Busy Bees

>> Thursday, May 29, 2008

As you know, we acquired a second garden plot. Remember how overgrown it was?

Well, we’ve been busy bees – just take a look.

Doesn’t it look fab-U-lous?!

And in case you haven’t swung by
Yardsnacker.com yet, you can see my hubby’s latest garden video update.

We spent the holiday weekend working on this – in addition to pulling weeds and planting, hubby did the manly stuff like hauling off many wheelbarrow loads of weeds (there was A LOT!) and grass (our nemesis) and working the huge rototiller (awesome awesome work YS!!). Not to say I didn’t do my fair share of labor but I wouldn’t bank on the tiller and me getting along very well. I’m a wimp.

Because the soil is so good to begin with (thanks to the previous gardener) we didn’t have to add anything. Just plant our little seeds. Yippee! So first off we planted corn and various sunflowers. Doesn’t that sound like a happy garden already?

We’re still hoping our tomato and bell pepper seedlings reach for the stars quick. I’m excited to see some fruit! Speaking of which, check out our strawberries - mmm, can’t wait for these to ripen (yes, there is fruit there in addition to the many flowers - so excited!)…

….and this rogue asparagus (asparagi? Heh – it popped up out of nowhere and definitely seems to have lofty goals - new flag of victory perhaps?).

With our weird spring things are starting off slowly but we’re also concerned about evil garden bugs, crows and whatnot. Hubby
will be making up an organic home brew to protect our crop. It is interesting so far that the slugs have avoided our romaine but another gardener’s crop got mowed down by those slimy things. Bummer.

This other gardener is a funny lady. She’s a busy bee too! Actually, a "busy body." Hee hee! She is super nice who’s quite generous with
sharing her garden tools and knowledge; her garden is AMAZING (she has 4 plots next to each other)! However, she does love to talk. And I mean about the other gardeners. Apparently, she’s also the unofficial rule keeper. Oh well. We’re trying to stay positive and not get caught up in unnecessary drama. I suppose I’m being a busy body by the fact I even mention this.

Ready for more busy bees? As we were working on our plot, exposing all the lovely dirt the bumblebees kept hovering or finding little caves within the dirt – for what I’m not sure. Nap time? I don’t know enough about these little cuties to know what they were doing but they kept flying in circles around me, buzzing past me here and there, or hanging out in the dirt or grass. Maybe they were crabby we disturbed their home? I dunno. There are TONS of flowers and everything else in the plot next to us (and you thought our plot was bad to begin with? The one next to us is way worse) for the bees to pollinate. They’re very docile so there was no fear they’d start attacking me – I just thought it was interesting. They sure are a challenge to photograph. They don’t like to stay still!

There's a bumblebee in the middle in the above pic. The next pic he's flying away.

A honeybee! Yay!

We learned that the two surrounding plots have not been rented by anyone so we grabbed the planter barrel from one of them (it’s considered abandoned) and are going to use it for various flowers at the front our plot so it'll look homey. The front part isn’t part of our useable area but we can use it how we want. The soil is a bit more grassy/rocky so we’ll probably get another barrel or plant flowers that can handle not so great dirt. As I was clearing out this area I saw the earth move (come on! Sing it –
I feel the earth move under my feet…okay, I know I said I SAW the earth move and not feel the earth move but whatever it still got me thinking of that song). The critter trying to break through was trying very hard but didn’t make it or possibly sensed me and scrammed. Hubby thinks it was a vole. I’m sure he’s right as I kept finding little caves. I hope they don’t become a nuisance. Our furkid Mostaza when she was alive loved hunting these and dropping them off at our doorstep. Good kitty!

Not sure if you can see this very well but this spider was spinning its web (fascinating to watch sometimes) and had an odd-shaped body. Very long and slender. Needs food I suppose! Er, maybe it’s not that odd-shaped but I thought so anyway. Agree with me okay?

Now, if you’re still here after this already long post, who was it that recently made the
Cornbread recipe from Goneraw and mentioned it on their blog? I'm sorry I can’t remember who it was but I made it too. Yummy! I have to admit though I’m not the most attentive cook so I dehydrated it too long that they turned into crackers (I also had spread them too thin). Whoopsie! That’s okay because they were still really good and I'll be making them again as crackers or bread.

