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>> Sunday, June 6, 2010

Happy Sunday! Hope the weekend was fabulous for you. The weather here is a total drag. It’s June and we’re still fighting rain. :( At least ½ the weekend (yesterday) was good weather wise. We were able to get out into the fresh clean air and enjoy some much needed and welcome sun beams.

Thanks to The Daily Raw Café and Chia Seeds Direct for my two-pound bag of chia seeds. I’m so glad I won these because we were out. They sure are sticky little buggers huh? Especially with a one year old. Caleb/YS2 loves ‘em. They’re usually added to smoothies and whatnot.

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I made Aimee’s latest chia pudding recipe – twice in one day, in fact. YS2 was particularly a fan – can you say snarf?! Well, at least there’s no doubt where he’ll be getting his calcium! He even loved the banana nut milk by itself. The only thing I changed was instead of almond butter I used peanut butter, just because I didn’t have any and didn’t feel like making some at the time. However, almond butter would be so delicious! I tried taking pics but they didn’t turn out because the lighting was so horrible. Look at Aimee’s pic instead.

I’m always a little scared to eat chia seeds at first and I think it’s just simply because they are little seeds. I know weird but I’ve had this thing about little seeds with the exception of strawberries. Even watermelon seeds as a kid (because seedless weren’t even invented then – lol) used to gross me out. But fortunately, I’ve gotten over my “weirded-out” phase and can now sit and enjoy me a bowlful of chia pudding. I’m a big girl now!

Hopefully you noticed the two giveaways I’ve got going on right now. One for Best Organic Wheatgrass powder. It’s so good – contest ends in one week. The other contest is for a $100 gift certificate to CSN Stores; it ends the 17th. You don't want to miss out on either.

I try not to do giveaways at the same time as another but I also can’t just sit on them either. I get too excited about them. I don’t have any other giveaways coming up (sad I know) but it’s a chance for a breather too.

And sheesh, all this blogging from me! I can't handle it, can you?! What is this, day 3 or 4 in a row or something close to it? I even still have a post up my sleeve (it involves crappy pictures. I've decided I will show them off even though they're blurry). Well, the weekend is winding to a close and soon it's back to work, which means break time for you. :) I'm working on catching up on blog reading. Like someone else said, you all blog when I don't have time to keep up and don't blog when I am caught up. ??? It's the way it goes sometimes.

Before time gets away from me, I'd like to present my next HiHoRosie Blog Fave. This is someone whom I discovered on my blog travels. I saw her name frequently from posting comments on many of the same blogs I visit so I thought, "hey, who is kelli?" (she writes in lower case, including her name - I do the same with my name even at work) Well, lo and behold she's got a kickin blog! Full of fun treats (she loves sweets and makes amazing treats) and gardening too. Besides that, she has the biggest heart I know out there in blogosphere. I have a feeling she's the same if I knew her in person. Another "I wish she was my neighbor." I'm sure most of my regulars are fans and/or familiar with Kelli's blog: Animal Friendly Eating. If you're not, please go check out her blog. It's fave of mine for sure!

And on that note, have a good week!

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