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>> Monday, March 10, 2008

My husband stumbled upon a great recipe for “bread” awhile back by Russell James. I have to admit I was a little weirded out by the list of ingredients, including herbs de provence. Never used that one before! Anyway, feeling adventurous one day we mixed up a batch. I say we because the first time this was made I was getting frustrated with mixing and spreading and making it more difficult than it needed to be so hubby came to the rescue. The second time, I managed to make it all by myself and it was a smooth and painless process!

The aroma filling the house was amazing. It was nice and comforting, especially during the dreary winter.

When assembling our sandwiches, we spread
cashew mayo (you’ll have to scroll down the page for the recipe or just see below) and topped it with fresh avocados, tomatoes, sweet onions, lettuce and cucumber. Hubby likes it to eat it open-faced with a little olive oil and red wine vinegar drizzled on top. That’s good too. No matter how you eat it or what you put on it this sandwich is very good and very filling.

Cashew Mayo (by Russell James)

1c cashews
2T lemon juice
½t salt
2T chopped onion
¼c water
½t agave

- Blend all ingredients in a high speed blender until smooth.

Wouldn’t the cashew mayo be so yummy with horseradish mixed in?! Definitely trying that next time.

And yes, you can get stuffed from eating RAW FOOD!

Now, for some fluff stuff: American Idol. Come on! I know you watch it even if you don’t admit it. The top 12 looks pretty good. All I really cared about were the ones I liked. For the guys, my faves: David Archuleta (duh – winner), Michael Johns and Jason Castro. For the girls, my faves are: Ramiele Malubay (she is so stinkin cute!) and Carly Smithson. It’s not so much for their singing, although they can, but I just like them overall. I do like the other girls too. Amanda, the rock chick, who scared me week before last impressed me this time. I was glad to see (hear) her do well. She’s different so she could be around for a little while. End of fluff….or I could talk about ANTM or Survivor or…hey, is 30 Rock back yet? Or Pushing Daisies? That whole writers’ strike really messed things up for me.

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