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>> Tuesday, March 25, 2008

I spotted a link posted in a discussion found on Give it to Me Raw that is quite interesting. Now, before some of you who may not have heard of this website start thinking “Wha???” it’s nothing naughty. But it is totally addicting! Ha ha!

Anyway, this
Cosmetics Database is very interesting because you can check products you’re currently using or are thinking about using as to what their ingredients are and if they’re any good for you. Anything from deodorant, lotions, and toothpaste to shampoo, soap, and makeup. Even perfume. But then again, maybe you don’t want to check!

I’m not providing this to scare or upset anyone but just found it to be an eye opener for me. You won’t find me preaching or pushing my beliefs on anyone about anything. I’m typically not that way. Besides, I’m not about to all of a sudden dump my expensive makeup in pursuit of new stuff…just yet. As I run out of things I will find some healthier replacements.

I know some people who come to my webpage are not raw foodies; however I think we can agree that most of us do care about what we put into our bodies regardless of what “diet” we choose, especially as we get older (poopie).

Since we are paying more attention to what is going in our bodies what about what we are putting on our bodies? I’m usually one of the last people to convert to new things, health included but I am trying to be more aware. Fortunately, I have Hubby to alert me to the bad stuff or I just hand him whatever product for him to scan the ingredients since he's more knowledgeable.

One change I have made recently is I’ve been using coconut oil as a moisturizer. LOVE IT! The fake coconut smells commonly found in tanning lotions, I can handle in small doses. It does bring back fond memories but when that fake coconut smell is in other things like an everyday lotion or hair product I get so sick of the strong scent. But the real coconut smell is awesome! Not perfumey. Good thing because what I’m using is the real deal, something you can eat! But I put it on my face and neck and sometimes in my hair when I’ve straightened it. I have noticed my skin looking and feeling better. My skin is still not perfect but there is improvement.

My old makeup, Prescriptives, didn’t favor too well according to the database search. I’m currently using Clinique, which is listed in the database but not the makeup. Odd. The “healthy” toothpaste from Tom’s of Maine, not that great. My husband also alerted me quite awhile ago about it having
sodium lauryl sulfate. I’ll keep using the tube we have until it’s gone though.

So you can’t always trust labels that say healthy, natural, organic or even raw. All those meanings have changed unfortunately. This also means an increase in homework as to what’s what. I hate homework! However, this database tool does the homework for you; very easy.

There are healthy alternatives out there for all things for your body. I could possibly steer you in the right direction if you’re interested or go to
GI2MR/Raw Beauty, Fashion, Glitz and Glam! for more info too. There have been many discussions on these sorts of things. Well, for the ladies anyway! And of course, there’s the trusty internet as a source of information.

I’m surprising myself I’m even mentioning any of this because I’m usually an ostrich with this type of stuff - to be honest, I never really cared until recently. But when I see that some of the things I’ve been using for years is cancer-causing it does make me pause a little. Maybe that's why I'm all of a sudden bringing this up.

You can do your own searches if you’d like or move on. I won’t ask and I won’t judge. I’m sure there will be plenty of things I’ll have a hard time breaking away from because of comfort, or habit, or acceptance but I figure I’m still doing waaaaaaaaaay better than I was a few months ago so I’m not going to sweat it too much but as I go along I’ll keep making changes as I see fit and as I become ready.

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