>> Monday, June 8, 2009

Wow! Having a baby sure keeps one busy! I keep meaning to blog but life has been keeping me biz-hey! I manage some quick comments here and there via cellphone for twitter and facebook but dedicating much more than a few minutes at a time is rather challenging. I feel lucky at the moment (wink).

To update you quickly on Caleb he is an absolute joy! He gets more beautiful everyday and he's so smart. I know, I sound like every other mom/dad going on and on about their babies but now I can relate to those parents.

As of yesterday, he is FIVE WEEKS OLD! To keep this post short until I can write more, here are some recent pics:

I can't seem to fix that one that's sideways...sorry. I do want to point out that yes, he really does smile. He smiles a lot! He's been smiling for about three weeks but it took awhile for us to capture it on camera. He laughs but only in his sleep. :)

I love this boy!

PS - Thanks DebbieDoesRaw for coining the nickname YS2. I don't remember who came up with Sprout but we love and use that nickname too.


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