Anti-Pesto (ha ha!)

>> Saturday, August 16, 2008

This super yummy dish was named and created by Yardsnacker just for me. It has all the makings of pesto on top of tomatoes but not blended in the traditional pesto way. The basil is fresh from our herb garden unfortunately the tomatoes were bought while we wait for ours to ripen.

Yardsnacker's Anti-Pesto
1 large tomato, sliced into wedges
slivered sweet onion slices, optional
small handful of pine nuts, coarsely chopped
fresh basil, chopped or torn into shreds
drizzle EVOO (extra virgin olive oil)
drizzle balsamic vinegar
S&P to taste

Toss and eat!

P.S. If interested, I added a slide show of my meet up with other raw bloggers to an earlier post.

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