Product Review – Baby Carrot, Part I

>> Wednesday, April 28, 2010

I have a couple of reviews for you – two products made by the same company – but don’t want to overwhelm you with one mile long post so I’m splitting it up into separate posts. Now, this first post I talk about baby stuff however, even if you don’t have children you’ll still want to check back for the second review and then again for a giveaway.

Review #1


Every once in awhile my little babe experiences diaper rash. :( Fortunately, not often but still it can be painful and irritating when it does happen, although my lil guy is a champ and doesn't complain much I'm sure it can't be comfy...

Over the counter (OTC) creams are barf (sorry, but that's one of those funny words to me). They’re made of stuff no one should put on their skin let alone a baby’s skin, which is so sensitive to begin with. Things like BHA, and Methylparaben. Bleh!

We found an OTC product that was a step up from the “popular” brand but still not satisfied. We talked to his doc who happens to be a master herbalist (not sure what the official title would be) in addition to being a naturopath. She said that OTC products don’t work because they don’t correct the problem, only cover it (or smear it). Sometimes causing further irritation because those products don’t allow the skin to breathe which could lead to a breeding ground for yeast infections, believe it or not. Bottom line (pun intended), none of these products do their job well in the long run.

Like I said, diaper rash doesn’t happen often (I hear one cause of diaper rash can be from being too acidic - ??) but still wanted to find something more natural (aka organic) if possible.

Enter Baby Carrot from Wild Carrot Herbals.

I spotted a cute little round box of Goo-Goo Baby Bum Balm (say it fast it’s fun!) at my local natural market (believe me, it comes in a cute brown round box). They had a sample open – mmm, smells nice. Ingredients checked out too (this particular product does contain beeswax for those curious). I recall YS2’s doc saying something about calendula, which so happens to be a main ingredient in this balm.

Let me just tell you, this stuff WORKS! It’s not stinky or medicinal smelling (bonus). It contains wholesome ingredients like organic extra virgin Italian olive oil infused with organically grown calendula petals, local beeswax, fair trade raw shea butter, organic avocado oil, anhydrous lanolin and is very lightly scented with certified organic Bulgarian lavender essential oil-believed to be the most gentle of all lavender essential oils. It’s safe to use at anytime, not just for when the skin is irritated; costs $5.00 for a small jar but you don’t need much. I also love the fact this is made in the Pacific Northwest. Yay!

I believe in it so much I bought a jar for my SIL for her new baby. Goo-goo!

By the way, this is an honest review of my experience. It was a product I discovered and bought on my own to try. Thankfully, no babies were harmed in the process! :)

Check back for review numero dos tomorrow.

P.S. My giveaway for a 16 oz jar of spirulina manna sponsored by Healthforce Nutritionals is still going on but ends tonight! Click here for details.

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