Garden Gone Wild!

>> Sunday, August 10, 2008

I’m a bit tardy in posting about our lovely garden but you know how it goes sometimes. It was pretty wild when we went to the garden last weekend and did our usual stuff but then I went with Sam to the garden for a mid-week visit and HOLY MOLEY! Our garden, everybody’s garden had EXPLODED! And yes, those caps are deserved. Yesterday we went and saw even more growth. It's just crazy how quickly this has all grown when we've wondered if and when this would happen.

Btw, that's our merlot lettuce pictured.

Things had been coming along pretty nicely up to that point but over a few days it was almost like they had doubled in size. None of us are complaining. We’re all happy to finally see our gardens grow so much. It’s amazing what a little bit of sun can do.

We don’t really have anything yet to harvest except for romaine (and lots of it) but there is a whole lotta promise in store for us.

First our carrots. Peek a boo!

Tomatoes (don’t ask me what variety these are as we had so many that didn’t make it and others that took their places so I’m not sure what’s what anymore).

Of course I’ve got to have some animal pics. Here’s a very naughty squirrel being squirrely in our neighbor’s strawberry patch. He’s acting as though I don’t see him with his back turned to me. Yah, really fooled me Mr. Squirrel.

We’ve got squash, beets and radishes growing but I'll spare you photos of each.

Here's our corn! It's way behind everyone else's (thanks voles!) but it's coming along nicely now.

This sunflower (it’s called a chocolate cherry sunflower) is the only one that survived the first go-round when a vole or something ate all the others. Isn’t it gorgeous? Before it bloomed we usually found it covered in orangey winged bugs who kept very busy! We haven’t figured out if they’re good or not but they’re interesting. You can see in Yardsnacker’s video posted below the bugs I’m talking about. And if any of you know anything about them let me know. Sam planted more sunflowers of a different variety to replace the ones eaten so it’ll be awhile before we see what they look like. We’re way far behind on these compared to the other gardeners but that’s okay, it’s still fun to see the progress.

Also, note in this video our first picked purple radish and scallion. We were quite proud.

These are OUR dahlias. So beautiful!

Now we have this nasturtium growing among our strawberry patch (not our doing – just appeared one day). Actually we have a few that have taken root in our garden but this one is by far the largest and is producing yellow and orange flowers. So while this plant is a good plant for any garden (bad insect repellent) and has edible leaves and flowers it is taking over everything! It’s starting to encroach on the neighboring bed of carrots. I want to yank it out but maybe we’ll just trim it back. I like things tidy and this nasturtium is not following the rules.

Check out this busy bumblebee with two large pollen sacks on his legs. I bet that must get heavy for the little guy. He should get an award from the Queen for his valuable contribution.

A rogue sunflower in someone’s garden, I think among potatoes.

More sunflowers in all their glory around the garden. None of which are ours. Yet.

I have more pics from around the rest of the community garden which I’ll post separately, possibly in slide form to make it easier.

Was I bored or just sleepy? Ha ha!

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