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>> Thursday, January 20, 2011

isn't that just the sweetest face?!
So I just have to brag a bit about my cutie-patootie, YS2. He’s 20 months old now and is talking lots. He knows how to say GUITAR! It’s so cute! It comes out like gih-gih-gihtarh!Oh and he says “um” – guess who says that? :/ I need to stop with the conversation fillers (I say so a lot too). He also loves to point to certain letters and sound them out like O, A, B, C, and T. He is going to be an early reader, I think. Okay, this isn’t the bragging part (tee hee!).

I believe I’ve mentioned before his love of ‘nooch’ (term for nutritional yeast for those not familiar) but he seriously *loves* it! He loves food that’s made with it or is sprinkled on top. He’s even dipped his apple wedge in it. But his favorite way to eat it is for me to put a small pile on his tray so he can dip his fingers in to lick clean or better yet, putting his face in it and licking it up. This is hard core, people. Even I don’t do that! ;)

Well, the other day I got the nooch out to make some lunch for YS2. I didn’t bring attention to it but he spotted it immediately and pointed to it and said “Noo! Noo!” There may have been a soft “t” at the end of it, not sure. But isn’t that so cute?! He asked for nooch! He’s never called it by name before now. Awww!

For those curious, nutritional yeast is typically used in vegan or vegetarian dishes for a "cheesy" flavor. IMHO, it doesn't taste like cheese. Not the cheese you're thinking of. It's more of a nutty flavor to me but I can twist it around to saying it's cheesy, just a different kind of cheesy. Make sense? No? Anyway, it's got loads of vitamin Bs such as B1, B2, B3, B6, B12 and protein plus, other benefits. And it's far healthier than real cheese. So there ya go.

Here's the other bragging part...

Kombucha (or ‘booch) – I love it. I know it’s an acquired taste and I didn’t like it at first but that was then. Anyway, I gave a teeny-tiny sample to YS2. Uh yeah. This boy knows what’s good! He asked for more - how could I resist? But just a wincy bit. ;)

Again, for those who are unfamiliar with kombucha it's a fermented "tea" using live cultures. Typically, it's not an overly sweet drink but some brands do make it sweet, which for some people this is a preference if they're not used to kombucha. I prefer GT's. Some people think kombucha is too vinegary. The health benefits are that tons of probiotics are in kombucha which help promote a healthy digestive system and help your immune system. You can learn more here.

So there ya go – booch n’nooch. Do you like either or both? What’s your favorite way to eat nooch? Have you made your own booch before?

I think it’s time to bestow the top-notch award, HiHoRosie’s Blog Fave, to someone to start off this year. I heart this person’s blog and her as a person. I only know her in blogland but she is sweet, friendly and kind, very supportive and the real deal. Her blog is a wealth of information too. She does a lot of product reviews and giveaways but her focus throughout is organic, clean and green, and healthy living especially when involving her youngster. She’s thorough in her reviews and honest. She doesn’t promote something just for popularity but because she believes in it. Her latest posts are on mineral makeup (just because it’s mineral makeup doesn’t mean all are good), which I’m finding to be interesting and helpful. Her posts, including reviews, are helpful even if you don’t have kids or are “in the market” for that particular product but some of these things might be handy in the future or helpful to someone you know. Anyway, my first HHR Blog Fave award of 2011 goes to Mommy Is Green! Check out her blog when you get a chance. You just might learn something new.

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