It's over now folks. This long-winded post is DONE! You're a super-trooper for making it all the way. The reward is good: you'll get to carry on with your life now. :)

I’ll probably be offline for a few days but I’ll update what that’s all about soon. It’s all good. Yeehaw!


Feeling Flowery

>> Sunday, May 25, 2008

Thanks again to Annie of Blue Gables for this one:

I am a

What Flower
Are You?

"You stand up for what you believe in, even if it gets in the way of what other people think. You are proud of yourself and your accomplishments and you enjoy letting people know that." -- http://www.thisgardenisillegal.com/

Well, I suppose this is true. ;)

Happy weekend!



>> Wednesday, May 21, 2008

**SPOILER ALERT** If you're a fan of American Idol and haven't seen the results show yet read no further as this contains spoilers.

Wow! Am I shocked! I was CONVINCED David Archuleta would win American Idol. I figured both Davids had just as many fans as the other but assumed Little David's fans, consisting mainly of teeny-boppers with cell phones on some sort of family plan that includes unlimited texting privledges, would be voting furiously and ultimately place him as the winner. WRONG! I was so surprised it was David Cook who proved to be victorious. I guess I was fooled by Little David's louder fans. I'm not complaining. In fact, I believed both Davids deserved to be in the finals and both deserved to win so I would've been happy either way with the outcome. I have no doubt that David A. will be making great CDs so he has nothing to worry about being #2.

You know what's interesting? For my AI poll I put up, you guys predicted the right winner and the vote percentages (57% vs 43%) were very close to the actual percentages announced on the show (56% vs 44%). Rock on.

Now for me the highlight of the show was seeing Gladys Knight and her New Pips. Oh my! Watch this entertaining vid. I was laughing so hard! But of course, I love the three guys.
Additional thoughts: I was happy to see/hear Michael Johns again. I really liked this guy and forgot how much until I saw him on the show again. This guy to me wasn't the best vocalist but he was booted off way.too.early (I'm still in disbelief that Syesha was the last female standing but whatever). I also like what Simon had to say at the end to David C. and that the finale wasn't as clear cut as they (the judges) had predicted - both sung their very best plain and simple. I like both Davids enough to buy both of their CDs.
Well, that's it. American Idol is over so no more updates from me on this until next season. Yippee!


A Night of Firsts

>> Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Over the weekend my lovely friend Ceci (pronounced cess-see) came over for dinner and a movie - her first raw meal and my first raw meal for anyone. She’s been expressing interest in the raw food lifestyle (she picked up a couple of books even) and so was interested in a raw vegan meal experience – Heidi-style. Ha ha!

I'd post a picture of us but it's not a flattering one of me (call me vain!). Ceci looks cute but I look like I was trying to eat my chin.

I have to admit I was a bit nervous for this evening. Not too nervous because Ceci, I knew, was game for this new adventure. No hesitation whatsoever from her – she’s just like that, open to anything, which I love about her. So even though I knew I had nothing to fear I still did because I hadn’t made anyone a raw anything before. Sure you could count the occasional salad or dip someone’s sampled before but I had committed to making a complete meal for a non-raw friend. Could I pull it off?

After learning she loves Mexican food almost as much as I do hubby suggested Mexican Pizzas, a personal fave of ours. We wanted kept it casual and simple (and have something tried and true)…but when it comes to raw food and wanting to impress ‘simple’ can be a little tricky at times however it was still casual and fun from start to finish.

Our pizzas had all the fixin’s to top the crusts: beanz, nacho cheeze, romaine lettuce, tomatoes, green onions and/or sweet yellow onions, salsa and GUACAMOLE (yum). I forgot to make sour kream but it wasn’t missed.

About those pizza crusts. I love 'em! They are a great base for any type of pizza you want. Not something I'd eat by itself but as a base to a great pizza? Oh yeah!

