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>> Saturday, April 24, 2010

I picked up some organic strawberries today – don’t they look pretty and delicious? Ahem, please excuse the cell phone quality; it was the camera of choice at the time. Anyway, love ‘em! This particular batch was pretty good; not the best but they served their purpose. Looking forward to picking some fresh ones from our garden. Now, those are the best!

In case you haven’t seen my current giveaway, check it out for a 16 oz jar of spirulina manna from Healthforce Nutritionals.

Okay, this post isn’t about strawberries or spirulina, although strawberries are my favorite fruit/berry in the whole world and you know how I feel about spirulina but this is actually a post about another blog fave of mine. I’m admitting to hand selecting this one instead of being random but hey, there’s a purpose. And you’ll soon learn why for yourself.

::shine spotlight::

Amanda is her name and Live My Life NOW Trek is her blog. Amanda is about to embark on a trek ACROSS AMERICA! Hey, I’m impressed if someone is walking across their county but she’s going to cross the country! Whoa. She’s doing this because she can and because she wants to. Why wait for this or that before doing what you’ve always wanted to do? Make it happen now. That’s her attitude and I love it! You can read more about it here.

If you’re interested in donating to her trek you can find that info on her blog. Her husband Rawdawg Rory is selling his e-book too, which will help towards the trek. Act now and you might be able to purchase his e-book for only $10!*** But if the deadline has passed, you can still purchase it any time at the regular price, which is very reasonable.

You can also see if she’ll be passing through a town/city near you – she invites any and all to join even if it’s just down the street. I’m sure she’d appreciate any support you’re willing to provide (feel free to pass the word around!). I plan on being at her kick off party and at the beginning of her trek.

All the best to you Amanda! See you at the starting line.

***Rawdawg Rory extended the sale of his e-book till April 26th at midnight.

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