>> Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Spring in the Pac-NW has not only sprung, it has EXPLODED! I know it’s May now (unbelievable) but it’s been a real battle here between winter vs. spring, spring of course winning out. The obvious sign of spring springing are the cherry blossoms; they’ve been in bloom for quite sometime but now they’re even more beautiful with the trees fuller. All the other trees I see are green and pretty leafy. I don’t even recall seeing them bud. It’s like all of a sudden, BOOM! Green leaves! Time is just whizzing by don’t ya think?

On a side note for any American Idol watchers…what in the world was up with
Jason tonight??? I believe he was smoking some funny stuff prior to the show. Did you catch him yawning when the Top 4 came out and were being introduced? And then when performing he seemed a bit more “lively” and all around more goofy too. If he makes top 3 something is seriously very wrong.
P.S. That is not my dog pictured - I don't even have a dog. :)

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