Raw organic corn chips were served on the side (side note: I added various spices to this recipe to make it more interesting. It's a good base to experiment with). Personally I love snacking on those dipped in guac. Well anything with avocado/guac is automatically a fave of mine. :)

Sorry there aren’t more pictures but I forget in moments like these. Conversation must’ve been good. ha ha! And sorry this seems like a repeat of an earlier post because I'm talking about the same food. Oh well.

For dessert I looked for something quick, simple and one I already had the ingredients for so we had chocolate pudding from the Daily Raw Café, which we enjoyed during our movie (we all recommend seeing “Dan In Real Life” with Steve Carell). This was some seriously good pudding. We didn’t tell Ceci at first what it was made of when she began eating but she could taste a “fruit aftertaste.” I hope that’s a good thing. She was floored to hear she was eating chocolate pudding that was made with avocado. My only tip when making pudding this way is making sure your avocado is good and ripe. We made this once in the past with an avo that was picked out of season so the flavor was twangy and off but a perfectly ripe avo no one will ever know that’s the secret ingredient.

I believe all in all she liked it. I know hubby and I did!! I guess the sign for me that she liked it was she ate every last bite on her plate or bowl. It was a good experience for me and hope to do it again. Maybe building up my repertoire a bit more. Yeah!

So there you have it. My recap of my first raw meal for a guest. As I gain more experience and confidence in the kitchen I hope to be like some of you who just whip things up with ease and your guests are amazed. One day folks….one day.


And the Plot Thickens…

>> Thursday, May 15, 2008

…dun dun dun! Okay, so this isn’t about something dramatic or scary but instead about acquiring a 2nd garden plot at our local community park. Yippee! We were hoping for the neighboring plot next to our current one but it was taken (the gardener is/was very slow to start weeding her heavily overgrown plot so we were hoping she’d give up so we could have it – no such luck apparently) so we found another one in the far reaches of the garden area with awesome soil. The previous gardener must’ve brought in some good dirt. :)

Before we got started we had lunch – yummy papaya and coocoonuts. Ahhh…so good.

The new plot is overgrown but nothing we can’t tackle. I worked on it for a few hours and unearthed all kinds of goodies (whatever is left behind by anyone before is yours to do whatever with – this is both good and bad): old gloves, water wand, binder clips, old tarp…yes, I did say binder clips. Why they were in a garden I have no clue. The previous gardener also left behind several tomato cages (yes!) and lots of small pots, including terra cotta ones. The gardener must’ve had an affinity for anything in the onion family: chives, scallions and leeks. They were all over the place! And the leeks were huge! We pulled them out with the intention of replanting them till they go to seed or eat them so we put them in various pots and “hid” them under big chunks of grass I had overturned or under overgrown grass and bushes. Well, hubby told me a day or two later that someone stolen them! How rude is that?! I’m sure they were after the pots and not the scallions and leeks but still why? Oh well. One of the risks of gardening in a community garden.
Update: I just learned that the pots were NOT stolen. Just "misplaced" ha ha! Guess we did too good of a job of hiding them. :) Phew!

You probably can’t tell much of a difference between the two photos but the one on the left is the first before pic and the right one is after digging around the perimeter of the plot.
With all the stuff we want to plant we quickly realized one 400 square foot garden just isn’t big enough so this second one will be helpful. I’m hoping to have this all cleaned up, tilled/turned over and ready to go before too long. We’ll be working on it some this weekend IN THE SUN!

It’s supposed to be in the upper 80’s folks! Possibly near 90 tomorrow (depending on where). I think I can finally thaw out. Ha ha

So this weekend in between garden visits we’re having a good friend over for her first raw meal. This is our first raw meal we’re making for someone too. A full blown meal with dessert and not just samplings. She’s very interested in the raw food lifestyle so we hope to present her with some good stuff. It’s going to be a Mexican fiesta!!

We went Costco shopping tonight for some produce. We had stopped buying tomatoes there thinking they had chemicals on them so instead we were getting organic ones from our local grocer. Well, wouldn’t you know? Those same lovely tomatoes at Costco we had been passing up all this time are pesticide free. Yay! So we bought a bunch. We stocked up on other yummy things too such as watermelon. Mmmm…Hey, Kristen was just blogging about watermelon. She gives us the lowdown on this refreshing treat so go read up on all things watermelon if you love it.

