I'm Alive!

>> Monday, May 23, 2011

Hello? Is there anybody out there?

[cue in crickets chirping]

Oh wait, it's ME who's been away...hee hee!

Just a quick post to let you know I'm ALIVE, I'm WELL, and I'm HERE! I've just been busy busy these days (weeks I guess - can't believe it's been three weeks since my last post).

Anyway, I'm slowly catching up with some blog reading and hope to post a real post very soon. Got some things I need to chat about.

Thanks to those who sent out the rescue teams, checking to see I was alright. It was an unintentional long absence but thanks to everyone who's still there. :)



>> Tuesday, May 3, 2011

My little bambino, Caleb (aka YS2, Yardsnacker Jr., Sweet Baby, Bugaboo, Chub-Lubs, etc.) is two years old today. Sigh. It’s been an amazing two years and life has never been the same.

To my sweet boy-

I love you because you’re a part of me and a part of your papa but you are all you and so very very special.
I love you because you love all.
I love you for your spirit, your sweetness.
I love it when you see a metro bus you point to it and say, “Mama!” because you know I take the bus to work.
I love that you have red hair and blue eyes, just like your Grandma S.
I love that when something is broken you want me to fix it with tape, even flat tires.
I love that you kiss your own boo-boos.
I love that when others are sad you give them kisses and loves.
I love that you love green apples (granny smiths).
I love that there are many foods you love that many adults have never tried or heard of.
I love you because you are adventurous.

I love you because you are a little shy.
I love you because you sneeze twice like your mama.
I love you because you’re funny like your papa.
I love you because you love to tease us.
I love you because you love your Uncle Matt soooo much you want to give him apples all the time.
I love you because you love all animals.
I love you because you are so compassionate.
I love you because you are so smart.
I love that you love trucks but that you still call them cars.
I love because you and I play together and laugh together.

I love it when you say lady (laylay), orange (or-un), olive (eye-ah) and crayon (kree-yun).
I love that you call every baby, child, kid you see a baby.
I love it when you get sweaty your hair curls more.
I love that we still don't know 100% yet if you're a lefty or a righty but I think you might be righty.
I love how you smell.
I love your smile.
I love to hear you breathing in my ear when we snuggle.
I love to hear you suck on your fingers for comfort.
I love that you tug on our ears for comfort including your 3-yr old cousin who doesn’t understand why you want his ear.
I love to see you run with excitement.
I love to hear you talk.
I love that there are some words I still don’t understand.
I love to hear you laugh.
I love that you love taking walks and being outside.

I love you because you amaze me with new discoveries and things you’ve learned.
I love you because you remind me and show me the beauty that surrounds us. That life is grand.
I love that when you see sharp things or things you shouldn't touch you say, "big no-no!"
I love that when you see the blender you say, "loud" and cover your ears.
I love that when we use said blender you run to your room and shut the door till it's done.
I love you because you have opinions.
I love that mealtime is still messy.
I love that you kiss all your stuffed animals and books.
I love that you kiss the phone when we’re talking to someone you know.
I love that you’re happy.
I love you because you have emotions – many of which you’re still learning how to cope with.
I love that you get loud.
I love that you want me to read to you all the time.
I love you because you love to explore (and sometimes get into trouble *wink*).
I love you because you love to figure how things work.

I love your independence.
I love that you still need me.
I love that you’re growing up.
I love that every up and down to get you here was worth it. The wait was worth it. Everything was worth you being here.

I love you because you are a part of our family - you made us a family.
I love that the reasons why and how I love you is never ending.
I love everything about you.
I love you because you’re YOU.

Not a day goes by when I don’t thank God for every moment with you. You have made life more fulfilling and more meaningful. You may be only two but you have taught me so much and I love you for that.

Happy birthday sweet Caleb.

Love mama


A New Day, A New Month

>> Monday, May 2, 2011

Hello everybody! Hope your Monday is off to a good start…for a Monday. Here's a recap with some pics taken from the weekend.

I’m still dreaming about yesterday – the weather here was most incredible. Simply gorgeous and wonderful to be outside and soak in the sun (not all pics shown were taken yesterday - Saturday's weather wasn't as spectacular as Sunday's).

Of course, the weekend was filled with garden time but it was the weekend we needed to have our garden in shape for the season. Being part of a community garden there are rules to be kept and meeting the cultivation deadline is one of them. It’s all good though. We hired a nephew to come weed (yay). I’d do it but someone’s gotta keep up with YS2! So while nephew weeded the strawberry bed, Yardsnacker tilled the plots. It’s looking good now. Soon we’ll be planting all of our goodies.

We went for several walks this weekend too – along with everyone else it seems in the neighborhood. That means lots of dogs and that also means YS2 is in dog heaven! Lots of slobber was swapped between boy and beast – one cutie little doggie and him were the best of pals and just loved each other so much! The cutie dog’s owner melted over Caleb’s love for her pooch that she had to give Caleb a hug and a kiss. Caleb was a little apprehensive and stuck to my leg like velcro. It’s one thing if you’re a dog wanting a kiss but a whole ‘nother thing if you’re a person. Ha ha! One day we’ll have a dog but until then he can enjoy everyone else’s (with permission of course). While at the park (the garden is next to a dog park and pet memorial [I don't like calling it a pet cemetery and I'm not sure it even is one]) he got to see and interact with lots more dogs. This boy has no fear and loves each dog, big or small, bark-y or quiet. If he can’t give the dog a love and a kiss then he blows it a kiss.

Falcon Man - sculpture in pet memorial

Checking out Falcon Man
I grew up with different animals including many dogs and cats and loved them all but I can’t say I had the same affection YS2 has for animals (bugs too). Although, I do have a soft spot for cats. I’m more of a cat person than anything else. I’m not a fan of birds or fish as pets – for me personally that is. Too much responsibility aka cleaning.

Yesterday’s weather was so amazing and so perfect for May Day that it was the perfect day for having a baby! Congrats to my brother-in-law and his wife on their new son! We’re so happy he’s here and healthy and mama too – can’t wait to meet him.

I tried a new kombucha. Well, new to me. It’s called Bucha and I found it at Whole Foods. It was more expensive at $4 for a 16 oz bottle. I wasn’t that impressed. I mean for the price alone it wasn’t worth it and most likely wouldn’t buy it again - well, maybe - depending on my options. When I buy a kombucha I’ll stick with GT’s – it’s cheaper and tastes better. Home brew is good stuff and is way cheaper than all of them.

Off I go to make myself useful. Today’s weather is far different than yesterday’s. ;(


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