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I was recently tagged by the adventurous and always adorable Raw Goddess Heathy to share five things about myself you don’t know about. I’ve been a little slow with this particular post, my apologies, but hopefully it was so worth the wait! Hee hee!

So here we go – five things you’ve been anxiously wondering about:

1) My real name, first name that is, is Heidi. Between my first name and my last name, I have many nicknames. If you know a Heidi most likely you have called her or heard someone else call her Heidi Ho. Well, yeah, me too. I’ve known other Heidis who despise that nickname but not me. I’ve been called worse! So anyway, from that nickname and others I combined them to be HiHoRosie. You can call me Heidi, Heidi Ho, HiHo or Rosie (that’s another nickname too), just don’t call me “

2) Once upon a time, a long time ago, my best friend and I went to the mall. Across the street from the mall is a beautiful park with a lovely fountain. You know what people do at fountains….they make wishes and toss in coins. Wow! There sure are a lot of coins in those fountains! My friend and I must’ve been possessed at the time (and we were definitely old enough to know better) because we both thought it would be funny and great to scoop up some of those coins and get some lunch. And that’s what we did; we fished out a bunch of coins and got something to eat. WE STOLE PEOPLE’S WISHES!!! I hang my head in shame now. Hopefully, after all these years we’ve been forgiven and nobody’s wish washed down the drain, so to speak.

3) Another thing about me is I like to tap into my creative side from time to time and make cards – cards for any occasion or no occasion. Too often time gets away from me so I’m not able to do many handmade cards; these days it’s usually just at Christmas. Except this last year I had zero time and bought cards instead. Made me kind of sad but I’m over it now. I have plans for this year already. My next goal is to have them done by summer.

4) In high school, I was an okay student. I had my favorite subjects and then some bore-me-to-tears subjects. One of those subjects would be biology. Snooze. It required too much concentration and studying so it didn’t interest me. I could probably handle it now but then? No way. So this thing I’m about to tell you would be one my not-so-proud moments, like the time at the water fountain (see #2). In the 10th grade I shared biology class with my friend and lab partner Jennifer, who, like me, couldn’t stand biology. The classroom was set up so there were two people per lab table but because our class was overcrowded desks were added to the end of some of those lab tables. Our lab table was one of those blessed with a third person. I don’t remember our extra lab partner’s name, which is terribly rude when I think about it, but I’ll call her Jill. Jill was smart. She liked biology or maybe she was just one of those responsible kids who used her brain and did her homework. But hey, we used our brains too but not the way we should have. Our teacher, knowing how kids sharing a desk can be at test time, had two tests he’d pass out. A and B. Both had the same questions and answers just in different order. This was to deter cheaters. You see where this going don’t you? Yeah, well, Jennifer and I got clever ourselves and would switch our tests with each other so Jennifer’s test matched Jill’s test. Jennifer would then peek at Jill’s answers and copy them onto hers then I’d peek at Jennifer’s test and cruise to find the same questions and answers on my test. That was hard work! We did this all year long too. Good thing we passed that class! Poor Jill had no idea and of course, the teacher didn’t either. Can you believe how horrible we were??? Now, this has me thinking about my high school days….some very funny memories but maybe some other time. :)

5) The last thing about me I know you don’t know is I like to play video games (a closet gamer? Nah, that would mean I'd have to be good!). I’m a Super Mario fan and defeated my first video game from start to finish with Super Paper Mario. But really, I’ll play just about any video game because I think they’re fun. I don’t go for the violent ones though. Just something fun that is somewhat challenging.

That’s enough about for me – good thing we have to stop at 5! Thanks again to Heathy for passing this along to me. It was fun and a good way to go down memory lane again.

I’m supposed to pass this to five new people to share five things about themselves but I only know three I can forward this to. That's okay right? I’d like to pass this onto
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