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>> Monday, April 19, 2010

I'm putting my "PS's" at the beginning here...

P.S. Before we get started here, I just want to say sorry for the "ghost post" I published last night. That's for those who caught it in their readers only to find it really wasn't there. I was distracted and hit publish instead of save. Normally, I can remedy any goofs like this right away because I'm about to submit it for real but I wasn't ready this time. Obviously. I type my posts out in Word before I go to blogger but I was getting it all ready because I only had one last thing left to do. Oh well. Here we are now. :)

P.P.S. Lauren at Ginger is the New Pink is the winner of my recent giveaway for a Kid Basix Safe Sippy cup! Woo hoo! Many thanks to EcoMom.com for sponsoring.

There was a time, way back when, where blogging to me was a “no way.” I could read others’ blogs but I had zero intention of starting a blog myself. Well, two years later here I am. I just realized when typing that I passed my two year mark (in Feb) of blogging with no fanfare. That’s alright though. I feel like I’m still in the process of getting back into the swing of things.

A facelift to my blog is motivating and of course, getting back into raw foods is also motivating. Motivating in more ways than one. Turns out, I have something to say from time to time and I actually enjoy it. Yay for me, and hopefully yay for you too.

Because I blog, that means I also read blogs. I’ve even had the honor to meet some of you bloggers in person. Look forward to meeting more. Anyway, I understand some people feel that online relationships (platonic and/or romantic) are weird or have a sort of “disconnect” but I believe the opposite. To a degree anyway. I believe it is important to have “live” relationships and have hobbies away from the computer, etc. but having online friends is also real and valuable to me.

I see I keep going off on tangents here…but that’s me for ya.

I love going to others’ blogs and catching up on this or that or whatever the author chooses to divulge. I may be slow in catching up sometimes (YS2 keeps us busy around here!) but I love being able to have a peek into someone’s life. Some blogs I follow are educational, some inspirational or spiritual, while others are witty and creative but in all there’s always something to be learned.

Excuse my ramblings here but consider this a long introduction to a new segment I hope to feature on a regular basis: HiHoRosie's Blog Faves. There are so many great blogs out there that I’d like to share with you some of my faves time to time – a spotlight of sorts. This isn't one of those blog awards where you're expected to tag 12 friends and so on. It’s also not a list of faves in any particular order. Purely random (well, for the most part), although the one I’ll highlight this week to get started is on purpose. :)

While most blogs I follow are similar in nature and beliefs, some I might highlight won’t fall within any particular theme, subject or objective. I might like them just because.

Feel free to join in on this, whether sharing here in the comment section or on your own blog because I’m still discovering new blogs through many of you – ones new to me. I love learning from others, being inspired and having the support even if it’s not realized they are having this impact on me. So I guess you could say this is my way of saying thanks and I like you.

So to kick-start this series, this might be obvious to some as I admitted to handpicking my first spotlight, but it’s my husband Yardsnacker (Sam). He was one of the first to encourage me to start a blog - that I had something of value to share. Sam is my love, my best friend, my everything. I’ve learned so much from him. I mean, he helped me get into raw foods and want to learn more about them and know what I’m putting into my body. He helped me get into gardening. Now, that in itself is amazing! He’s the best papa with a mama’s-like intuition. Caleb adores his papa (I sense future shadow) and loves the smoothies and “squashy-squash” he makes. Sam and I have been on a journey together and continue to walk hand in hand through it with more love to share.

HiHoRosie's Blog Fave: Yardsnacker

Check it out and enjoy!

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