I Wanna be a Cowboy…

>> Friday, May 2, 2008

and you can be my cowgirl. Hey, remember that 80’s song? I suppose I should reverse the words when singing it but it’s the song that comes to mind when I see this picture of myself. Okay, so I’m missing the hat, chaps and boots but I’m on a horse!

This entry is a wee bit late as this took place last weekend but that’s okay. I still want to blog about it so I can look back on this fond memory.

On Saturday,
my husband and I went Ocean Shores, on the Washington coast. We had gone there to collect several gallons of sea water for our garden. The sea water is said to be extremely beneficial in mineralizing the soil. I'm sure we could've gone somewhere closer to home to get water (there are numerous lakes around and the Puget Sound) but what fun would that be?! Here’s a recent article to read if interested in learning a little bit more.

When we first got to the ocean I noticed horses available for riding on the beach so of course we had to do that. I haven’t been on a horse since I was a kid and even then my memory is sketchy if I really did ride one. The moment I was saddled up I knew I was going to be in for a world of hurt. Ah well, I didn’t care. I was going to have fun. Hee hee!

My horse’s name is Sienne and hubby’s is Trigger. Sienne was a calm horse; she wasn’t a leader but liked to be right behind or near the leaders, which were Trigger and Brutus. Trigger was a good horse too. He wasn’t bothered by anyone else, just in his own zone and he was also a meaty horse.
Buns and thighs of steel!

We rode with others for about an hour on the beach. It’s so funny because these horses are used to the pattern of walking back and forth and I’m sure pretty bored of it. The horses seemed to want to make a break for it at times…they’d start to trot (I felt like a rag doll flopping around - I was afraid I was going fall off) and then we’d be told to keep our horses walking but they didn’t want to walk - they wanted to be free!

At one point there was this little dog chasing and barking after the horses - he was determined to prove he was bigger, badder and THE BOSS over all of them. He just proved he was annoying. The owner had a heck of time getting his dog back in the car.

Hooh-boy! I was feeling the pain! My knees, my bum, my ankles (they were bumping against the footstraps) were all screaming at me. I am glad I went though and I’d go riding again but I’d make sure I stretched my legs really well beforehand and bring something cushy to sit on. Getting into the car after that was tricky because my bum was bruised and tender from bouncing around on Sienne. Ouchie!

Hey, I just noticed a lot of paragraphs here are ending in !. Guess it’s that kind of day!

After we got our feet firmly planted on solid ground again, or in this case, sand, we went off to have our raw pick-a-nick and to fly our kite. I packed up all kinds of snacks really. Avos, oranges, apples, a snack mix consisting of almonds, cacao nibs, goji berries, and inca berries. Also had some banana chips. Yum!

We people-watched, seagull-watched and ocean-watched, then we (hubby, the brave one) filled up two 5-gallon buckets with some ocean water. Brrr! The tide started to roll in as well as the clouds so we decided to head back home. It was a wonderful day to spend with hubby. It had been awhile since we took any road trip and with the weather finally cooperating for the most part we took advantage of it all and had a memorable time.

And because we weren’t sore enough from horseback riding we decided to add to it by gardening all day the next day but that’s for my next post. :)

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