Now for something random. Isn’t this the cutest car ever?! It’s got a Burberry top (love it!) and the Union Jack on the back of all the mirrors (side and rearview). I figure
Antony and Londoner will both get a kick out of it.



>> Wednesday, May 14, 2008

It's Wednesday and was in the mood for a meme. I snagged this from Annie of Blue Gables.

A - Attached or single: attached

B - Best Friend(s): hubby, sis

C - Cake or Pie: kinda tough – usually it’s cake but these days it would be a fresh fruit pie (raw style!)

D - Day of Choice: Saturday

E - Essential Item: smart phone with internet (can you say addiction?)

F - Favorite Color(s): always red but with each season, each year there’s a new color I crave and right now it’s turquoise

G - Gummy Bears or Worms: bears (I should point out though I wouldn't eat either anymore)

H - Hometown: Yorba Linda (even though I only live there for 6 years…I moved a few times as a kid)

I - Indulgence(s): chocolate desserts

J - January or July: July

K - Kids: crack me up!

L - Life is incomplete without: family

M - Marriage Date: 12/16

N - Number of Siblings: 3, one sister, two brothers.

O - Oranges or Apples: either

P - Phobias or Fears: fear of the unknown – and creeped out by creepy crawlies!

Q - Quote(s): Mary had a little lamb…and a side order of fries (okay, that was off an old Bazooka gum wrapper!)

R - Reason to Smile: sun

S - Season: summer!

T – Tag: whoever wants to play

U - Unknown Fact About Me: I’m left-handed but right side dominate.

V - Vegetarian or ...not?: Raw vegan baby! (okay, I’m getting there….70%+)

W - Worst Habit: procrastination. Right now I am putting things off and writing this silly tag (this is Annie’s original answer but it was fitting for me as well)

What?! There's no X!

Y - Your Favorite Food: just about anything Mexican, particularly guacamole and salsa

Z - Zodiac: Libra


Raw Food on the March!

>> Monday, May 12, 2008

I came into work today to find on my desk some pages ripped from a magazine showing a familiar face staring back at me. My boss told me he brought them in from his wife for me (she’s so sweet!). The pages I’m referring to is an article currently found in the June 2008 Food and Wine magazine featuring lil ms. Ani Phyo! I don’t think this new issue is available just yet, except for subscribers but when it goes on sale go check it out – she’s on pages 94-99 – it’s mainly recipes but seriously how cool is that?! Go Ani!

To have my boss’s wife think of me knowing I’d appreciate this article reminds me how grateful I am to have people in my life who are supportive of my raw food ways. I mean yeah, sure she could’ve kept the article to herself to experiment with these raw food recipes but I like the fact that she shared it with me (ha ha!). My hubby and I have been fortunate to have supportive people around us. I’ve heard of others who are met with criticism, weird looks, and grief because of their desire to eat healthy. Hopefully we’ll continue to see more positive press on the raw vegan lifestyle that will help aid in people’s understanding of it; that it’s not just some extreme radical diet.

Now, check this out. You know I’ve been complaining about our cold spring for some time now. Well…..this week it’s supposed to get warmer with each day. Finally! You have no idea how happy this makes me.

Do you see that? Just ignore the rainy days. Thursday SEVENTY-SEVEN DEGREES! And Friday, EIGHTY-TWO DEGREES! I’m so looking forward to some heat. With all that sunshine I might need to get a small dose of vitamin D. :)

So last night I watched the season finale of “
Survivor.” I love that show! I have been a faithful viewer since the first season and this season was one of the best ever. I have to tell ya I was disappointed that Parvati won the million dollars. I was rooting for Amanda although, it would’ve been fun to see it end up in a tie – what then? Anyway, I liked Amanda more than Parv because she’s loyal and more likeable IMO but I think the turning point for me with Parv was when she turned on her ally Ozzy then tried to smooth things over with James however, Ozzy should’ve played the immunity idol, plain and simple. I was bummed when James had to leave the game early due to an injury. My favorite part of the show was when at last tribal council Ozzy more or less professed his love for Amanda (I’m a sucker for romance). It was so sweet – it just made me smile and happy for them. Hee hee! Now, will they compete together on “Amazing Race” like Rob and Amber did? That would be awesome!


