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>> Friday, March 20, 2009

So hubby and I are taking a 6-week natural birthing course and can't believe we only have one class left. I highly recommend this type of class to anyone who gets pregnant, even if you plan on a hospital birth. Very helpful to say the least.

Anyway, last week we had to prepare my labor bag. You know the one to take with you when "this is it!" :) One thing we still need to work on to include in that bag are compilation CDs/MP3s. Music I'd like playing in my room to help create the type of environment I'd like to have while in labor and/or after delivery. Our teacher suggested you may want different genres because what you like now you might not like while in labor. I can only imagine! This morning on the way to work, we heard the perfect labor song. LOL! Listen to the lyrics and you'll understand. Besides, this guy is awesome! Makes me wonder where have I been?!

I have to confess, that when I first heard this song I thought it was
Gnarls Barkley singing (cool if it was) but was corrected by the dj that it's James Morrison. Who? After I got to work I looked him up on the internets and thought, well he certainly isn't Gnarls Barkley! He kinda looks like he should be the younger brother of Chris Martin of Coldplay. Then I heard some of James' other songs and decided he really doesn't sound much like Gnarls Barkley except for that song I have pasted above but I am digging his music! If you're like me and wonder who the heck this guy is you probably have heard this song.

Okay, I'm sidetracked...what is this post about?

This really won't be one of my labor songs but I do like the song and it made me chuckle. Don't think I'll want to be rockin out while in labor, however, I might have to compile a humorous CD just for fun. If you have any suggestions of what I should include on one of my playlists feel free to share. Maybe something slightly more mellow and/or appropriate. :)

In the meantime, go listen to James Morrison while I do the same.



>> Monday, March 2, 2009

First off, happy anniversary to ME! My lil ol' blog has passed the one year mark. Well, it was last week on the 26th (oopsie!) but that's alright.

It's been an interesting year. I began blogging with some apprehension because writing isn't typically how I express myself, although, I used to faithfully keep a journal (hand cramps!) as a teenager. With some inspiration and encouragement from my husband and sister I decided to venture into the blogging world. Or is it venturing into the dark side? ha ha! Hmmm...

A lot of growth over the year. I've learned more about health, food and myself. I mean, hubby and I started gardening and I admit I actually enjoy it. My health improved, I lost weight and gained many friends. Oh, and I got pregnant too! Talk about growth....and so much for the weight I lost previously. Ha ha! At least, now I know what to do to get healthy and stay healthy whereas before, I just talked about how I wanted to get healthy but didn't know how or where to start. I feel more confident and have more purpose and direction.

And of course, there's the many of you I've come to know. Some of you I've had the pleasure of meeting in person. Always a treat! I do appreciate You're loyal, supportive, encouraging, inspiring, motivating and funny. Well, there's many more adjectives I could add to that but you get the picture. I definitely wouldn't be as into blogging and other online networks if it wasn't for all of you.
So now onto the second thing. The title of my post, the part where I feel especially honored. My lil ol' blog was recently named to the Top 50 Raw Food and Lifestyle Blogs list. When I was notified, I was like "WHAT?! Me?!" Whoa! Seriously, a big wow. Plus I share this honor with so many of you great bloggers. I mean, Isle Dance, Raw Royalty, Debbie Does Raw, Kristen's Raw, Rawdorable just to name a few. What?! I'm humbled because this list includes so many people who (or is it whom?) I look up to. And again, this goes back to the beginning of my blog. In a year's time to be on a list like this never ever would've crossed my mind. Maybe if I had been blogging for oh, I don't know, 10 years maybe. :D So I'm grateful and humbled to be on this list. What will year two bring?

Now, speaking of Raw Royalty, aka Charis, she has bestowed upon me another honor. The Kreativ Blogger Award. For some of you, this may look familiar here on my page as I was bestowed with a KBA earlier, which I blogged about here. But since this is a fun one, I readily accept and attempt a new 7 list. Thanks Charis!

The rules are I share 7 things I love and then spread the love and the award to 7 others.

Here's my list:

1) I love being "kreativ." Usually, my form of creativity comes with making homemade cards. I am still hoping to learn how to knit and/or crochet. One of these days I'll learn.

2) I love shopping. Okay, I haven't been shopping a whole lot (gotta save that dough!) but it is fun to get out and be girlie and buy new things. I always feel good when I have something new to wear.

3) I love spring! It's not my favorite season, summer holds that title, but I love the warming temperatures, witnessing new growth and getting charged with the prospect of more sun and everything and everyone looking more alive.

4) I love gardening. Well, this goes with spring. New growth and just getting outdoors and in the dirt. Something therapeutic about that.

5) I love babies! Forgive me. I have baby on the brain these days. :)

6) I love being happy. Being happy is where it's at.

7) I love having "downtime." Can be traveling, resting, hanging out with friends or family but just that time where you can enjoy and do the things you love.

I pass the award onto EVERYONE but if you want a list (this post is all about lists today), here's who else I share this with:

Angela at Mom's Raw
Carol at Knitted Kitty
Sara at eatin' raw!

Thanks for listening.


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