>> Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Prior to starting this blog waaay back in February 2008 (wink) I had absolutely zero interest in blogging. Okay, almost zero interest. My sister and hubby both suggested I should blog but I brushed it off thinking I didn't have anything to write about, let alone anything worth reading.

Growing up I used to be somewhat faithful in keeping a journal but life happens, you get busy and forget all about it. Besides, before computers were commonplace in the home, it was a drag writing by hand. My hand got tired and I'd get bored because I wanted my thoughts to be instantly transferred in beautiful legible handwriting to the new page before me but instead my brain moved faster than I could write. Fast forward to present, I started to think about wanting to keep a journal of some sort again but I wasn't going to be using a pen.

I've never been a "writer". It's not the medium I've used to express myself and I'm also not the most articulate but I'm no Paula Abdul either (mean!). In school I'd struggle when it came to writing class. I didn't write stories and I didn't do poems. Even in music class we had to compose something and I failed miserably - it's just not my creative outlet (I do like to talk with my hands though...does that count?). I'm a READER! :) However, I have to admit that after I wrote that first blog entry I felt different, like I had rid myself of something. Not necessarily something bad but just a relief of some sort. I struggle to explain this as it's something somewhat foreign to me. Blogging has in turn become something I enjoy and actually look forward to and of course, there's the feedback from all you super peeps. That's always a bonus. I do feel blogging has been really good for me and has enabled me to express myself in a new way. Being part of community that's so supportive is encouraging and motivating.

Today I happened across this article which I found to be interesting. Blogging is therapy! Who knew?! I'm sure every single one of you who blog feel that blogging is therapeutic in your own way. Now everyone knows. ha ha!

So blog away and heal! I love reading all of your blogs - they certainly keep me busy and I'm never bored.

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