And the Plot Thickens…

>> Thursday, May 15, 2008

…dun dun dun! Okay, so this isn’t about something dramatic or scary but instead about acquiring a 2nd garden plot at our local community park. Yippee! We were hoping for the neighboring plot next to our current one but it was taken (the gardener is/was very slow to start weeding her heavily overgrown plot so we were hoping she’d give up so we could have it – no such luck apparently) so we found another one in the far reaches of the garden area with awesome soil. The previous gardener must’ve brought in some good dirt. :)

Before we got started we had lunch – yummy papaya and coocoonuts. Ahhh…so good.

The new plot is overgrown but nothing we can’t tackle. I worked on it for a few hours and unearthed all kinds of goodies (whatever is left behind by anyone before is yours to do whatever with – this is both good and bad): old gloves, water wand, binder clips, old tarp…yes, I did say binder clips. Why they were in a garden I have no clue. The previous gardener also left behind several tomato cages (yes!) and lots of small pots, including terra cotta ones. The gardener must’ve had an affinity for anything in the onion family: chives, scallions and leeks. They were all over the place! And the leeks were huge! We pulled them out with the intention of replanting them till they go to seed or eat them so we put them in various pots and “hid” them under big chunks of grass I had overturned or under overgrown grass and bushes. Well, hubby told me a day or two later that someone stolen them! How rude is that?! I’m sure they were after the pots and not the scallions and leeks but still why? Oh well. One of the risks of gardening in a community garden.
Update: I just learned that the pots were NOT stolen. Just "misplaced" ha ha! Guess we did too good of a job of hiding them. :) Phew!

You probably can’t tell much of a difference between the two photos but the one on the left is the first before pic and the right one is after digging around the perimeter of the plot.
With all the stuff we want to plant we quickly realized one 400 square foot garden just isn’t big enough so this second one will be helpful. I’m hoping to have this all cleaned up, tilled/turned over and ready to go before too long. We’ll be working on it some this weekend IN THE SUN!

It’s supposed to be in the upper 80’s folks! Possibly near 90 tomorrow (depending on where). I think I can finally thaw out. Ha ha

So this weekend in between garden visits we’re having a good friend over for her first raw meal. This is our first raw meal we’re making for someone too. A full blown meal with dessert and not just samplings. She’s very interested in the raw food lifestyle so we hope to present her with some good stuff. It’s going to be a Mexican fiesta!!

We went Costco shopping tonight for some produce. We had stopped buying tomatoes there thinking they had chemicals on them so instead we were getting organic ones from our local grocer. Well, wouldn’t you know? Those same lovely tomatoes at Costco we had been passing up all this time are pesticide free. Yay! So we bought a bunch. We stocked up on other yummy things too such as watermelon. Mmmm…Hey, Kristen was just blogging about watermelon. She gives us the lowdown on this refreshing treat so go read up on all things watermelon if you love it.

Now for something random. Isn’t this the cutest car ever?! It’s got a Burberry top (love it!) and the Union Jack on the back of all the mirrors (side and rearview). I figure
Antony and Londoner will both get a kick out of it.

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