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>> Sunday, October 18, 2009

Please excuse the absence. No excuse other than I've been super busy with home life. I know you understand. Thing is, I wish I was more active in writing because I like to have a record of my happenings to look back on, especially now that I have YS2. :)
(blanket made by AnnieofBlueGables)

Speaking of YS2, he is a DOLL! Okay, I am his mom and of course I'm going to say stuff like that all the time but seriously he really is! He's fast approaching the six month mark but for now we'll just say he's 5 1/2 months old. I can't believe it actually. In a blink he's grown so much. Just the other day he learned how to roll over the other way. You see, he's been able to roll over from back to tummy for awhile now. Since he was 3 1/2 months. But, Papa YS was teaching our lil sprout how to roll back to his back. Well, then the next day he totally did it all on his own! Now, we have to be ready for him learning to crawl soon. ACK!!!!!!

Because I've just been so busy I missed the boat in posting a very special pic of YS2 this past summer. Well, I suppose it's not too late so I'm going to post it now but apologies to
Rawdorable who customized a onesie for Caleb for not showing this off sooner. Thank you so much for making this for him. It is so adorable! Rawdorable? ha ha! :)

Caleb is growing to fast! He keeps growing out of his clothes! Not "out" but "up!" We're convinced he's going to be taller than either us.

We'll soon be trying solid food with him (we'll be making our own). Caleb did try a small sampling of yams recently. It didn't quite make down to his tummy but he didn't seem to dislike it either. We'll try again soon. Sam even got him a
boon spoon for when he really starts going with the food.

Off to tend to Caleb. It's soon to be nigh-night and we need to have some quiet time. :)


Most Beautiful Thing I've Ever Heard

I was in the process of writing a new post...long over due when I saw this video and just had to share.



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