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Hey hey everybody! Long time no blog -- heh heh! I have been a most horrible blogger, I know, but it wasn’t my intention to be away for as long as I was. It is what is, right?

If you follow me on twitter or instagram (hihorosie) or pinterest (and sometimes facebook) you'll see I'm still around and active. So if you can't find me here, you can find me at one of those places. But you should see more posts from me on the ol' blog.

Anyway, this post is one I actually started over a month ago to recap my 5K on May 20th. Uh…oops.

Many thanks to those who posted lovely messages on my personal facebook page and/or gave thumbs up on my 5K pics. I’ll post some repeats below plus some new ones.

But first, let’s talk about it a bit.

We had pretty ideal weather, cool but with a chance of rain. During the walk, it only sprinkled a little, otherwise it was perfect. The 5K was to support our local parks, which had over 800 participants. Many were families (lots of strollers) and of course, doggies. I was surprised by the turnout but how awesome! We finished somewhere in the 700 range. Hey, remember, we walked. :)

After the race, we relaxed a bit, ate some food, hydrated and listened to live music until the rain started to pick up. YS2 jumped (or tried to) on one of those bouncy things. He wasn’t quite sure what to do but he had fun anyway and then we danced together near the stage. He kept saying, “let’s go on the 5K again!”

We learned a couple of things from this 5K: 1) we need to do more 5Ks. They’re fun and a great way to get a workout in while supporting a cause; 2) these are way better than those walk-a-thons!

Have you ever done a walk-a-thon? I used to do the Relay for Life where teams would walk a full 24 hours (or however long it was). A member of two from each team would take turns walking but it wasn’t uncommon for team members to flake/disappear/sleep, etc. when their turn was next so some of us would keep walking and walking and walking to keep it going and represent our team. By the time it’s over, you can barely move, let alone stand, that after a time or two of doing this punishment it’s no longer fun. So yeah, I don’t do walk-a-thons anymore; they make 5Ks seem like nothing.

Okay, picture time!

me and YS2 gearing up

ha, this pug was having none of this walking business! He barely started when he whined to be picked up.

this tiny pooch was a CHAMP! He walked practically the whole time (we were behind his team most of the way). He even got a special shoutout at the finish line.

our scenery...

whoop! we did it!

vegans represent

at the bouncy place

Thanks for reading along. I'll be back (promise) with more posts but won't overwhelm you with them either.

Enjoy the weekend!


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