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>> Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Howdy folks! It’s been awhile hasn’t it? Well, I’m still here. You haven’t gotten rid of me yet. Ha!

Over Memorial Day weekend I was going to blog about how busy I’d been with the week and weekend before but I got too busy to do even that. I’d spent some time in the kitchen (the weekend before), which kept me occupied. No desserts. :( Instead I made some kale chips (EVOO, garlic and salt – I didn’t have any cashews to make cheesy ones), salsa-flax crackers and spring rolls with peanut sauce (yummy!!! Not all raw [spring rolls that is] but close enough for me – I’ve made these many times before but haven’t really blogged about it other than mentioning it a time or two). I just noticed none of those foods go together, not that I was trying for that. I just felt like making those things. I even took pics but they all suck so I’m hesitant to post about it. I dunno, what do you think? Post in spite of lousy pics (i.e. blurry, cellphone quality)?

I did manage to enter some awesome giveaways happening over at The Daily Raw Café (shh! Don’t tell). Holy moley people! She had an EXTRAVAGANZA! No kidding. I won 2# of chia seeds from Chia Seeds Direct and some Living Nutz. Yeehaw! Won two out of ten contests that I entered and there was a whole more if you can believe that. Speaking of TDRC, I made Terilynn’s Southwestern Falafel and Avo Dip. Mmm! Goodie goodie! I forgot to take pics but they weren’t very pic-worthy sorry to say. Not compared to Terilynn’s anyway. My falafel didn’t look quite like hers or as beautifully shaped and the avo spread, well, let’s just say I should’ve processed the cashews a bit longer for creaminess. I wasn’t patient enough apparently. Still tasted great though.

During all of my busyness though, I received a package from Kaia foods (along with a handwritten note from one Heidi to another) – a giveaway I won from Elena’s Eat Healthy Be Happy blog. I got granola (chocolate bliss), fruit leather of all sorts, kale chips (three kinds), and sunflower seeds (two kinds). So so good! I especially loved the granola but hey, it’s chocolate, can ya blame me?!

It’s also been awhile since I’ve blogged about our garden. Probably because it’s not me working the garden but Mr. Yardsnacker himself (looks like I need to nudge him about blogging too). Well, the weather has NOT cooperated in the least unless you want to grow a bunch of beans and lettuce. Okay, those things aren't bad but I like variety so not sure if we’ll get tomatoes this year or not. Rough go. Guess we’ll just have to wait and see. Sam’s been working hard at the garden, squeezing time in when he can between rain showers and baby/family time but it's looking great and I'm sure we'll be harvesting some tasty treats. Oh and remember those strawberries he planted for me? Most have flowers, so yay! Guess they're loving the rain. Glad someone does. :(

Btw, flower pic is from last year. We've got different roses going for this year.

I love taking Caleb to the garden, strolling and walking around. He *loves* it! All the fresh air and pretty plants and flowers…he wants to touch them all he loves them so much. He loves watching the trees as they flitter in the wind. And of course, spotting a robin or other pretty bird (or a bazillion crows!) is a treat too. In fact, at the garden you can hear and sometimes see one of these: a pheasant. Not sure if he’s looking for a mate or food but still fun to have around.

Photo credit: Gary Noon

Oh and since Sam fixed my camera somehow (just by looking at it I think because he says he didn’t do anything to it but take the back off) I need to remember to start taking it with me wherever I go so I can snap away. Cell phone pics just don’t cut it sometimes.

I was going to do a product review but seeing how long-winded I got with this post so far I’ll spare you and make it separate. Be sure to come back and check for it soon.

Hope you all had a great weekend!

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