This Lil Piggie Went to Market

>> Thursday, May 20, 2010

First off, thanks for all the well-wishes for my ego and my knee! I’m pretty much all better now. Knee is 98% healed. My scrapes are healing (ew) and there’s only a little tenderness, mostly felt when I first wake up. It was brutal that first day because after the post office I came back to my office and every time I got up from my chair I’d be limping around from it getting stiff. Not one of my finest moments but not one of the worst either (oh yeah, I got one of those but maybe I’ll share for another time). And just in case it wasn't clear, the hip-shaker dude did try to help me and asked if I was okay. I was too embarrassed to let him or anyone near me, plus the adrenline made me move lightening fast so there was no opportunity anyway. He's still clearly at fault though wouldn't you say? :D He probably had a good laugh about it all, I know I would and did!

This morning I woke up with this RANDOM old song in my head. Why? How? No idea. This song probably predates some of you I'm sure. Has that ever happened to you, wake up with a totally random song you can't get out of your head? Well, to get that song out of my head I opted for something a bit more current like this or this on my way into work. It helped.

So I went to the store yesterday to stock up on a few items. I think I did good even though I spent more money than I should have. No surprise. ha ha! By the way, the title of my post was inspired by playing that piggie game recently with YS2's cute little pink toes which coincided with my "shopping spree" since I got a lot of stuff.
Finally, I picked up some Sun Warrior protein powder many of you have spoken (written) so highly of. All I ask myself is WHY didn’t I pick some up sooner?! Lol! We usually have hemp protein powder (and/or seeds – love the seeds!) as one of our staples and I’ll tell ya, not a huge fan of the powder. It has a peculiar flavor that’s hard for me to get used to sometimes. It’s not bad just sometimes I'm not in the mood for it. I had seen many people talk up Sun Warrior here there and everywhere, especially Lauren (thanks girlie!). Seriously folks, good good stuff! I had no idea. This doesn’t taste anything like the hemp protein powder. This is sweet (I got vanilla) so perfect for just about anything, especially smoothies. This stuff also has way more protein than the hemp and I’m guessing a higher assimilation rate too.

So besides the staples I picked up on my trip I had to get some fun stuff too such as kale chips. Yeah, I know, “make your own, Heidi!” But hey, I wanted instant satisfaction so this fit the bill. I remember the first time I had kale chips. I thought, what the? But then couldn’t stop eating them either. Ha ha! Now, as soon as kale chips are near me I have no self-control. Bag is mine! And as you can see from the pic, I couldn’t even resist prior to taking a picture. These are made with habenero but they weren’t spicy at all to me so I want more spice, hmpf (said like Veruca Salt – of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory not the band)!

Picked up some coconut sugar crystals. No idea what I’m going to use these for besides snacking on 'em as is. So yummy! Anyone use these? How do you use them? Maybe on top of some cupcakes? :)

While I was there and obviously getting hungry (it was close to dinner time anyway) I picked up some “fast food.” Take out made locally from House of the Sun. I had heard that the Mediterranean wrap is good so I got that and also a Caesar wrap. Verdict? Sam and I both favored the Caesar. It was very tasty! The Medi was good too just liked the other more. I will say the wrap itself for the Medi was perfect. I’ve tried making those pliable type wraps to no avail…so far. I haven't mastered the evening out on the teflex sheet so usually the sides are more crispy, the middle more thick/lumpy or I dehydrate it too long. Practice makes perfect right?

There are so many things I want to make and I want them all right now (again, cue in Veruca Salt)! Like some flax crackers and Lisa's pad thai (not together, ha!). I still have high hopes to make my own ice cream cake. Er…one day?! (Kelli, I haven't forgotten about you.) When I do make it, it'll be awesome and a tasty surprise. ;)

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