I Heart Good Days!

>> Saturday, July 31, 2010

Yesterday was a good day. I ♥ it very much. Let me tell you about it:

I love good deals as much as the next guy. Love farmer’s markets (or the equivalent) just as much as the next guy next to him. And gotta love local fresh organic produce too (as much as the next guy next to the next guy next to him sort of thing).

Well…yesterday was major scorage for us (yes, I like to make up words – sometimes they’re more fitting). We made an impromptu stop at a local u-pick blueberry farm. Acres of blueberries!

Those who know me know I do not enjoy blueberries (or “bloobs” as they’re affectionately called by many of you) in the least. In fact, I hate them. I think they’re gross. Before you go ape on me and tell me how weird I am (ha ha! I’m kidding!), I will agree with you that yes, it’s weird and downright lame I don’t like blueberries. I’ve been told more than once in my life of this fact.

However, I recently learned I can actually eat fresh ones. Ones that haven’t been put into anything or blended or whatever. Just fresh plain whole ones. Now, I still eat them cautiously and not with gusto but I don’t cringe or get grossed out when I do. Maybe with time as my taste buds change I’ll like them in different ways. But for now, it’s whole and with caution.

With Caleb, I try to be mature about my dislikes of any kind of good eats because I don’t want to impose my opinions on him without giving it a chance and this includes BLOOBS!

See, now you’ve got me saying that word. Ha ha!

Caleb loves his blueberries though and has since his first introduction a few months back. Yay! This actually makes me very happy. And yesterday (and today) he got to eat lots! I had a few (wink).

It also, made for a super yummy chia pudding (recipe courtesy of Aimee).

cell phone pic can you tell?

Anyway, back to the u-pick farm, we just walked around a bit. The stroller doesn’t really stroll well in the in-between rows so we opted the cheater’s way and bought the already-picked ones. It’s $1.25/pound if you pick it yourself – that’s a lot of picking! So for $3/pint, which is close to a pound each, I say that’s still an awesome deal (vs the market for at least $4-$6/pint).

At the farm, they also have other produce for sale. Kale, onions, cherries, lettuces, corn, and more. Sadly, no one was buying the kale. So I bought two bunches. For $1.50 for a HUGE bunch I couldn’t pass it up. Kales chips will be made today. :)

So here’s what we bought:

     Blueberries – two pints for $6
     Corn – 6 ears for $2
     Kale – 2 bunches for $3
     Walla Walla sweet onions – 2 bunches for $3
          Total: $14

Yeah! Fresh local and organic produce - cheap too! Like I said, major scorage.

So while this isn’t really a farmer’s market, or at least by standard definition, it was still worth the stop for us, plus no crowds.

Okay, I know I just did a garden update but it’s amazing how much can change in a week so I’ll keep it brief just to show some of the highlights.

Pumpkin squash is gigantic! It's going to take over everything!

Artichoke plant 1 ("Artie Sr") is its own beast. I wish you could see it in person to really appreciate its size. Just take my word for it - he's big!

Artichoke plant 2 ("Artie Jr") is just a kid in size in comparison to Sr. but he's got bragging rights on producing first. Obviously, between the two Artie's we know who's focusing their energy where.

And roses, roses and more roses! They are stunning. I love seeing them each visit.

Princess of Monaco ("our" flower)

Tropicana (in honor of some very special people)


So the day was just beautiful and fun and one to remember.


...I got pulled over. Ugh. And I knew why. No, I wasn’t speeding. I wasn’t on my cell. I even signaled when I should have. Instead, I got pulled over for expired tabs. Lame.

I didn’t get them when I should have because we were so busy with moving and working that it just slipped my mind. Double lame.

What’s funny is as soon as the cop lady pulled me over and before she got to me, I got out my license, insurance card and registration (although, not current of course) so that when she came to my window to tell me the obvious, I was prepared and handed her my info. She didn't have to ask and she was impressed. She’s like, wow! Look at you! Hee hee! I’m such a good girl (wink).

Anyway, a few minutes later she came back and said she’d let me go with a warning. Phew! Thanks lady! Probably helped too that I didn’t argue or make excuses for my oopsie. Seriously, I was so happy and grateful and it added to the already good day.

Now, I know what’s next on my to-do list. Uh, scratch that. Last Saturday of the month at the DMV is crazy town! Yeah, I could purchase them online but last couple of times we paid them in person it was half the price than the notice they mailed. Don’t know what that’s all about but I’m all for half off if I can.

I think this little guy had a good day too!

We have more adventures in store over the weekend - hope you do too! Enjoy!

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