avo spread, well, let’s just say I should’ve processed the cashews a bit longer for creaminess. I wasn’t patient enough apparently. Still tasted great though.

During all of my busyness though, I received a package from Kaia foods (along with a handwritten note from one Heidi to another) – a giveaway I won from Elena’s Eat Healthy Be Happy blog. I got granola (chocolate bliss), fruit leather of all sorts, kale chips (three kinds), and sunflower seeds (two kinds). So so good! I especially loved the granola but hey, it’s chocolate, can ya blame me?!

It’s also been awhile since I’ve blogged about our garden. Probably because it’s not me working the garden but Mr. Yardsnacker himself (looks like I need to nudge him about blogging too). Well, the weather has NOT cooperated in the least unless you want to grow a bunch of beans and lettuce. Okay, those things aren't bad but I like variety so not sure if we’ll get tomatoes this year or not. Rough go. Guess we’ll just have to wait and see. Sam’s been working hard at the garden, squeezing time in when he can between rain showers and baby/family time but it's looking great and I'm sure we'll be harvesting some tasty treats. Oh and remember those strawberries he planted for me? Most have flowers, so yay! Guess they're loving the rain. Glad someone does. :(

Btw, flower pic is from last year. We've got different roses going for this year.

I love taking Caleb to the garden, strolling and walking around. He *loves* it! All the fresh air and pretty plants and flowers…he wants to touch them all he loves them so much. He loves watching the trees as they flitter in the wind. And of course, spotting a robin or other pretty bird (or a bazillion crows!) is a treat too. In fact, at the garden you can hear and sometimes see one of these: a pheasant. Not sure if he’s looking for a mate or food but still fun to have around.

Photo credit: Gary Noon

Oh and since Sam fixed my camera somehow (just by looking at it I think because he says he didn’t do anything to it but take the back off) I need to remember to start taking it with me wherever I go so I can snap away. Cell phone pics just don’t cut it sometimes.

I was going to do a product review but seeing how long-winded I got with this post so far I’ll spare you and make it separate. Be sure to come back and check for it soon.

Hope you all had a great weekend!


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