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>> Sunday, January 23, 2011

It was a good weekend. How about yours? On Saturday, I was looking at modern rugs when I got an email from Melissa of Contagious Health that I won her giveaway. I am sooo excited! The new Kris Carr book, which by the sounds of it is just so great and a book on vegan food substitutions. Now, that will be very helpful for me. Thanks Melissa! I know I’m going to love them both.

While hubs was out doing boy stuff, YS2 and I took a walk around the ‘hood. We had to take advantage of the no-rain weather (there was actually sunshine!) so off we went. By the time I remembered I had my camera with me the sun was setting so I don’t have many shots of our walk.

I like mossy walkways.

Recently, I received a sample energy bar from Caleb (gotta love that name! *wink*) of Adventure Naturals. He and co-founder, Chris are working to startup their company by raising funds via Kickstarter, which you can donate to help them on their way (they just met their initial goal but donations are always welcome). They offer raw energy bars that are all-natural, organic, and vegan and also, seasoned nuts.

The sample I tried was their Vanilla Blueberry. I’m a recent fan of blueberries so I enjoyed this very much. Besides blueberries, it’s made with dates, almonds, chia seeds, protein powder and sea salt. It had the right balance of flavor and texture (some bars tend to be pretty sticky, these weren’t). YS2, my Caleb, of course loved it! He didn’t even hesitate to try it when I opened it. When eating this bar, I honestly imagined filling my backpack with these bars for on-the-go or hiking or for one of our walks - they were that good and perfect.

They offer other flavors with more in the works. In the meantime, you can check out their video here or see in my side bar Adventure Naturals’ progress (click on it for more info or to donate).

[Updated to add: They will be available online starting sometime in March. If you're in Austin, TX they'll be available in various locations in early March. Details and locations are still being finalized so check their website often for updates].

Thanks Caleb! It was delicious!

The weekends sure come and go quick but fortunately, we got some things done and had fun times, too. I meant to make a batch of onion bread but that'll have to be this week instead.

Enjoy your Monday,

RIP Jack LaLanne - you were an inspiration to many!

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