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>> Tuesday, May 4, 2010

First, thank you all for the happy birthday greetings and wishes for Caleb/YS2/Green Beard/Sprout. It was a great day. I’m still trying to grasp the fact that he’s ONE. It’s bittersweet – I love all the changes and fun things he can do now but I miss how small he was and his coo’s and his helplessness (even those “newborn moves” like the wayward arm or leg-ha ha!). Now, he loves his independence. Such a mix of emotions for me - so glad he’s a part of our family. Again, thank you all! He’ll know you as part of his ‘extended family.’ And for those who don’t know why he’s sometimes called ‘YS2’ it’s because his daddy is Yardsnacker. Deb of Debbie Does Raw came up with the nickname Yardsnacker 2 or YS2 and it stuck. :)

I got some exciting bit of news yesterday – an email from Suzane informing me I was listed in her 50 Best Blogs for Raw Food Recipes & Inspiration! To say the least, I’m honored. Especially knowing the number of raw blogs out there with valuable content, to even be recognized is not taken lightly; it’s a big deal to me. It’s great to see many of my bloggie pals on there and of course some new-to-me ones listed. Thanks Suzane!

BTW, I do have some raw food things on my agenda just haven’t had much time to blog about it. Been trying to get in the kitchen more now that YS2 is a little older (I still sniff thinking about him turning one!).

I’m on a giveaway winning streak again (you enter enough you’re bound to win right?): I recently won a jar of Better than Roasted almond butter by Blue Mountain Organics from Philip’s blog and some makeup and brushes from a twitteraway (?) from Raw Beauty Team on Twitter; then I won twice in one day - Miessence products from Green and Crunchy and handmade crocheted sandals for bambino from Huppie Mama. Score! I swear I don't camp on my computer searching giveaways entering each one. I swear! ;)

Speaking of giveaways, I have TWO going on right now for Baby Carrot products made by Wild Carrot Herbals. Great for yourself or for your little one (or for someone else you know might benefit). I love these products! See here for giveaway #1 and here for giveaway #2. You have until Sunday to enter.

Okay, now it’s now time for me to shine the blog spotlight on another blog fave of mine. My pick this time is random.

Amy of Going Raw-A University Student’s Experience is a HiHoRosie blog fave. Honestly, I don’t remember how I got to know her blog, if she found me first or if I found her through someone else’s blog but no matter...she has a blog I enjoy reading. What started as a 30-day experiment for her has been extended to some lifetime changes. She’s a kid next to me so I love her fresh perspective on the raw lifestyle and going about it on a student’s budget (and time!). And just recently she made some snarfalicious looking ice cream sandwiches. I want her to be my neighbor so she can bring me some.

Go check her blog out!

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