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>> Friday, July 23, 2010

Hola peeps!

Sorry, but I’ve decided to not apologize anymore for my blogging inconsistencies (again, I’m not quitting my blog. As inconsistent as I am it’s just not in my plans to quit). Ha ha! But I figure it’s just the way it is sometimes. If I get around to it, great; if I don’t, then shoot. I appreciate all the support, patience, understanding, and loyalty from you. You guys are the BEST! Things might change as time marches on or I might have phases but I thought, you know, how annoying it must be to hear “sorry for not blogging more…” all the time (some may not notice or care). I’m always gonna have an excuse so ya know that’s that.

Speaking of blogging, did you hear Green and Crunchy is hanging up her hat? Sniff sniff. I’m so sad. She has an amazing blog if you don’t know already. It’s completely understandable though why blogging takes a backseat many a time – kids do grow up so stinkin fast you don’t want to miss a minute and she has #6 on the way! She’ll be missed for sure. Hopefully, she’ll make an occasional appearance (that’s my selfish side speaking).

Onto happier things…

Hey, I won a couple more giveaways! I really need to play the lottery. I mean really. If I win I'm not telling. ha! Anyway, I won from Julia at Easy Eco to Go, a jar of Tropical Traditions organic coconut oil hair treatment. My hair will be forever grateful! I don’t have dry hair per se but it really likes to be conditioned (a lot!) so this will be awesome and of course, I’ll smell yummy and tropic-y!

Then, I learned that I won a one-year subscription to Purely Delicious magazine for refer-a-friend promotion. How awesome is that?! I’m so excited. Rebecca has been amazing at the helm of PD; I’m so proud of her! Each issue is so beautiful and full of goodies that I’m really looking forward to reading each issue cover to cover.

Thanks Julia and Rebecca for hosting these giveaways!

Now, for a Garden 2010 update.

Please excuse any poor quality shots; once again, I left home without my camera so used my cell phone instead.

Well, as you might guess, I haven’t been much help to Mr. Yardsnacker this gardening season. Figure one of us needs to watch/entertain Yardsnacker Jr. and that might as well be me since I have waaay less of a green thumb than Sam. Not that I’m complaining because I’m not – not when I have this lil guy as my company.

Ack! That pic is so bright!

As you might also know, the weather in the Seattle area this year has been less than delightful. We had an early spring (in Feb or something) we got to brag about, a dreary spring, and a slow start to summer. Then top it off with family time and you’ve got a challenge. But Sam’s been working hard on it when he can and just recently we’re beginning to see some payoff.

Earlier this season we had lupines galore, which meant bees galore too! It was so cool to see these flowers just covered in bees. Mostly bumblebees. Bumblebees love me. hee hee!

Tomatoes I thought weren’t going to do much are now starting to flourish (why I don't have pics I don't know). Well, they’re still smaller than they should be at this point in the season but they’ve come along way so there’s hope they’ll produce something, even if it’s one tomato. Fingers crossed.

At one woman’s garden her tomato plants are almost as tall as trees – okay, slight exaggeration but they’re probably about 5’ tall. Maybe she’ll share when it’s harvesting time. :)

Besides the strawberries Sam planted for me on Mother’s Day, he planted three rose bushes: Peace (just starting to bloom so no pic yet from our garden), Tropicana (not blooming yet but close) and Princess of Monaco (“our” flower – aww!). They smell so lovely.

The strawberries I didn't think would produce much this year. Wrong! They are wonderful - so sweet and tasty! And nothing beats fresh sweet organic strawberries straight from your own garden. Again, no pic - what the...?

Remember my red hands stained from a leaky pen? This time they were stained from strawberry juice so no need to be embarrassed. YS2 sure loves strawberries! Just like his mama. Good boy. ;)

Look at this artichoke plant:

My cell phone pic doesn’t do it justice. It’s massive and it’s just getting started – we have two and the other isn’t as big as this one but it’s doing well. We’ve never grown these before so should be fun when all is said and done. Maybe next year we’ll have artichokes or maybe the following year?? Not sure. They’re cool looking when they’re fully grown though.


Gojis (we have two)

Squash – which I think is a petite pumpkin or something. We have another squash plant that was struggling but is now blossoming so yay!

We had blueberries but uh, somebody (stupid crows) has been eating all of them! Niiice.

We have other things growing like potatoes, a couple of rogue onions, carrots, broccoli (slugs enjoyed *hmpf!*), cabbage, raspberries (still young so won’t be producing this year), etc.

So maybe this gardening year is turning out alright after all.

I like taking Caleb around the park to look at other people’s gardens too. Some are so amazing! Below pics are from another gardener's plot. Beautiful.

We have lots of lavender too but not as huge as that (yet)! Another gardener made some lavender salve using our lavender buds. So nice.

Other garden flowers found throughout the park:

As a parting gift: Baby piggies!

How are your gardens? Hopefully, flourishing and abundant.

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