Thoughtful Thursday

>> Thursday, September 29, 2011


Thoughtful Thursday

>> Thursday, September 22, 2011


Juice Contest Winner

>> Monday, September 19, 2011

Happy Monday, friends! Hope you had a good weekend -- we did. Went by way too fast though (typical). I'm sad summer is going but I am looking forward to fall and this weekend was very fall. Cloudy, rainy (at night), still a little warm but breezy. Cozy. Which got us in a movie mood. Have you seen (or read) "Water for Elephants?" I haven't read the book but heard it's good. Now that I've seen the movie, I won't be reading the book but then again, I wasn't planning on it anyway. I won't review the movie here because I don't want to give anything away (I'm horrible with stuff like that) but will say I heart Rosie.

When it comes to books though, I like to read them before seeing the movie (does anyone ever see the movie first then read the book?). Depending on the subject matter or some situations, I sometimes will pass on the movie because reading the details was enough that having it played out before my eyes might be more than I can handle. Like the "Girl with the Dragon Tattoo" will be one I won't see. Reading was enough thank you.

Anyway, enough about that. Today's post is about the Juice Contest I was co-judge for with Elena of Vegalicious. Sorry it took longer than expected but we made the Top 3 juices and tasted each one and now have the results of the contest. The winner will receive all three of Elena's e-books ($25 value -- participants will receive a 50% discount code to use towards any purchase in her e-book store).

     1.  Guilt Free Vegan Desserts
     2.  3-Day Green Smoothie Cleanse
     3.  One Week Raw Food Detox

First, the Top 3 vote-getters (based on readers' votes) -- in numerical order:

(2) Nikki - Everything's Peachy
(3) Kristina - Green Grapefruit Juice
(5) Karriann - Watermelon Summer Blast

We made each of their spectacular juices -- amazing! Now, the hard part: deciding the winner.

The winning juice was a wonderful balance of flavors and beautiful color.

The winner is...


Congrats Nikki! It truly was a wonderful and beautiful juice - we all loved it!

Everything's Peachy by Nikki
2 yellow peaches
3 golden beets
1 lime
2 fuji apples
1 orange
1 inch nub of ginger

Btw, photo credit goes to Nikki. The photo above is the one she submitted to the contest. I took a pic too but it pales in comparison.

Thanks Elena for hosting and sponsoring this contest and inviting me to be a part of it.

I loved this contest because I love all the creativity of each one, the flavor combos, and now, more recipes to try and add to my collection (with credit to the originator of course). Thanks to the participants and those who voted. We'll have to do this again sometime.

Sun's out today so gotta enjoy it while I can. Enjoy your day!



>> Thursday, September 15, 2011

The weekend is here! The weekend is here! Yippee!

Hey, have you seen this video? So cute and so funny. I promise to post some posts with a bit more substance that are currently in the works but this I just had to share.



Thoughtful Thursday

Hey hey! Hope your week is going fabulously!

I'd like to start a new series on my blog here called Thoughtful Thursday. I love quotes and sayings, poems, lyrics, get the idea. I know some of you like them, too, so I thought I'd share one every Thursday. Some might be funny, thought-provoking, kick-you-in-the-butt, beautiful, sad (well, maybe not too sad because I don't like to be sad), holiday-ish, spiritual, or contain a vulgar word or two (but hopefully nothing too offensive). Just kind of whatever that day. Feel free to join in on your blog too.


Coocoo-nut water taste test

>> Saturday, September 10, 2011

It's been awhile since I've mentioned anything about coconuts but let me refresh your memory or clue new readers in: I'm cuckoo for coconuts. I often refer to them as coo-coo nuts. It wasn't until about four years ago or so that I actually tried a young coconut - I never looked back. The water it contains is perfect. It's amazing. Far different than the mature (brown) coconuts.

The health properties of coconuts are incredible so it's no wonder that its water is too and serves as the ideal isotonic thirst-quencher. Assuming you know this (if you don't or would like to know a little more, check out my past post here), let's move on to the purpose of today's post.

One of my favorite brands of coconut water is C20. It comes in a can but I'm not certain if it's a BPA-free can or not. Aside from that, it's a fave - very tasty. But, today's post isn't about C20 either...