Work In Progress

>> Saturday, May 10, 2008

Well, my head just got bigger thanks to all of your sweet comments on my last post. Let's see, will it still fit through the doorway? Yup - but just barely! In all seriousness, THANK YOU ALL for your kind words. I hope I didn't come across as fishing for compliments but no matter as you managed to make this girl feel good. I'm healed! This blogging group therapy stuff really works! ha ha! My attitude towards writing has changed since I've started blogging, which I think is interesting. I never would've thought I'd be blogging in a million years but hey, here I am. Again, I'm so grateful to all of you, my friends, who've encouraged, supported, motivated, inspired and advised me (and who are just flat out nice - oh and funny is a good trait too). You make this raw journey and everyday life more fun.

Now, as you'll notice I changed my template. Cute huh? I loved the last one (thanks finalsense.com) but there were things that I couldn't get to work right that bugged me. I have no clue if it was due to my settings or what (don't know enough to say either way) but when looking at my customization page everything should've worked. One of those problems I had was the date. It wouldn't populate like it should so I had to type it in myself. Annoying. Plus the search bar at the top was missing so when I wanted to log out I had to go into blogger to get to my dashboard. Anyway, it was just things here and there. Don't be surprised if I change the template every so often - I like to change things up sometimes. :)

Not everything is up and running the way I like it just yet - gotta do some cleanup and reinstalling and such like removing those pesky dates in previous posts (yeah, I know I don't have to but it will bug me if I don't - things have to be "just so" sometimes).

Happy Mother's/Woman's Day to you all! I once had a friend whose mom dubbed Mom's Day as Woman's Day because some women aren't mothers so why not celebrate all women? I like that so enjoy this weekend all!



>> Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Prior to starting this blog waaay back in February 2008 (wink) I had absolutely zero interest in blogging. Okay, almost zero interest. My sister and hubby both suggested I should blog but I brushed it off thinking I didn't have anything to write about, let alone anything worth reading.

Growing up I used to be somewhat faithful in keeping a journal but life happens, you get busy and forget all about it. Besides, before computers were commonplace in the home, it was a drag writing by hand. My hand got tired and I'd get bored because I wanted my thoughts to be instantly transferred in beautiful legible handwriting to the new page before me but instead my brain moved faster than I could write. Fast forward to present, I started to think about wanting to keep a journal of some sort again but I wasn't going to be using a pen.

I've never been a "writer". It's not the medium I've used to express myself and I'm also not the most articulate but I'm no Paula Abdul either (mean!). In school I'd struggle when it came to writing class. I didn't write stories and I didn't do poems. Even in music class we had to compose something and I failed miserably - it's just not my creative outlet (I do like to talk with my hands though...does that count?). I'm a READER! :) However, I have to admit that after I wrote that first blog entry I felt different, like I had rid myself of something. Not necessarily something bad but just a relief of some sort. I struggle to explain this as it's something somewhat foreign to me. Blogging has in turn become something I enjoy and actually look forward to and of course, there's the feedback from all you super peeps. That's always a bonus. I do feel blogging has been really good for me and has enabled me to express myself in a new way. Being part of community that's so supportive is encouraging and motivating.

Today I happened across this article which I found to be interesting. Blogging is therapy! Who knew?! I'm sure every single one of you who blog feel that blogging is therapeutic in your own way. Now everyone knows. ha ha!

So blog away and heal! I love reading all of your blogs - they certainly keep me busy and I'm never bored.



>> Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Spring in the Pac-NW has not only sprung, it has EXPLODED! I know it’s May now (unbelievable) but it’s been a real battle here between winter vs. spring, spring of course winning out. The obvious sign of spring springing are the cherry blossoms; they’ve been in bloom for quite sometime but now they’re even more beautiful with the trees fuller. All the other trees I see are green and pretty leafy. I don’t even recall seeing them bud. It’s like all of a sudden, BOOM! Green leaves! Time is just whizzing by don’t ya think?

