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The HiHoRosie Blog Fave award is my humble award given to bloggie pals whose blogs I really enjoy - it's my way of saying 'thanks, and I like you!'

If you are a recipient of this prized badge, you are under no obligation to accept, display or announce on your blog you won this if you so choose. My feelings won't be hurt...much. Kidding! Really, I am.

I sometimes tell the person they've been awarded this kickin' badge on my blog but usually I don't like to because I don't want people to feel obligated to thank me or visit my blog just because of it.

This award is typically given to blog authors I interact with so they usually know who I am (I hope) but there might be a time I give it to someone who has no clue who I am. But we'll see.

Here's a list of recipients of the HHR Blog Fave award (their names are hyperlinked to my actual post):


1. Victoria - Mommy Is Green


1. Sam -  yardsnacker.com
2. Amanda - Live My Life Now blog
3. Amy - Raw Vegan Student
4. Kelli - Animal Friendly Eating
5. Leslie - Recycle Your Day
6. Lauren - Ginger is the New Pink
7. Nelly - from nelly...with love...


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