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>> Friday, May 14, 2010

Ow! I fell and scrapped my knee today (thanks Nelly and Debbie for your concern). I’m okay! I’m okay! (said like a 3 yr old girl at the park the other day who fell on the grass and announced to everyone [who weren’t around or paying attention, except for me] “I’m okay! I’m okay!” she was so cute…me, not so much). Not sure what happened exactly. I was on my way to the post office when on one corner some guy tried to stop me to listen to his schpeel about something he was promoting/selling. I told him I didn’t have time (which I didn’t). I crossed the street where his buddy was but he was more creative in hopes I'd stop. He was shaking his hips and saying something about shaking his hips but as I walked past I went splat! Packages flying everywhere. Yeah, beautiful. Fell right on my knee and my hand that tried breaking the fall – obviously too late and not effective. I told the guy I fell because I was distracted by his shaking hips! Grr…so embarrassing! And it hurt. It really hurt. And it’s still hurting. My hand is red and tender, my knee is scraped up in a couple spots, all red waiting to bruise. My leg and ankle are feeling the residual effects or something. So why did I fall really? No idea! I don't recall rolling my ankle or tripping over anything - just fell. Okay, I’ll stop complaining now.

Last night I went to Amanda’s bon voyage party at Chaco Canyon cafe where I was able to finally meet her and her husband Rawdawg Rory and their daughter in person (sorry no pics - maybe someone else does). Lots of people came out to show their support of Amanda and her family. She actually embarks on her cross-country trek tomorrow. I hope to make it to the starting point but we’ll see. Caught up with Aimee too while there :) …it had been awhile. Amanda and co. plan on posting regular updates of their adventure on her blog so you’ll have to check it for those.

So have you noticed everywhere you turn these days in blogland someone’s created an amazing awe-inspiring ice cream cake for Heathy’s latest dessert challenge? You can check some of the latest entries here (and she’s not kidding when she refers to it as the most amazing raw dessert porn). Wow. I want to make one but probably won’t be making one for the challenge (I wish though!). Seeing all of these beautiful creations inspire me but also intimidate me. I had recently asked Yardsnacker what he would like in an ice cream cake; he gave me a few ideas. However, on his blog travels he came across one that he would heart to have. Kelli’s café almond biscotti. Oh. My. Because I’m a little scared (seriously, can you see why? At least for those of you who haven’t made an awesome ice cream cake already) she offered to help me. So yeah, Kelli? I’ll be emailing you soon! Ha ha! For the contest, wow. Heathy, you’ve got a big challenge ahead of you! I do have a couple of faves (keeping my mouth zipped!) but really with all the entries what a tough tough decision so glad it’s not me who has to make it. I just wish I was the taste-tester on each one!

Got a busy weekend ahead, most of which I hope to be outside for. Have to take advantage of the precious sun around here especially when it falls on the weekend. So I’m off to enjoy and hope my knee stops hurting.


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