On a side note for any American Idol watchers…what in the world was up with
Jason tonight??? I believe he was smoking some funny stuff prior to the show. Did you catch him yawning when the Top 4 came out and were being introduced? And then when performing he seemed a bit more “lively” and all around more goofy too. If he makes top 3 something is seriously very wrong.
P.S. That is not my dog pictured - I don't even have a dog. :)


How Does Your Garden Grow?

>> Monday, May 5, 2008

Who knew that I’d ever garden?! Certainly not me. Growing up, my Dad had some sort of garden so it was nice to reap the benefits of fresh, organic produce but my gardening skills were at weed level. I rarely did more than pull those pesky weeds occasionally. Maybe my Dad would say I rarely weeded but I like to think that I helped somewhat (probably complaining with a sour face every time I’m sure). I even remember using his scary rototiller (with his supervision of course) once or twice. It felt like I was jack hammering the dirt! We dug up huge rocks too when prepping for a garden; I also remember trying to wheel the wheelbarrow – too much for me to handle that it would topple over. Ah well, I tried.

I’m not known to have been blessed with a green thumb either. Again, occasionally my Mom would ask me to water the indoor plants but she’d have to write it down and post it on the fridge or someplace I’d see it to remember, otherwise, plants start suffering! Poor plants - so many have bit the dust because of my forgetfulness – when I lived on my own I never had a plant because of my track record or I’d give them to my friend for her to take care of. In fact, at home now, hubby takes care of all plants. Maybe if I set up reminders on my cell phone I’d remember. Ha ha!

This year however, is mine and hubby’s first year gardening. Weee! We have a 400 square foot plot of land we rent from a local park. Because he’s good with plants and I’m a good helper we make a great team.

Gardening has been fun I have to admit. There’s something so satisfying tearing out those weeds! I think it’s because you can look back and see the difference instantly. I love having that kind of sense of accomplishment – when it’s immediate.

And it helps to have cute boots!
Charissa showcased her adorable pair awhile back so I’m copying her. Unfortunately, mine weren’t on sale. Hmpf!

Hubby had been doing some prep work here and there to get the soil ready but it was last weekend we spent HOURS on it. Ripping every last weed (those comfreys are a pain!) and grass. Next day he came back and spent more hours putting down compost and rototilling it. It’s looking good.

I can’t believe what a workout you get from gardening especially if you’re not used to it like me. After the
horse ride I was still a bit sore so this was just added suffering but at the time it wasn’t very noticeable however after being in a position too long and then standing up fast I’d get a head rush. Not fun. It was my hamstrings though that suffered most I think. It felt like I had them surgically shortened. Ow.

The day we had done this major overhaul it was volunteer day for Boeing employees (or for about 10 of them). The community garden we’re a part of has several plots designated for
Hopelink Food Bank, where all the food harvested is donated to those in need. So the employees and we gardeners were able to help out in getting the ground ready for the wonderful fruits and veggies to be grown. It’s actually encouraged for the gardeners to volunteer throughout the season at the food bank’s garden when possible so I like the fact that we can continue to help out.

It’s great being part of a community garden. Everyone is so nice. Seriously, we’ve met so many people who just stop by to say hello or give tips or to say our garden is looking good or to help each other. Gotta love that! It helps our plot is near the front so we meet/visit with a lot of other gardeners on their way to their plots.

Our garden is looking FAB! We planted some romaine…we’ll see how that goes as we have some cut worms (?) sawing a few down. We also planted three tomato plants (green zebra [should be interesting], roma and brandywine) and then put up some
water walls to protect them since it's too early to plant them. We’re risky like that. It’s funny some people stopped and seemed to doom our idea while others said they work well and we’ll love ‘em. Guess we’ll see.

