>> Wednesday, August 27, 2008

I finally made these crackers found on Gone Raw; Heathy also featured them here and made some changes, which I followed. Or some of them anyway (I followed her notes on the nuts and seeds but forgot to add in any additional spices and sun-dried tomatoes like she did). One thing I did have to do was add in some water in order to get the stuff moving. I don't recommend doing this unless you have to. I should've mixed this in stages. With the batter being more wet than desired it didn't give the crackers a very nice look. Still tasted good but weird looking. If you check out Heathy's page you'll see how they should look. Like appetizing crackers. :)

Now, whenever I come across a raw recipe that's titled after something found in the conventional world I find that most of the time it doesn't taste much like the original. That isn't to say that the raw version isn't any good; most of the time it's delicious. It's just the names of some of these recipes can be deceiving and may lead to disappointment or make a non-raw fooder feeling tricked.

Anyway, these cheeze-itz I do have to say taste a lot like the stuff you'd find in a box on a store shelf. Not exactly the same but very close. And yes, I still have a memory of the actual cracker. :) These, however, are healthier! I have to admit as I was making this that I had very little hope that these would take on any sort of "cheesy" flavor when done. I was shockingly surprised and pleasantly so.

Next time I make these I plan on adding in some cayenne pepper. Mmmm....

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