Happy Halloween!

>> Friday, October 31, 2008

To all you pumpkins have a great Halloween!

Gotta watch/listen to Michael Jackson's Thriller at least once right?

And then check this out if you haven't already. These prison inmates have their own Thriller dance. Love the dude playing the part of the scared girl. It's amazing they coordinated so many inmates on this dance.

Last but certainly not least, the MONSTER MASH! This song is a must at Halloween.

Now I want to watch Young Frankenstein. :)



Get Ready to Vote

>> Monday, October 20, 2008

No, this isn't a post to encourage you to get out and vote in this year's historical presidential election (although, register NOW if you haven't [or is it too late?] and gear up for November 4th!) but to notice the poll I put up to the right.

Just something fun. And I threw 'twins' in the mix because you never know!

I'm not saying how I'm voting. ;)


The "Glow"

>> Wednesday, October 15, 2008

I know I'm supposed to be working on a different post - about my trip - but wanted to interrupt that to share something else.


People into the raw food lifestyle are familiar with the "glow." Maybe you're one who's been told a time or two that you have the glow. It's noticeable to spot a person who obviously is taking care of themselves by what they do and put into their bodies and especially when on the raw food lifestyle. Eating raw foods allows your body to properly process and digest foods plus all the those living enzymes and minerals means less work your body has to do so the result is a beautiful youthful glow.

I have received such comments, which are always great to hear but I have been hearing this more so lately. From people who don't know me to people in the raw food world. When I was at our local raw vegan sto
re one of the owners went on about how I (and hubby too) have transformed since she first met me; that I do have a healthy glow.

However, I have this to ask: how can I have this "glow" if I have been HORRIBLE about eating raw foods lately? I mean, I've been eating quite a bit of cooked food. The Raw Fu challenge seems to be out the window or dramatically off course. Now, I haven't been eating burgers and lasagna but primarily vegetarian with some raw foods. Basically, a very low raw diet. All this cooked food should be taxing my body therefore, eliminating any healthy glow I once had and yet I still hear about this glow I possess.

I know what this means. Do you?

Okay, I won't make you guess or wait any longer...


So yeah, you read right. Pregnant. Can you believe it? Guessing I'm about eight weeks along so we're looking at a May baby. I meet with the doctor (midwife) next week - it was supposed to be tomorrow but my jury duty got in the way (another post for another day).

The journey thus far has been fairly pleasant. I mean I can't complain about any sort
of morning sickness but have experienced bloatiness. Probably not a word but it works. Anyway, since I started taking prenatal vitamins (vegan) this really hasn't been an issue. I do get sleepy-tired but not too bad since again, taking those prenatals.

ome of my laziness/absenteeism lately can attributed to these changes with me. Like I said, I've been on jury duty (and last week at my parents') so when I come home I have actual work to do - stuff I'm paid to do.

Hubby has been so sweet and so cute with all of this. He's always taking care of me, making sure I eat and take my vitamin and that I'm always warm (he bundled me up in my favorite hat [recent b-day gift from him], scarf and down comforter). We could turn up the heater but it's more fun being cozy right now. And of course, he's downright excited to be a Daddy!

Well, that's my (our) big news. Mr. Daddy himself will be blogging about this too if you want to take a gander his way.

More posts/updates to follow. I will probably keep posting here instead of keeping a separate blog but who knows. I need to rework this blog as it is so you'll see some changes one of these days.

As I always say: I WILL get to your blogs soon! I promise! I'm trying to catch up on home life and work now that I'm back in the present so I will be swinging by as I'm always interested in what you've been doing too.


I Have Landed

>> Thursday, October 9, 2008

Hello Everyone! Just returned from a trip visiting my parents out of state so I have some things to share. Right now I'm just getting caught up on laundry, sleeping and downloading pictures. Overall, it was a good trip but I'm not a fan of airports because this girl is easily confused! However, I do love to fly (and it shows). Oh and I'm not a fan of commuter planes in rainy weather either (and it wasn't over Seattle believe it or not). More on all of this later; just giving you a little teaser plus having this out there I'm committing myself so I don't get lazy.

I have the rest of the week off (tomorrow is my BIRTHDAY! I'm not bashful or anything - ha ha!) so I need to renew my driver's license and play. Starting Monday, I have to report to jury duty. Not excited about that but oh well.

More to follow...


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