Sarah Pahlin on SNL

>> Sunday, September 28, 2008

Now I'm not going to go all political here, that's just really not my thing so I won't be sharing who I'm voting for and my opinions of the candidates and/or issues will be far and few between here on my blog. Plain and simple, it stresses me out so I try to live in my rainbow-filled bubble instead. :) But I have to admit Sarah Pahlin's interview with Katie Couric (that's just one part) was very uncomfortable don't you think? Of course there was bound to be parodies. I'm taking a risk that this parody from SNL might offend some people but this was too funny to pass up. So even though I might be tight-lipped about most politics and politicians feel free to express yourself as you see fit. Just no attacking of others or mean-spirited comments please.

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