Raw Food on the March!

>> Monday, May 12, 2008

I came into work today to find on my desk some pages ripped from a magazine showing a familiar face staring back at me. My boss told me he brought them in from his wife for me (she’s so sweet!). The pages I’m referring to is an article currently found in the June 2008 Food and Wine magazine featuring lil ms. Ani Phyo! I don’t think this new issue is available just yet, except for subscribers but when it goes on sale go check it out – she’s on pages 94-99 – it’s mainly recipes but seriously how cool is that?! Go Ani!

To have my boss’s wife think of me knowing I’d appreciate this article reminds me how grateful I am to have people in my life who are supportive of my raw food ways. I mean yeah, sure she could’ve kept the article to herself to experiment with these raw food recipes but I like the fact that she shared it with me (ha ha!). My hubby and I have been fortunate to have supportive people around us. I’ve heard of others who are met with criticism, weird looks, and grief because of their desire to eat healthy. Hopefully we’ll continue to see more positive press on the raw vegan lifestyle that will help aid in people’s understanding of it; that it’s not just some extreme radical diet.

Now, check this out. You know I’ve been complaining about our cold spring for some time now. Well…..this week it’s supposed to get warmer with each day. Finally! You have no idea how happy this makes me.

Do you see that? Just ignore the rainy days. Thursday SEVENTY-SEVEN DEGREES! And Friday, EIGHTY-TWO DEGREES! I’m so looking forward to some heat. With all that sunshine I might need to get a small dose of vitamin D. :)

So last night I watched the season finale of “
Survivor.” I love that show! I have been a faithful viewer since the first season and this season was one of the best ever. I have to tell ya I was disappointed that Parvati won the million dollars. I was rooting for Amanda although, it would’ve been fun to see it end up in a tie – what then? Anyway, I liked Amanda more than Parv because she’s loyal and more likeable IMO but I think the turning point for me with Parv was when she turned on her ally Ozzy then tried to smooth things over with James however, Ozzy should’ve played the immunity idol, plain and simple. I was bummed when James had to leave the game early due to an injury. My favorite part of the show was when at last tribal council Ozzy more or less professed his love for Amanda (I’m a sucker for romance). It was so sweet – it just made me smile and happy for them. Hee hee! Now, will they compete together on “Amazing Race” like Rob and Amber did? That would be awesome!

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