>> Sunday, March 23, 2008

I spotted this fun little game on Pixywinks' blog and thought I'd play too! If you want to do it, just post this list on your blog with your one word answers and then let me know about it so I can check it out.

1. Cellphone: off
2. Relationship: solid
3. My hair: clean
4. Work: busy
5. My sibling/siblings: best
6. My favorite thing: naps
7. My dream last night: confusing
8. Favorite drink: grape
9. Dream car: BMW
10. The room I’m in: office
11. My shoes: slippers
12. My fears: bugs
13. What do I want to be in 10 years: wealthy
14. Who did I hang out with this weekend: myself
15. What I am not good at: drawing
16. Muffin: banana
17. One of my wish list items: camera
18. Where I grew up: Calif
19. Last thing I did: TV
20. Wearing: sweats
21. Not wearing: contacts
22. My pets: none
23. My computer: pc
24. My life: happy
25. My mood: relaxed
26. Missing: sister
27. What I am thinking about right now: family
28. My car: Element
29. My kitchen: clean
30. My weather: wacky
31. Favorite color: red
32. Last time I laughed: today
33. Last time I cried: 15th
34. School: boring
35. Love: forever

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