Photo by Maggie

I can’t wait till we’re really able to get everything planted then I’ll be excited when it’s harvesting time. We’re planting tomatoes (many varieties), sweet bell peppers (green, red and yellow), cayenne, jalapenos, serranos, romaine, snap peas (thanks to our garden neighbor for giving us those), strawberries (left from the previous gardener), and various herbs and garlic. Possibly onions too. I’m getting hungry now.

Because we’re having fun with our new hobby and have big ideas for more we’re hoping to snag the plot next to us in addition to our current one but we might have to wait until next year.

So how does my garden grow? Hopefully delicious!


I Wanna be a Cowboy…

>> Friday, May 2, 2008

and you can be my cowgirl. Hey, remember that 80’s song? I suppose I should reverse the words when singing it but it’s the song that comes to mind when I see this picture of myself. Okay, so I’m missing the hat, chaps and boots but I’m on a horse!

This entry is a wee bit late as this took place last weekend but that’s okay. I still want to blog about it so I can look back on this fond memory.

On Saturday,
my husband and I went Ocean Shores, on the Washington coast. We had gone there to collect several gallons of sea water for our garden. The sea water is said to be extremely beneficial in mineralizing the soil. I'm sure we could've gone somewhere closer to home to get water (there are numerous lakes around and the Puget Sound) but what fun would that be?! Here’s a recent article to read if interested in learning a little bit more.

When we first got to the ocean I noticed horses available for riding on the beach so of course we had to do that. I haven’t been on a horse since I was a kid and even then my memory is sketchy if I really did ride one. The moment I was saddled up I knew I was going to be in for a world of hurt. Ah well, I didn’t care. I was going to have fun. Hee hee!

My horse’s name is Sienne and hubby’s is Trigger. Sienne was a calm horse; she wasn’t a leader but liked to be right behind or near the leaders, which were Trigger and Brutus. Trigger was a good horse too. He wasn’t bothered by anyone else, just in his own zone and he was also a meaty horse.
Buns and thighs of steel!

We rode with others for about an hour on the beach. It’s so funny because these horses are used to the pattern of walking back and forth and I’m sure pretty bored of it. The horses seemed to want to make a break for it at times…they’d start to trot (I felt like a rag doll flopping around - I was afraid I was going fall off) and then we’d be told to keep our horses walking but they didn’t want to walk - they wanted to be free!

At one point there was this little dog chasing and barking after the horses - he was determined to prove he was bigger, badder and THE BOSS over all of them. He just proved he was annoying. The owner had a heck of time getting his dog back in the car.

Hooh-boy! I was feeling the pain! My knees, my bum, my ankles (they were bumping against the footstraps) were all screaming at me. I am glad I went though and I’d go riding again but I’d make sure I stretched my legs really well beforehand and bring something cushy to sit on. Getting into the car after that was tricky because my bum was bruised and tender from bouncing around on Sienne. Ouchie!

Hey, I just noticed a lot of paragraphs here are ending in !. Guess it’s that kind of day!

After we got our feet firmly planted on solid ground again, or in this case, sand, we went off to have our raw pick-a-nick and to fly our kite. I packed up all kinds of snacks really. Avos, oranges, apples, a snack mix consisting of almonds, cacao nibs, goji berries, and inca berries. Also had some banana chips. Yum!

We people-watched, seagull-watched and ocean-watched, then we (hubby, the brave one) filled up two 5-gallon buckets with some ocean water. Brrr! The tide started to roll in as well as the clouds so we decided to head back home. It was a wonderful day to spend with hubby. It had been awhile since we took any road trip and with the weather finally cooperating for the most part we took advantage of it all and had a memorable time.

And because we weren’t sore enough from horseback riding we decided to add to it by gardening all day the next day but that’s for my next post. :)


Helping Hands

>> Thursday, May 1, 2008

Happy May Day! Can't believe it's May already.

If you get a chance read this article - it brings tears to my eyes because it's no longer about the game being played, who's winning, who's better but people coming to the aid of another and bringing to light what really matters. I love reading, hearing, seeing true stories like this of any sort (and would like to see more!), where selfless acts are displayed - and I hope to be more aware of my place in this world and help those around me.


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