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>> Saturday, September 27, 2008

Typically, my "love is" segments don't need any sort of explanation but I feel this one needs a little more than just a display of pics.

We picked up this chocolate torte at our raw vegan store. It costs the same as many of the raw choco-bars and we were told it's as delicious as it looks. Plus with this slice of heaven we get a lot more for our dollars than a small chocolate bar.

On the way home since we didn't have forks I just took a bite. Those are my teeth marks you see. :) We were told the creator of this sinfully delicious goodness is Adam, whom I have not met. He runs a raw bar at another health food store but his dept is only open limited days and hours so we seemed to always miss out. Anyway, we also learned that the kid who works at the raw vegan store (he probably would be crabby I referred to him as a kid but he's about 17-18 yrs old) is actually the one who influenced Adam to go raw. How cool is that? And now Adam is kicking out gourmet foods.

As I bit into this torte I melted along with the chocolate it was so good. And hey, who needs a fork anyway!

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