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>> Saturday, September 10, 2011

It's been awhile since I've mentioned anything about coconuts but let me refresh your memory or clue new readers in: I'm cuckoo for coconuts. I often refer to them as coo-coo nuts. It wasn't until about four years ago or so that I actually tried a young coconut - I never looked back. The water it contains is perfect. It's amazing. Far different than the mature (brown) coconuts.

The health properties of coconuts are incredible so it's no wonder that its water is too and serves as the ideal isotonic thirst-quencher. Assuming you know this (if you don't or would like to know a little more, check out my past post here), let's move on to the purpose of today's post.

One of my favorite brands of coconut water is C20. It comes in a can but I'm not certain if it's a BPA-free can or not. Aside from that, it's a fave - very tasty. But, today's post isn't about C20 either...

Today's post is a Taste Test between two other coconut waters.

Blue Monkey coconut water and Taste Nirvana Pure Coconut Water.

It seems someone somewhere blogged about Blue Monkey recently. I don't remember who! I'm sorry if it was you.

To preface, Taste Nirvana we've had and have all the time in the glass bottle. We love it, especially YS2. Blue Monkey we've never tried till now and it comes in a can, however, Taste Nirvana now comes in a can too. So for the taste test we got both products in a can, which are BPA-free.

Bottom line first: both taste YUM! I would drink either but given a choice I'd choose Taste Nirvana.

The low-down:

Taste Nirvana: 16.2 oz (they say on the can this is one serving size - thank you!)
Blue Monkey: 17.6 oz (they say on the can this is about two serving sizes. Bah!)

Seriously, how often do you buy a drink that is labeled two servings or more but you only drink one and save the rest for later? I do wish TN would put MORE in their can and still label it as one serving. :)

Price: Taste Nirvana was slightly more expensive at $2.39/can.

Blue Monkey

Taste Nirvana

Both are made with 100% coconut water, however, when reading their nutrition labels Blue Monkey has twice as many calories and carbs. Hmmm...there is an obvious sweeter taste to Blue Monkey than Taste Nirvana. So depending on your preference this may or may not matter to you.

Sodium: 80 mg (Blue Monkey) vs 72 mg (Taste Nirvana)

Let's remember that Blue Monkey has slightly more beverage in their can over Taste Nirvana. Might not seem like much but still noteworthy.

Potassium: hands down as you can see on the labels Taste Nirvana wins here. The comparison is not even close.

My assumption is that the differences I pointed out are due to how they're processed. I'm merely guessing but what else could it be? Different types of coconuts? Not sure...

While Blue Monkey is a very tasty beverage and one I'd never turn down, I think Taste Nirvana tastes more like fresh young coconut water. And with all the beneficial health properties, you can't go wrong.

If you see either, pick one up and try it or conduct your own taste test.

By the way, this was not a sponsored review - both products were purchased with my own moola. Blue Monkey and Taste Nirvana have zero idea who I am.

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