>> Wednesday, May 21, 2008

**SPOILER ALERT** If you're a fan of American Idol and haven't seen the results show yet read no further as this contains spoilers.

Wow! Am I shocked! I was CONVINCED David Archuleta would win American Idol. I figured both Davids had just as many fans as the other but assumed Little David's fans, consisting mainly of teeny-boppers with cell phones on some sort of family plan that includes unlimited texting privledges, would be voting furiously and ultimately place him as the winner. WRONG! I was so surprised it was David Cook who proved to be victorious. I guess I was fooled by Little David's louder fans. I'm not complaining. In fact, I believed both Davids deserved to be in the finals and both deserved to win so I would've been happy either way with the outcome. I have no doubt that David A. will be making great CDs so he has nothing to worry about being #2.

You know what's interesting? For my AI poll I put up, you guys predicted the right winner and the vote percentages (57% vs 43%) were very close to the actual percentages announced on the show (56% vs 44%). Rock on.

Now for me the highlight of the show was seeing Gladys Knight and her New Pips. Oh my! Watch this entertaining vid. I was laughing so hard! But of course, I love the three guys.
Additional thoughts: I was happy to see/hear Michael Johns again. I really liked this guy and forgot how much until I saw him on the show again. This guy to me wasn't the best vocalist but he was booted off way.too.early (I'm still in disbelief that Syesha was the last female standing but whatever). I also like what Simon had to say at the end to David C. and that the finale wasn't as clear cut as they (the judges) had predicted - both sung their very best plain and simple. I like both Davids enough to buy both of their CDs.
Well, that's it. American Idol is over so no more updates from me on this until next season. Yippee!

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