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>> Saturday, March 22, 2008

Mandolins hurt if you’re not careful! Especially the less sophisticated, less expensive ones. Case in point:

Have you ever wondered how kids get food in strange places (i.e. elbow crease or back of their neck, etc)? Well, that was ME today. Some of my lunch was on my forehead! How in the world did I get food there and not know it?!?!?! Good thing I wasn’t in public at the time.

Small zucchinis don’t make very good chips. Ha ha! The flavor is good but they are so stinkin small! And they only get smaller when dried. I don’t really care though because I was just looking for a way to use the rest of them up.

It’s spring now, which means it’s time for some wacky weather. We’ve been having a little bit of that but I love it anyway. Everyday there’s more evidence of new life. And seeing the cherry blossoms and magnolia trees in bloom makes me very happy. We might live in the Evergreen State but it sure is nice seeing color again.

I chuckle every time I go past our outdoor community pool and see a duck family hanging out or just taking a swim, floatin’ about. It’s their home until the kids take over for the summer. I just find ducks to be cute and even cuter when at a pool. I don’t blame them though…the pool is much better than where most of their friends and family live at the local slough (stinky).

It’s been an interesting weekend so far. The CEO of my company surprised us all with a day off on Good Friday (love 3-day weekends!). Hubby though has been busy both Friday and Saturday so I’ve been kinda bored. It was great at first because I was able to lounge around, do some cleaning, do some (un)cooking and of course, catch up with all my new blog friends but now that that is all done…now what? Everybody, stop what you’re doing and put up new posts on each of your blogs right now!!

Seen any good movies lately?

Some random things spotted at my desk at home: a rainbow slinky, a poodle pen with its own dog house,

worry dolls from Guatemala, a red and white hand painted ceramic dish, and an empty handmade bubble gum machine made of wood (this is actually hubby’s). Oh and a tri-fold picture frame meant for nine photos that still has “fake” photos in it. Nice. What’s at your desk?

Well, I think this post has officially gone nowhere and you’re probably bored, possibly slumped over your keyboard so I’ll stop now. Hubby will be home soon. Good thing huh?

Thanks for your patience. HAPPY EASTER!

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