Today's post is a Taste Test between two other coconut waters.

Blue Monkey coconut water and Taste Nirvana Pure Coconut Water.

It seems someone somewhere blogged about Blue Monkey recently. I don't remember who! I'm sorry if it was you.

To preface, Taste Nirvana we've had and have all the time in the glass bottle. We love it, especially YS2. Blue Monkey we've never tried till now and it comes in a can, however, Taste Nirvana now comes in a can too. So for the taste test we got both products in a can, which are BPA-free.

Bottom line first: both taste YUM! I would drink either but given a choice I'd choose Taste Nirvana.

The low-down:

Taste Nirvana: 16.2 oz (they say on the can this is one serving size - thank you!)
Blue Monkey: 17.6 oz (they say on the can this is about two serving sizes. Bah!)

Seriously, how often do you buy a drink that is labeled two servings or more but you only drink one and save the rest for later? I do wish TN would put MORE in their can and still label it as one serving. :)

Price: Taste Nirvana was slightly more expensive at $2.39/can.

Blue Monkey

Taste Nirvana

Both are made with 100% coconut water, however, when reading their nutrition labels Blue Monkey has twice as many calories and carbs. Hmmm...there is an obvious sweeter taste to Blue Monkey than Taste Nirvana. So depending on your preference this may or may not matter to you.

Sodium: 80 mg (Blue Monkey) vs 72 mg (Taste Nirvana)

Let's remember that Blue Monkey has slightly more beverage in their can over Taste Nirvana. Might not seem like much but still noteworthy.

Potassium: hands down as you can see on the labels Taste Nirvana wins here. The comparison is not even close.

My assumption is that the differences I pointed out are due to how they're processed. I'm merely guessing but what else could it be? Different types of coconuts? Not sure...

While Blue Monkey is a very tasty beverage and one I'd never turn down, I think Taste Nirvana tastes more like fresh young coconut water. And with all the beneficial health properties, you can't go wrong.

If you see either, pick one up and try it or conduct your own taste test.

By the way, this was not a sponsored review - both products were purchased with my own moola. Blue Monkey and Taste Nirvana have zero idea who I am.



>> Friday, September 9, 2011

I walked into my building this morning and saw a huge US flag carefully hung on the wall. A reminder of the 9/11 attacks that happened ten years ago Sunday. Has it been 10 years already?

I still get emotional thinking about what took place that day, the many lives taken and the many others forever changed. We all changed in some way that day I believe.

Putting aside any politics and theoretical explanations as to who, why and how this tragedy occurred, I just wanted to reflect and express what is. Innocent lives were taken that day and hardened many hearts.

I remember where I was and what I was doing that day. I remember being in my bathroom getting ready for work and having the radio on as I normally do, turned low so it served more as background noise than anything. So even though the volume was low I detected a mood and emotion from the dj. I turned up the volume and didn’t understand what he was talking about but it was enough for me to turn on the tv. I couldn’t believe what I was witnessing. I froze trying to comprehend. I’m sure I thought as many others, what just happened and how does this happen in the US? Who would do this?

*Bubble burst*

The air was heavy. Even though it was just me moving about my apartment, I could still feel the heaviness; the cloud following me as I tried to understand.

I went on as usual – finished getting ready for work, listened to the news, got on the bus. The bus was particularly quiet. The heaviness was here too – there was no escaping it apparently. It was real.

A woman on the bus listening to the news through her headphones announced in a quiet tone that one of the towers just fell. I wondered again: what was happening????

At work, I couldn’t concentrate. I was listening and watching the news. Then the second tower fell. Horror had struck and I felt vulnerable. I didn’t want to be in my office building downtown on the 17th floor. I was suddenly very scared. My boyfriend (now hubby) called me to see if I was alright. More heaviness. He came and picked me up.

We went back to my apartment and stayed glued to the tv. I cried. This day was the day that truly told me I was an adult and would be dealing with adult things. I wanted to be little again or continue living in my bubble where all was well.

I remember talking to a someone at the time -- maybe a few days later – who was put off by all the coverage of the attacks. Like they didn’t understand why this had to continue to dominate everything. Uh…I don’t know, maybe because this is a significant event that’s never happened before that we just witnessed? Yeesh. It was a lot to process though and everyone deals with things differently.

