What is My Deal?!

>> Wednesday, September 24, 2008

It's been awhile since I've blogged. What is my deal anyway? I'm still figuring that out. Out of sorts maybe? Not sure if I'm just being lazy and/or unmotivated or maybe just simply don't have much to blog about. I think it's all of the above. I've been busy at work which sometimes carries over into my home life so by the time I get home or I'm done with what I've brought home I'm too tired to think about blogging. I have ideas on subjects I'd like to delve into but not feeling it at the moment. Now I'm not about to get all political here but with the topsy-turvy markets as of late and all the craziness related to it it's making my job even more stressful so all motivation to do anything just flies out the window. Ah, but I see the light at the end of the tunnel. I figure to get myself right again I need a day or two (or more) longer than a typical weekend to just chill. To play.

Then there's our garden. Grr. To give some perspective on the horrible garden weather we've had this year, the food bank garden they're 1500+ pounds off their average for this time of year. For us, being our first year gardening, it's been less than rewarding. Well, not totally but frustrating nonetheless. We've benefited more from our fellow gardeners than from our own, which is good for us but it would've been nice to share our abundance with others. I mean, we have so many tomatoes but they're all green! Imagine 200-300 green tomatoes just hanging around. Out of those 200 or so toms only about five show any signs of ripening. Whatever. We do have corn though. We didn't think we'd get any corn but there is promise there. We have some kale too. That'll be good to put in a smoothie or make kale chips. It didn't help that our two plots were separated from each other (opposite ends of the garden) so the back one suffered most being overgrown with weeds. Anything grows back there so that's good but unfortunately, it's a haven for moles, voles and slugs so too much of what we attempted to grow was eaten or fell over because there were so many tunnels underneath.

Wow, what a rant this had turned out to be. Guess I needed to release some stress. I haven't even done anything in the kitchen. Poor hubby must be starving! Like I said, I just haven't been in the mood to create much. I did make some yummy cookies (raw of course) recently that were devoured by hubs. I'll have to make them again.

Anyway, all in all I'm still a happy person who could use some time off (not time off from blogging since I've been doing that already-haha). There are some good things happening in my world so that's good. We're just living in such a crazy time and we're the ones who are left to pay for the mess. I guess that's what's bothering me most. I dunno. I'm done rambling and griping for tonight. Next post will be much better, lighter and happier!

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