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>> Wednesday, June 23, 2010

You might have noticed my absence lately or better explained as 'inconsistency.' I know I've been laying low for awhile but just saying hey, I'm still around. You may spot me here or there at blogs, facebook, twitter (it's very quick!) and of course email - just probably not consistently.

Sorry I'm so flaky right now but life/work/life has been very busy and hectic so to dedicate much time to blogging and reading of blogs is unfortunately being sacrificed (including entering giveaways-maybe I'll just have to do the mandatory and keep my fingers crossed I can win with one entry). ;(

But hopefully, you know me well enough that I always catch up and will be by to visit. I love reading all my buddies' blogs so be rest assured I'll be by soon. Just might take awhile to catch up is all. Don't go overboard on blogging okay? ha ha! Just kidding. I myself have lots of things I'd like to blog about but since I typically ramble and can get long-winded (I'm working on that!) it will take more time than can be allowed at the moment (as I talk in circles, repeating myself).

Many thanks for your patience! And for those who are my loyal readers (friends), an extra hug for you!

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