Now it’s 10 years later. Talk about in a blink of an eye. I wish we could live in simpler, happier times where everyone just got along.

Sorry this really isn't about me but it did have an impact and no doubt it did on you too wherever you are in the world. My blog is normally one that’s light and fun and happy but today I want to express my gratitude for the many who sacrificed themselves 10 years ago (and those who have and/or continue to do so today). To them, you are amazing and my heart aches for those who lost loved ones.


Vote Now! Juice Contest

>> Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Hello everyone!

Remember the juice contest Elena is hosting on her blog...and I'm co-judge? Well, entries have been submitted so now it's your turn to vote for your favorite.

Spread the word to your readers, friends, and family to vote! Top 3 will move to the final round where Elena and I will make and taste the recipes to determine the winner of Elena's three 3-books.

Voting is open now until Sunday, the 11th at 2 PM EDT. You can go to Elena's blog for more info.

Go vote and good luck to the contestants!


I'll be the judge

>> Saturday, September 3, 2011

Howdy ho kidlets! Probably didn't expect to hear from me so soon didya? Well, inspired by juice (see my previous post) several of us on twitter got to talking about juice. How can you not when they're so pretty and made with such wonderfulness? Twitter pal, FitVeganTrainer (Elena) thought hey! why not a juice contest? I said great idea! Which brings me here now.

Elena is hosting the contest on her blog and I will be sharing judging duties with her.

Her post has all the info but I've listed the info here too.

To enter, submit your whole juice recipe and photo in the comment section (underneath the comment box is a '+' for image, click on that to post your pic). Can be made with a juicer or blender. One entry per person.

Submit your juicy recipes and pics NOW till the end of Tuesday, 11:59 pm, PST, September 6th.
  • Elena and I will work together on selecting the 10 best (most creative, beautiful, interesting, etc.) juicy recipes.
  • Next, YOU be the judge! Voters will vote from the best 10 their favorite.
  • Top 3 with the most votes move to final round.
  • Finally, Elena and I will make the top 3 recipes for a taste-test and pick the winner!
Winner will receive all three of Elena's e-books ($25 value).
  1. Guilt Free Vegan Desserts
  2. 3-Day Green Smoothie Cleanse
  3. One Week Raw Food Detox
ANYONE can enter! So get your juicy game face on and submit your entry now. Spread the word, too!

**Click here to get started.** All the rules and everything else you need to know are there but feel free to ask either us anything.

Good luck!



>> Friday, September 2, 2011

Happy Labor Day weekend! Hopefully you've got fun plans in store.

So I know I need to do a garden post and this isn't it (working on pictures - there are a lot!)...but our garden has exploded! Well, that means it's time to get JUICY!

With fresh carrots, cucumbers, beets and so much more I've been able to make some tasty juices. Love the fact that many of the veggies I'm using are homegrown.

These juices are ones I shared on facebook so for some of you this is a repeat. Hope you enjoy again. :)

First up, the Ultimate Pink Drink or the Two Juice:

2 apples
2 cucumbers
2 carrots
2 red beets

Cleansing but really really good.

Next, the Sunflower Juice:

2 apples
2 cucumbers
2 carrots
1 golden beet
1 valencia orange

Not as much of a cleanser so it was safe for my kiddo to drink (which he did happily) and to me, it was just happy drink and my favorite. I'm making more tomorrow!

Have a good weekend!


Winner of Skin Exfoliator

>> Thursday, September 1, 2011

Thanks to all who entered and supported my giveaway! Have to say I liked using Rafflecopter to manage the entries - I didn't really have to do anything. They even use to pick the winner. I'm assuming you liked it as well since I didn't get any negative feedback. I'll use them again.


Time to announce the winner of the Tropical Traditions Skin Exfoliator.

#26 Kelli - follow on GFC

Woo hoo! Congrats Kelli! I'll be emailing you shortly and you'll have 48 hours to respond with your info.

Don't be sad if you didn't win. I'm planning on doing another giveaway once I work out the details.

Thanks again to all those who entered and to Tropical Traditions for sponsoring.


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